My Investing Club Review – Scam Or Legit?

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December 14  

Day trading is a difficult way to make money and if you want to succeed you need to join a serious community.

My Investing Club markets itself as just that.

Is it true?

This review will answer that question.

My Investing Club is pretty expensive and you should read through this entire review if you're thinking about joining.

You'll see everything you need to know to make that decision.

This includes a look at what you get, if the price is fair, background information into the owners and more.

Let's jump in!

My Investing Club Summary

Owner: Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen and Tosh Bradley

Price: $3,995 per year

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: My Investing Club is too expensive in my opinion and there's some red flags with the owners.

One of the owners has been caught muliple times lying about his trades and lifestyle.

Additionally, there's a strict no refunds policy.

Save your money and avoid. 

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Who Is Behind My Investing Club?

My Investing Club is run by three guys named Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyet and Tosh Bradley.

There's not a ton out there about these guys but here's what I was able to find:

Alex Temiz Is A Young Guy

Before many traders started creating Youtube channels most traders were older guys.. you'd go to their website and sign up for their newsletters.

But Youtube changed the game and now much younger and more energetic people can build their trading brands.

This is both good and bad. Trading takes years to master and some people on YouTube frankly are just scam artists.

Alex Temiz graduated college in 2016 with a degree in finance.

So he's really only in his mid twenties. 

From Side Hustle To Full Time Job

Alex claims in an interview he started trading when he was 18 or 19 after a girl broke his heart.

At the time he was working a part time job at Starbucks and trading. 

By 20 Alex claims he was making around $100 a day.

Apparently his parents were still skeptical about his trading until he made over $60,000 in a single day.

Alex Is 100% FAKING His Wealth 

Fast forward to now and Alex claims he's making insane numbers.

According to an article, he made millions from trading in 2021. 

Is it true?

I really don't think it is.

There's a Twitter account that follows these trading gurus called GuruLeaks,

Apparently there was a video Alex posted where he's pretending a very expensive Mercedes is his and that he bought it all from his trading profits.

While showing off the car he went inside to grab the keys.

Except you can clearly hear on the video him asking his mom "for dad's keys." 


Take a listen for yourself:

How funny is that?

That's a $500,000 car.. why would a millionaire still be living at home if he had a half a million dollar car?

In another instance Alex was caught lying about a trade he made and deleted the Tweet bragging about it:

These are major red flags!

I Can't Find Much About Bao Or Tosh

The other two owners are little more under the radar.

Bao Nguyen has an Instagram and Twitter but there's nothing really too interesting on them.

I did find one thing that struck me as odd with Tosh Bradley.

On the My Investing Club website he claims he specializes in swing trading.

But on Twitter he posted this:

That's the problem with lying online.. it's hard to keep all your lies straight.

Trading Vs My Investing Club Sales?

Naturally the question you need to ask yourself is this:

Is Alex Temix, Bao Nguyen and Tosh Bradley making more money trading or selling memberships (that cost thousands of dollars a year)?

I think the answer is pretty obvious here.

I don't know how many members My Investing Club has but they do get a good amount of traffic to their website. 

They claim there's 2000 active members.

If true they'd be making $8 million a year off these 2,000 members.

500 members would be around $2 million a year.

You get what I'm saying. I highly doubt they're making that kind of money trading. 

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What Is My Investing Club?

My Investing Club is the community and trading platform of Alex, Bao and Tosh.

Here's a little background information of the company and what to expect:

It Focuses On Day Trading

The day trading world probably has the most scammers and fake gurus in it.. maybe forex can compete but there's a scammer epidemic in day trading right now.

Do you want to know why?

There's a lot of interest in day trading but it's EXTREMELY difficult to succeed with.

Of all the trading styles out there day trading is the most risky and has the lowest success rate.

Some people estimate only 5% of people make money from day trading!

So it doesn't surprise me when it turns out people like Alex are faking results because it's hard to get actual results.. but the incentive is huge to fake results. 

The Company Is 3 Years Old

Again take a look at Alex and how old he is.

I'm not entirely sure of his age but he's somewhere aged between 25 to 27.

He started My Investing Club when he was what? 22? 23?

Nobody is making millions investing at that age and no 22 year old should be running a day trading community.

Name one other business that was started by a 22 that was legit.

You can't because they don't exist. 

They Sell Trading Merch

If you go to the My Investing Club website you can see they have a merch store.

They sell investing themed shirt, caps, sweatshirts and more.

