Bear Bull Traders Review – Andrew Aziz Scam?

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February 19  

Bear Bull Traders is a day trading community and program.. it's run by Andrew Aziz.

Before you spend your money on his products I'm sure you want to know if Bear Bull Trades is a scam.

I spent an entire day reviewing this program and you'll know if it's worth joining by the time you're done reading.

Below you'll learn some valuable information about Andrew Aziz, get a look at the cost and what you actually get.

Let's get started!

Bear Bull Traders Summary

Owner: Andrew Aziz

Price: $99 per month to $199 per month

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: There's some things to like about Bear Bull Traders.. the price isn't outrageous and there's some unique features.

However, the community is based around day trading and there's almost a zero percent chance of you succeeding with day trading.

I have my doubts about the owner's trading background as well.. he didn't start trading until a few years ago very late into his life.

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4 Things To Know About Bear Bull Traders

Let's take a look at some background information about Bear Bull Traders before looking at what they offer.

Here's what I think is important to know about this company:

1) The Owners Real Name Is Amin Aziznia

The creator of Bear Bull Traders goes by Andrew Aziz but his real name is Amin Aziznia.

I learned this after seeing a very unflattering commenting from one of Amin's former workers:

I don't know if this comment is completely true but he is right about Aziz.

I looked up Amin Aziznia and was able to find his Facebook and Linkedin.. it's definitely the same guy.

One thing I find interesting is Amin has zero trading or financial work in his background.

Amin was born in Iran and eventually moved to Canada.. his degrees are in engineering and geoscience.

It's not completely uncommon for traders to have degrees in the sciences or something unrelated to finance.

For example, I've done two reviews of traders that have biology degrees. 

However, usually when someone doesn't have a finance degree and gets into trading, they get into it when they're young.

For example, many firms will hire kids straight out of college with biology degrees because they're good researchers and have the work ethic to succeed.

Amin didn't take this route.

He actually worked in the field of his degrees as a research scientist.

Amin claims he lost his dream job after his employer decided to suspend his department's research.

Because of this he decided to devote his life to trading.

The Bear Bull Traders domain is only 5 years old but according to Amin's work experience he was employed as recently as 2019:

It would be incredibly hard to day trade with a full time job.. seems a little sketchy Amin could start selling day trading courses so soon after learning how to trade himself.

Speaking of day trading..

2) Day Trading Is For Suckers

This makes some people mad to hear but it's unequivocally true.

Some people will point to this guru or this guru and tell you to look at how much they're making.

And the simple truth is most of these gurus are just lying about their results and solely make money by selling products to their audience.

There's millions to be made selling courses, chat room access and indicators online.

Sleazy people recognize this and tell people what they want to hear..

That you can make millions a year day trading from home. It's a lie.

Some people claim about 5% of day traders make a full time income but that's not correct.. the number is likely 0.5%.

There was a massive study done by Sal Paolo School of Economics that followed 20,000 day traders for a year.

Here's some of the findings of this study:

The More You Day Trade, The Less Likely You Are To Make Money

Usually when you're learning a new skill or trying something new you get better over time.

You learn from your mistakes and improve from that.

With day trading it's the exact opposite.

The day trading study found the more days you day trade, the less money you make.

The group that only traded one day out of the year had 29.8% of people profit.

The group that only traded between 2 to 50 days had 15.5% of people profit.

The group that only traded between 51 to 100 days had 8.9% of people profit.

This keeps going until your reach the group of people that traded more than 300 days.. this group only had 3% profit.

Day Trading Is Just Gambling

So how do you explain the more someone day trades, the more likely they are to lose money?

The truth is day trading is gambling and the idea that you can predict where a stock's price will be in a few hours is completely fraudulent.

Many day traders claim through technical analysis and charts you can guess where a stock will be but it's nonsense.

Any success you have day trading through technical analysis is complete luck.

Warren Buffet agrees with this:

If technical analysis were a real skill that you can learn and apply, the more you did it the better your results would be.

The Brazilian study proves the opposite.

Commissions And Fees Eat Your Profits

The study eventually factored in the fees to day trade as well.

Of the group that traded 300 days or more a year 97% lost money when fees and commissions were factored in.

Even the person that made $310 per day barely remained profitable after commissions were applied.

In the end only .4% of the group earned more than $54 a day.. you could make more working minimum wage.

3) More People Faking Their Name

Another person that's big in the Bear Bull Traders community is "Brian Pezim."

If you look at the comment below you'll see Brian Pezim is actually Randy Gue:

Once again this person is correct, adding legitimacy to his comment.

Here's Brian's picture on Bear Bull Traders compared to Randy Gue on Linkedin

Clearly the same guy.

It's kind of weird to me that all the main people at Bear Bull Traders are using fake names.

Maybe they just want some privacy but still.. bit of a red flag.

Randy's background is very similar to Amin's.

Randy has a mechanical engineering degree and according to his Linkedin is employed today in this field:

I personally think it would be hard day trading, helping run a day trading community and being employed all at the same time.

4) Amin Makes More Selling Products

Before moving on I just want to make one thing clear if you haven't caught on yet.

