Invest Diva Review – Is Kiana Danial Legit?

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December 22  

Hey there!

Kiana Danial is selling an expensive finance and investing course called The PowerCourse.

You can find it over on the Invest Diva website.

Before spending thousands on the training I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

If so, this review is what you're looking for.

I dissected this program and looked into Kiana's past to determine if this program is worth it.

Put aside a few minutes to read everything because there's a lot to know..

Let's get started!

Invest Diva Summary

Owner: Kiana Danial

Price: $5,9997

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: I don't think Kiana is a scammer or anything like that.. she's interesting and seems to be successful.

However, her course is way too much.

It used to be $1,997 and I thought that was too high.. now it's $5,997!

That's crazy.

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5 Things To Know About Kiana Danial

Before we get into what Invest Diva is offering let's take a look at the creator Kiana Danial.

Here's some important things to know about Kiana:

1) She Lived And Studied In Japan

Kiana was born in Iran to a wealthy and successful engineer.

However, after war broke out between Iraq and Iran her family's wealth evaporated.

As a result, when she was college age her parents sent her to go study engineering in Japan.

Kiana claims she was the only foreigner and woman in her class and didn't like engineering too much.

Eventually she started trading forex in Japan and making money in the 2008 recession.

Kiana is constantly alluding to her "weird Japanese investing system" and this is when she learned it.

At the time Kiana was also on Japanese TV and was only making $1500 per month.

She claims she was making $10,000 a month from trading.

2) Fired From Her Wall Street Job

A short time after learning how to trade in Japan she moved to The Big Apple and got a job on Wall Street.

Her plan was to pitch empowering women in the investing world.

She claims after talking to the CEO about this she was fired shortly after.

It makes for a good story but I have no clue if this is true or not. She mainly markets to women so it wouldn't surprise me if it's a tall tale to connect to other women.

3) Invest Diva Was Born

Kiana claims shortly after her firing her boyfriend broke up with her as well.

Instead of giving up Kiana double down on herself and apparently started developing her own investing system.. incorporating things she learned trading forex in Japan.

She created the Invest Diva brand to help women learn financial literacy.

Kiana claims she turned down two jobs at major banks during this time and even gave a seminar with the boss who fired her in attendance.

4) Kiana Wrote A Book Dummies Book

The Dummies series has been around forever and they're universally well liked.

Kiana actually got to write their cryptocurrency investing book. 

This book is pretty popular and has been reviewed thousands of times on Amazon.

Usually you only get thousands of reviews if there's tens of thousands of book sales (maybe even more).

Additionally, the rating for the book is good with a 4.5/5.

However, there's no crypto training in her main course which I find odd.

5) Kiana Is A Type "A" Personality

If you read Kiana's background or just watch her talk it's clear she's a real go getter.

She learned Japanese in a year and then got an engineering degree in a foreign country (while being the only woman).

Kiana worked on Wall Street, created a million dollar brand and married a rocket scientist.

She makes appearances on Fox Business and other financial networks.. she's written many popular books.

And she does all this while being a mom.

Kiana is definitely an impressive person.

What Is Invest Diva?

Invest Diva is the brand created by Kiana.

Here's some background information on Invest Diva:

Forex Is The Main Investing Strategy

Kiana comes from a forex background so it makes sense that she would focus mainly on forex.

What is forex?

Forex stands for foreign exchange and is a trading strategy that revolves around currencies.

There's definitely some things to like about forex.

Unlike day trading stocks you don't a need a minimum amount to get started. Also, brokerage fees and commissions are low as well.

It can be complicated to learn and will take some serious effort to master, though. 

A Look At Invest Diva Social Media Accounts

Most traders that sell products online have a presence on the big social media platforms.

There's an Invest Diva Youtube channel, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook

Most of the activity seems to be happening on Youtube and TikTok.

However, TikTok really seems to be the platform that is blowing up the most for Invest Diva.

She has over 200K followers on this platform and most videos are under a minute.

You can't really learn anything from these videos and they're mainly meant to get people to sign up for her free class.

It seems the Invest Diva's Youtube channel is now reposted TikTok's.

There's really no need to subscribe to the Invest Diva Youtube channel because of this (before it had long form and information videos).

It's mainly just promotional stuff. 

There's An Annoying Webinar

I don't only review investing and trading programs.

For years now I've been reviewing passive income courses as well (courses that teach you how to build an online business and income).