They even have a trading shirt that parodies OnlyFans:

There's A "Free" Course

Like all smart marketers the team at My Investing Club offer a "free" course to generate leads for their premium products.

However, it's not really a course.. it's a just a webinar where you get pitched on joining their expensive programs:

In the video pitch you're told if you watch the whole thing you'll get hundreds of dollars in bonuses.

Also, there's only "500" seats (that's not true).

What's also very funny is Alex actually pretends like the webinar is being streamed live LOL.

I clicked the webinar from two different links 20 seconds apart and they start exactly the same way.

Alex is literally pretending to have a conversation with someone in chat like it's happening at that moment.

There's even a fake chat happening on the side!

Gertrude? Norma? Where did they come up with these names? What is this the 1920's?

The webinar is clearly a prerecording and I don't understand why Alex would pretend otherwise. It's so easy to tell it's not live. 

My Investing Club Youtube Channel

Before we move onto the premium products at My Investing Club I want to talk about their Youtube channel quickly.

Their channel has over 60k subscribers and they post multiple videos a day:

What's strange is they started doing very short videos recently.. videos that are only between 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Yesterday I reviewed another trading program with a lot of red flags that did the exact same thing.

My guess is these traders are starting TikTok channels or advertising on TikTok (where videos are primarily under 1 minute).

This would be bad because it's mainly kids on TikTok. 

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My Investing Club Premium Product Overview

There's a couple of different products at My Investing Club.

They vary in price and what they offer.

Here's a look at each:

MIC Jumpstart Accelerator ($997)

Does that goldfish have a Hitler mustache???


MIC Jumpstart Accelerator is the education program and costs $997.

This isn't the full offer that My Investing Club has and is just training (no trading room or anything like that).

For such an expensive course you really don't get that much training - in total there's only 7.5 hours of content.

The course is taught by Bao Nguyen and covers various day trading strategies.

Somethings you'll in the course include:

  • Day trading basics
  • Various trading strategies
  • How to short sell
  • Information about brokers and regulations 
  • Tape reading
  • How to do your research
  • How to create a list of stocks you want to trade
  • Market analysis
  • Risk management

This is all very basic stuff you can find on Youtube for free. 

No need to pay nearly $1000 to hear it from Bao.

My Investing Club Membership ($3,995 Per Year)

My Investing club is the big offer.

This is what they're trying to sell you on.. the Youtube channel.. the "free" courses.. the training program.. it's all to get you to join the chatroom.

This product costs a hefty $3,995 per year and MIC claims they have over 2000 active members.

Here's what you get:

Live Chatroom

This is what the main selling point of this offer is.

You'll be in an active chat room everyday where trades are discussed and you can get help with any questions you have. 

The chatroom is run on Slack:

Slack is a software that lets you collaborate with others.

Slack is very inexpensive to run as well.

Look at the pricing plans if you wanted to start a slack channel:

My Investing Club is probably on the Pro or Business+ plan. So they're paying no more than $150 a year to run the slack channel and want EVERY member to pay $3,995 PER YEAR.

The boys at MIC sure are making a pretty penny per member.. 


There's also a big emphasis on education and training.

With the membership you get access to the following:

  • 750+ videos of education content (updated daily)
  • Various DVD's that go over different trading strategies
  • Trading education depending on your skill level
  • Daily recaps of trades and why they were made

You also get access to weekly webinars if you're a beginner.

MIC Mentorship Course

The last major part of the membership is the mentorship course.

You get the following with the mentorship course:

  • 1 on 1 calls with coaches at My Investing Club (not with the owners, though)
  • Get help and have your question answered
  • Access to all the chatroom messages from 2018 to now
  • Trade reviews 
  • Various training on different trading strategies

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Who Is My Investing Club For?

Despite all the red flags about My Investing Club some people will still want to try it. 

Here's who I think My Investing Club is for:

Must Have $30,000 To Day Trade

Here's the thing..

Day trading has a really bad success rate and it's also very expensive to get started with.

If you want to day trade in the US you need to have a minimum of $25,000 in your account.

This allows you to make more than 3 trades a week.

The reason you need $30,000 is you don't want your account to go under $25,000.

$30,000 gives you a cushion so you shouldn't have to worry if you make some bad trades.

Have Free Time When The Market Opens And Closes

Day trading has another barrier to entry besides the cost to get started.. and that's the time it takes to actually do the trading.

