Trader Dale Review – Scam Or Legit Training?

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March 29  

Trader Dale claims he can help you become a good forex day trader.. all you have to do is buy his courses and tools.

Are they scams or legit?

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

There's a lot to unpack with Trader Dale so make sure you read everything below.

You'll get a look at some important background information, a look at what Dale is offering and more.

Plus I'll answer whether the services are worth purchasing.

Let's get started!

Trader Dale Summary

Owner: Trader Dale

Price: $147 per month minimum (some programs cost thousands)

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: I wouldn't buy anything from Trader Dale.

He hides his identity so you can't verify his claims of being an experienced trader. Also, he straight up tells you on his website he doesn't actually trade and only makes "hypothetical" trades.

He clearly only makes money from selling courses.

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5 Reasons Not To Day Trade

I usually start my reviews with a little background information into the person selling the products.

However, there's nothing out there about Trader Dale.

He offers no biography and there's nothing out there from 3rd parties about him.

Because of this I'm going to start with a handful of reasons why you should avoid day trading in general, which Trader Dale recommends.

1) The Success Rate Is HORRIBLE

Day trading is the absolute worst way to trade.. the reason I say this is the success rate is horrible.

Some people claim the success rate is around 5% but that's misleading. 

5% is the number of people that make ANYTHING.

I'm not sure about your goals but if you worked for a year and only had $1 to show for it I'm sure you'd be upset.

The true success rate for day trading (according to a massive study) is less than 1%.

2) The Fees Are High 

Another reason the success rate is so low is because of the massive fees involved.

Every trade you make can cost up to $100.

This makes it hard to succeed because the odds of winning a trade are not in your favor.

So you might actually win a trade and still end up negative because of this.

Additionally, that taxes involved with day trading are more than regular investing as well.

Day trading profits are considered short term profits and are almost taxed twice as high.

If you hold an asset for more than a year you're only taxed 15%.. if you hold it less than a year you're taxed 28%!!

Good luck making anything significant working with these small margins. 

3) You Can't Learn Day Trading

This might sound counterintuitive but it's true.

Let me explain it with an analogy:

Let's say you joined a bowling team but never bowled before.

You probably wouldn't expect to do good the first time you did it.. but as time went on you'd expect to get better.

In a year you'll be much better than you were on day 1 because bowling is a skill you can learn.

However, day trading has the opposite results.

The more you do it, the more you lose money according to another huge day trading study.

The reason for this is day trading is just gambling.

If you walked into a casino you might lose a little money but if you went to a casino every day you would lose a TON of money.

You can't beat the house and the more you try the more you lose.

This is the same thing with day trading.

The average day trader loses 36% a year.

4) Takes A Lot Of Time

If you were to try long term investing and after a year broke even it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

The reason for this is it takes about 15 minutes a week to implement a long term investing plan.

You're just buying a handful of stocks throughout the year and this can be done quickly.

However, day trading is a full time job and requires you to be glued to a computer screen for hours a day.

You'll need to spend time before the market opens at 9 AM prepping and coming up with a trading strategy.

If you're on the West Coast of America this means starting work at 5 AM. 

I personally don't like waking up before the sun is up but that's something a day trader needs to get used to.

This is why breaking even is so devastating for a day trader.. you're actually doing full time work.

5) Technical Analysis Won't Save You

One last note before we move on to the next section.

Trader Dale wants to teach you how to day trade with technical analysis and indicators.

The truth is technical analysis and indicators don't work.. if they did day traders would have more success.

You don't even have to take my word for it either.

Here's what investing genius Warren Buffet has to say about technical analysis:

He's right.

The charts used in technical analysis and indicators are complete fantasy.

I mean do you really think you'll be able to predict a stocks price based on this chart:

The truth is you'll never be able to guess where a stock will be in a few hours regularly.

You might get lucky from time to time but you won't be able to do this to make money over a period of time.

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Trader Dale Does NOT Actually Trade

Day trading attracts the most frauds.

The reason for this is day trading is basically impossible, which I spent the last section covering.