Amin built his fortune through selling products:

Amin has built up a net worth of $20 million in the last few years and it's not from trading.

There's a pretty good chance he never really was a good trader to begin with - I know the odds don't favor him being successful.

Just ask yourself a simple question: 

Would you day trade for hours a day if you were already a millionaire?

Of course you wouldn't.

Day trading requires you to be glued to your computer screen for hours a day and do an additional few hours of research a day.

I don't see how Aziz could possibly day trade while running this company, write books, creating Youtube videos and running a prop trading firm.

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Bear Bull Traders Overview

There's three different memberships at Bear Bull Traders.

Here's a breakdown of each:

Intro ($39)

This is just a 7 day trial to try out the chatrooms.

The first chatroom is called BBT Main Chatroom and it starts at 8:30 AM. There the traders at Bear Bull Traders breakdown their trades.

The second chatroom is run by Ed Martin. It starts at 9 AM and is dedicated to anyone with a small account.

Basic ($99 Per Month)

This program comes with the chatrooms I mentioned in the last section and The Essentials Course.

This program is a beginner day trading course and you get the following training:

  • Module 1 - Intro To Day Trading
  • Module 2 - Required Tools And Technology For Trading
  • Module 3 - Setting Up DAS Trader Pro
  • Module 4 - Day Trading Strategies And Stock Selection
  • Module 5 - The Fundamentals Of Successful Trading
  • Module 6 - Psychology OF Trading
  • Module 7 - TradeBook Building A Successful Strategy
  • Module 8 - Example OF A Successful TradeBook Strategy

Elite ($199 Per Month)

Lastly, there's the Elite package.

This comes with everything I mentioned in the last two memberships along with the following:

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course builds on the last program.

You will learn:

  • How to start a trading business
  • Different trading strategies
  • Risk and trade management
  • Trading psychology
  • Rowing a small account
  • Swing trading

Webinars And Mentorship

Along with The Advanced Course you'll also get daily webinars on different topics.

Here's what you get on each day:

  • Mondays cover technology
  • Tuesdays cover strategy
  • Wednesday covers psychology
  • Thursday covers mentorship
  • Friday covers cryptos

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My Thoughts On Bear Bull Traders

There's a lot to unpack with this program.

Here's what I think about it:

Positive Reviews Are Fake

The reason I started this website is because of all the investing scams being sold.

Other websites were giving TERRIBLE programs 4 out 5 stars and even 5 out 5 starts in a lot of programs.

The truth is many of the websites that review trading programs aren't doing real research.

They make money positing positive reviews through affiliate links.

What's an affiliate link?

An affiliate link tracks website traffic.. people sign up to be affiliate for Bear Bull Traders, get an affiliate link, place it on their website and Bear Bull Traders tracks the traffic.

If someone clicks on the affiliate link and ends up buying something from Bear Bull Traders, the affiliate earns money.

For example, the top review on Google for this product comes from

On that website is a big button to visit Bear Bull Traders and once you do you're brought here:

In the URL you'll see "/ref/a/" at the end.. that's a unique affiliate link for

Every other review on Google has an affiliate link as well.

That's the only reason you see positive reviews of this place.. people are making money off the reviews.

Price Isn't Terrible

Now for a positive thing to say about Bear Bull Traders.

There's many competitors that aren't half the platform Bear Bull Traders is and they charge three times as much to join.

This company does offer a lot.

If you get the Elite package you'll get access to two different education programs, two different chatrooms, livestreams everyday, mentorship and more.

I personally wouldn't recommend anyone getting involved with day trading but for a day trading community, this one has a lot of features.

Pretty Weak Refund Policy

There's a weak refund policy at Bear Bull Traders.

You only get 7 days to get your money back.

On the plus side there's no strings attached to get your money back but still.. you'd like to see at least 30 days.

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Bear Bull Traders Pros And Cons

  • A lot of unique features: You do get more at Bear Bull Traders than most places. This is more than just a chatroom.
  • Owners lack of experience: Aziz just started trading not too long ago.. kind of weird he started immediately selling products once trading. 
  • Fake names: A lot of the people that lead Bear Bull Traders are faking their names. Kind of a red flag.
  • Former employee calls it a scam: An ex employee claimed the entire company is a scam and calls Aziz a criminal.
  • Weak refund policy: You only get 7 days to get your money back. 30 days is a good refund policy.

Bear Bull Traders Conclusion

On the surface Bear Bull Traders seems like an impressive place.

There's chatrooms, trained psychologists, training, mentorship and live webinars.

The price is a little expensive but nothing too crazy.. you can get the chatroom access for $99 per month.

But at the end of the day it doesn't matter what kind of support you get with day trading.. you're almost guaranteed to fail.

Day Trading is impossible to succeed with and huge studies have proven it's basically a scam trading method.

The more you do it, the less likely you are to succeed.

It doesn't matter if you have mentors, education, chatrooms or anything else.

Long term investing will always be the best route. You'll never be able to successfully develop a trading strategy to predict a stock's price in a few hours.

I don't care what anyone tells you.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Bear Bull Traders.

The truth is if you want to trade stocks you need to trade in the long term and find stocks that will pay out in a few years.

Otherwise you're just going to lose money.

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