Day trading isn't a sit back and let your stocks go up style of trading.

Day trading requires looking for opportunities every single day.

This is especially true when the market opens and closes (this is when most of the action goes on).

You typically need 2 hours in the early morning and 1 hour when the market closes to make day trading work.

It's going to be hard if you have a job or are a full time student. 

Have A Lot To Spend On The Membership

So you need $25,000 to trade with minimum and the membership costs nearly $4,000 per year.

That cost is going to QUICKLY add up if you're there for more than a few years.

You better have the money to cover the costs of the membership and trading.

Be Able To Handle Losses

Day trading requires you to stomach loses and to move on to the winning trades.

You're going to be trading multiple times a day and you can't get stuck on the loses or else you'll have zero chance of succeeding.

Sometimes you'll do everything right and a trade will match everything you're looking for and you'll lose thousands.

The only only people that succeed at day trading get through the losses. 

My Investing Club Customer Reviews & Complaints

There's not really a ton of customer reviews about My Investing Club.

Here's what I was able to find from customers:

The Overly Positive Reviews Are Probably Fake

The first place I go to when looking for customer reviews is Trustpilot.

However, you have to take the reviews at Trustpilot with a grain of salt.

In a previous life I was an internet marketer and know all the internet marketing tricks there is.

You can game Trustpilot.

For example, you can offer incentives for people to leave a positive review and stuff like that.

There's definitely some gaming going on for the customer reviews of My Investing Club.. there's 15 5/5 reviews and only 1 1/5 review.

No service on earth would have a positive ratio like that.

It shouldn't surprise you that the guy who fakes what cars he owns and fakes his wealth may also be faking online reviews.

Requesting A Refund Gets You Banned

Early I talked about the webinar that clearly had fake people attending it.

Another person caught onto this as well.

After they tried the service they requested to get a refund but apparently was banned from the chat:

This is something you find when young people run a community like My Investing Club.

They have zero clue how to handle refunds and criticism so they resort to blocking people. 

It's childish but not surprising. 

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My Investing Club Cost And Refund Policy

The price is expensive for My Investing Club.

Here's what I think about it:

It Costs Too Much

If you want to succeed with day trading you do need to be a in community.. it's better if it's made up of successful traders who you trust.

However, there's no need to pay $3,995 for a day trading chatroom.

The majority of the people there will be beginners just like you.

The thing is run by moderators that probably aren't overly successful. 

They may be able to answer basic questions but how helpful can they really be?

Additionally, the chatroom costs about $100 to run for the year.

They MIC founders are making MILLIONS from annual memberships if they truly have 2,000 members like they say.

Starting In The Red

When you run a business you can't just count what you make without factoring in the cost of running your business.

This is the same for trading.

Every dollar you spend on education and chatrooms is another dollar you start in the red.

My Investing Club is ANNUAL so every year you're starting nearly $4,000 down.

Day trading is already incredibly hard so every dollar counts.

There's No Refunds

I looked in the terms and found that MIC doesn't offer refunds.

This is incredibly disappointing and is even more of a reason to stay far away from this company.

Never gamble thousands on a program that won't give you your money back if you're not satisfied.

My Investing Club Pros And Cons

  • Way too expensive: At the end of the day this program just costs too much. Save the money and just get a day trading book. 
  • Not a fan of day trading: Day trading is the worst way to trade. It's gambling and the success rate is lower than if you went to the casino. 
  • No refunds: When you have a product that costs so much you should have a money back guarantee.
  • Alex caught lying: It's hard to keep a ton of lies from getting out. Alex has been caught in a couple damning ones. 

Final Thoughts About My Investing Club


I get why you would want to join My Investing Club.. I really do.

They do a good job marketing, they claim to make millions from home and they sell a lifestyle we all want to live.

And some people really do actually obtain that life. 

But there's just too many red flags at My Investing Club to ignore.

Alex likes to tell people he started to trade to help his financially struggling father.

It turns out his father has half million dollar cars and lives in a mansion.

I guess telling people you live off daddy's money doesn't sell well.

Then there's proof Alex lies about trades he makes and when he gets caught he just deletes the evidence.

Additionally, the price is crazy and there's no refunds.

Any money that Alex and the rest of the owners make is clearly coming from selling membership to My Investing Club.

Do yourself a favor and don't fund their lifestyles. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of My Investing Club.

The good news is there's plenty of legitimate places that will show you what stocks to trade.

I've reviewed all the best.

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