HOWEVER, there's a big demand for day trading content and courses.

People want to get into day trading despite the horrible success rate.

Because of this demand day trading gurus have started popping up everywhere.

Typically they create Youtube videos every day, sells courses, run chatrooms and things like that.

Some of them include:

As you can see I've come across a lot of people that do exactly what Trader Dale does.

In basically every instance the person above doesn't actually trade.

They either just make up results or do virtual trades with no actual money being traded.

Trader Dale doesn't really actually trade and admits he doesn't in the fine print of his terms and conditions:

All you have to do is ask yourself this very simple question:

If Trader Dale is actually good at trading, why doesn't he trade?

The answer should be fairly obvious.. Trader Dale can't turn a profit trading.

The only way to make money day trading is to sell a course or some sort of service.

That's the only way Dale actually makes money.

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What Is Trader Dale Offering?

There's three different packages that you can buy from Trader Dale.

Here's a break down of each one:

Learning Pack ($329)

This is the beginner package and the most basic.

You'll learn about the following in the training:

  • Price action
  • Volume profile
  • Swing trading Ninjatrader 8 platform
  • Forex
  • Futures 
  • Indexes
  • Stocks

You also get training on the indicators.

Trading Pack ($329)

This is for anyone that wants to actually watch Dale trade.

Remember, though, Dale doesn't actually trade.. so I'm not sure what the value of watching him pretend trade would be.

In addition, you get the following:

  • Daily trading levels
  • Monthly swing levels
  • Member forum
  • Indicator training

Elite Pack ($497)

This is basically a combination of the first two packages.

You get the training, get to follow Dale "trade" and you get an additional indicator and tech support.

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Trader Dale FAQ's

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) Do you think Trader Dale is legit?

No I don't.

The reason for this is Dale doesn't actually trade and doesn't release his actual results.

He admits in the terms of service all results he gets are completely imaginary.

No legit trader would fake trade and then sell you products that teach you how to trade.

Dale needs to prove he's actually competent. 

He needs to trade with real money and needs to let a third party track his results.

Until then he's just another day trading huckster.

2) Is there refunds?

No and this is another reason not to trust this service.

Dale's reasoning is it's a digital product so you can't return anything.

But this is just a lame excuse.

All legit trading programs offer a refund policy because they believe in their product.

The only person who wouldn't offer a refund relies on course sales for income and is probably greedy.

3) Is the price fair?

This is probably the best thing about the products offered by Trader Dale.

The price isn't too bad compared to competitors.

There's plenty of people out there that offer similar services and price them in the thousands.

I wouldn't buy any products from Trader Dale but if you do you're not going to lose that much money.

4) Is the trading strategy legit?

If it was I think Dale would actually be trading, right?

I don't think highly of day trading. It's basically a scam industry that is equal to playing roulette. 

So to me, there's basically no legit day trading method.

But doing fake trades just confirms how bad this trading strategy really is.

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Trader Dale Pros And Cons

  • Price isn't terrible: There's plenty of similar products that are much more expensive than the prices here.
  • Dale doesn't actually trade: Dale admits he just does virtual trades that aren't real. Why trust someone that isn't even willing to trade the way he teaches?
  • Day trading is terrible: You're basically guaranteed to fail if you try day trading. There's nothing you can do to change that.
  • No refunds: To top things off you can't even get your money back once you realize how stupid this all is. 

Trader Dale Conclusion

I review a lot of these day trading programs run by Youtube gurus.

I listed a bunch that I've come across earlier in the review.

They're all basically the same.

Most of the people running these courses claim to make all these returns but don't even really trade.

Some of them flat out admit this like Trader Dale does.

If someone isn't willing to show their real trading results they're scamming you.

It's that simple.

But none of these day traders ever show their results.

It's because they don't actually get results.

They all make their money by selling courses, like Trader Dale does.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd skip over Trader Dale and anything that has to do with day trading.

You're only going to lose money day trading.

The smartest way to invest is for the long term and to pick stocks that will pay out overtime.

It's easier to guess where a stock will be in a few years compared to a few hours.

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