Because of this I'm very in tune with current marketing strategies for online brands.

Webinars started taking off a few years ago and now EVERYBODY has a free webinar before they pitch their expensive product.

Invest Diva is no different.

If you head over to the Invest Diva TikTok or Youtube you'll see there's a link to a "free masterclass."

This is just the webinar that's used to warm you up to the big offer.

You won't be learning trading strategies or anything like that.

It's about a hour long too which is frustrating.

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The PowerCourse Overview

The PowerCourse is the main product at Invest Diva.

This is what the webinar, the TikToks and Youtube videos are trying to get you to buy.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

14 Week Training Program

The training is very detailed and will take a long time to get through.

It's broken up into 14 weeks and there's a lot of ground covered in the training.

Some things you'll learn includes:

  • Auditing your own finances and knowing where you are financially
  • A look at how stocks and the market works
  • How to invest in foreign currencies and analyze currency prices
  • A look at when to enter and exit an investment
  • Training on how stocks work
  • Information on options and futures
  • Retirement planning 

The Ultimate Investor's Toolkit

Additionally, you'll receive a tool that will help you make investments.

This tool provides you with the following:

  • Profitability calculator
  • Risk assessment
  • Indicators
  • Technical analysis

3 Months Of Investing Group

You get 3 months access to Invest Divas Premium Investing Group.

You'll be able to see Kiana trade in real time and make trades.

You'll also get access to her portfolio and a look at all her assets.

After 3 months you have to pay $100 a month to stay in the group, though.

Black Book Of Investments

This is a collection of investments that Kiana has made over the last few years.

I have no clue if it truly is all the investments or just the ones Kiana wants you to know about.

Private Facebook Group

Another benefit that comes with The PowerCourse is access to the private Facebook group.

Here you'll get to interact with other students and ask questions.

There's life coaching every week here as well.

Private Sessions With Kiana

Lastly, you get a hour with Kiana.

You'll get to ask her questions and start developing your trading plan. 

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What I Think About The PowerCourse

There's a lot to unpack about the training.

Here's my main takeaways: 

There's A Lot Going On Here

Usually when I review an investing course there's like one or two main topics.

Maybe you learn a couple forex strategies or some stocks tips.

The PowerCourse takes a different route and goes over a lot of different topics.

I'm guessing a lot of Kiana's customers are beginners or she's targeting beginners (stay at home wives, retired people, women who didn't get degrees in finance).

This is more like a college course that teaches the basics of all things investing.

There's pros and cons to this.

You'll have a solid base if you go through all the training and be well versed in many topics.

However, it can be overwhelming.

Forex is hard enough to learn on its own. Now trying to learn that while you learn stocks, retirement planning and more.

This Ones For The Ladies

Do I think you can be a male and learn stuff from The PowerCourse?

Yeah.. at the end of the day if you can grasp the principles of investing you'll have success.

Those are presented here. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman.

However, this is definitely a community for women.

Kiana even claims this brand was built after her male boss fired her because she wanted to start a program for women traders.

If you look at the testimonials you'll see mostly women:

I personally wouldn't want to learn in a community that's mostly for women.

Some people won't mind but I would.

Kiana's Forex Strategies Are Well Known

Kiana is a smart marketer so she doesn't market her forex strategies as something everyone knows.

It sells to say you have something secret or unique.

Kiana is constantly alluding to her "weird Japanese investing system" and stuff like that.

But her strategies are mainstream and well known - you can find many people teaching them.

For example, in The PowerCourse you'll learn the following forex strategies:

If you go type "Fibonacci forex" into Youtube you'll see hundreds of results teaching you the strategy:

Facebook Group > One On One With Kiana

It may seem exciting to get to talk with Kiana for a hour but it's really not that valuable.

The talk is only a one time deal and there's not much you can learn in that time.

The private Facebook group will be much more valuable.

Typically these groups are filled with beginners but some members will be successful.

There will also be mods there to answer your questions.

Being in an active community is important when you're trying to learn something new.

Invest Diva Customer Reviews And Complaints

There's a lot of customer chatter about Invest Diva out there.

Here's some insights that I found interesting:

There's Just Too Much Training

This is something that I alluded to in the last section.

There's a lot of content here and it's spread out over a long period of time.

Unless you're an empty nester and have all the time in world for training, it's going to be a challenge to get through everything.

Here's a comment that expresses this feeling of too much information:

Just Another Guru?

There's an illness in the trading world (and the internet marketing world in general).

That illness is gurus.

The trading world is filled with people shilling expensive courses and putting out low quality information on Youtube.

There's so much money in online courses and some people make millions selling them.

The problem is many come from people who have no clue what they're talking about.

Now Kiana has a good background in trading so she has a lot to share but one Reddit user does bring up a good point:

I personally think it's fine to sell a course on a topic you know a lot about.

Teaching is very fulfilling.

The problem is many trader gurus make way more selling products than they do actually trading.

If there truly are thousands of Invest Diva customers like Kiana claims than she might be one these people.

It's Just Too Expensive For Many People

There were A LOT of comments online of people expressing this.

The crazy thing is most of these comments came when the course was $4000 dollars CHEAPER:

Now that the course is $5997 instead of $1997 (without any real changes in content) I can't imagine how people will be reacting.

The Crypto Book Is Well Reviewed

Kiana's crypto book is much more popular than The Powercourse.

If you look an Amazon it has a 4.5/5 rating with over a thousand reviews:

What's interesting is her forex book is less well received on Amazon.

For example, Kiana wrote a book about Ichimoku (her secret Japanese forex strategy) and it only has a 3.3/5 on Amazon.

Here's a review that expresses what many customers think:

Remember this is the big strategy in her very expensive PowerCourse.

This makes it seem like she's not really all that good at explaining the strategy. 

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Price And Refund Policy

I have pretty strong feelings about the price and refund policy.

Here's a summary of how I feel about it:

The Price Changed. The PowerCourse Didn't.

I've had my eye on this course for a while and have been planning on reviewing it for a while.

However, just recently the price jumped up 3 times!

Even some customer complaints talk about the price being too much at $1997 and now it's so much more.

But nothing has really changed about The PowerCourse.

The training and offer is exactly the same as it was before.

I can't imagine anyone being satisfied with the price now and definitely wouldn't recommend it at the current price.

Ongoing Monthly Fees

The investing group is free for 3 months but after that you are charged $100 a month.

You get 3 emails before the free trial is up and then you get charged automatically.

By itself I don't think $100 a month is that bad.

There's similar services from other traders that are much more expensive.

But when you look at the price of the training this should be included for free forever.

The Refund Policy Is A Mess

All online courses should come with AT LEAST a 30 day refund policy and should be no questions asked.

If you're dissatisfied and get something you weren't expecting you should be able to get your money back.

Invest Diva gives you 30 days for a refund but it comes with a lot of strings attached.

Here's a summary of what you need to do to get a refund:

That's a lot of work lol...

Imagine not liking the course or the material and having to do all this just to get your money back.

That's stupid.

Many people also don't like the refund policy:

Kiana claims to make millions from investing and definitely makes millions from Invest Diva.

Why have a refund policy like this?

Does it matter to her that someone gets their money back who needs it more than she does?

Makes ZERO sense.

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Invest Diva Pros And Cons

  • Good for women: The trading world is male dominated and definitely has a bro culture on Youtube. So if you're a female looking to invest this could be a good community.
  • Kiana is experienced: Kiana has written several books and has been investing for over a decade now. 
  • Too expensive: The PowerCourse was too expensive before and now it's absurd at $5997.
  • Bad refund policy: Jumping through a million hoops just to get your money back isn't good.
  • A lot of information: I think it would have been better to focus on a couple things than every investing strategy. Maybe make separate courses for forex, stocks and retirement planning. 
  • Customer reviews aren't great: The PowerCourse seems to have more negative reviews than usual.

Wrapping Up The Review

I like Kiana personally.

She seems like an energetic, fun person to learn from.

I also think she's spunky and has succeeded in a field that's very male dominated. Overall, my feelings about her are positive.

However, that's not how I feel about The PowerCourse.

If Kiana's goal is to truly bring women into the world of investing and finance why make the price so high?

$5,997 for the training is crazy. I just don't see how this price can be justified.

You're learning basic finance, forex, investing and retirement information.

Go to Amazon and find a couple books on each topic and it will cost you about $100.

It'll probably take the same amount of time to read these books as it would to go through The PowerCourse.

The refund policy isn't good either.

If The PowerCourse were like $500 maybe I could suggest it.

But we're not even in the same hemisphere price wise as that. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Invest Diva until there's a serious price cut.

There is good news, though..

There's plenty of places to get investing tips and good stock ideas.

I've personally reviewed all the best.

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