ClayTrader Review – Run By A Scam Artist?

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January 19  

ClayTrader offers various services, and they can get pretty pricey.

Before spending thousands of dollars, I'm sure you want to know if ClayTrader is a scam or not.

Well, you're in luck.

I spent hours looking at this program and digging into the owner's past.

I wrote this review to help anyone who's unsure if they should buy.

You'll know if you should purchase by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

ClayTrader Summary

Owner: Clay Huber

Price: $99 per 3 month for chatroom, $2497 for course

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: ClayTrader is a decent program that provides some value.

However, Clay has admitted he doesn't even really trade and just makes money from selling his courses.

There's just better options out there. 

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Who Is Clay Huber?

Clay Huber is the creator of ClayTrader.

Here's everything I think you need to know about him:

Does a Good Job With Promotion

The first thing that pops out at me is that Clay does an awesome job promoting his course and services.

The guy is always in sales mode and has various avenues that he uses to get new customers.

If you head over to his Youtube channel, you'll see he has a whopping 500K subscribers:

As you can see, he uploads multiple videos a day.

These videos aren't short either, and some are 30+ minutes.

I've run YouTube channels in the past and can tell you that producing this much content isn't easy.

One video can take hours to shoot and edit.

How does Clay find the time to make so many videos and trade?

I'll actually answer this shortly.

Additionally, Clay has an active Twitter account and runs free webinars to attract customers.

Clay probably doesn't trade much.

I reviewed a trading program yesterday that had generated over $30 million in sales revenue.

This person clearly wasn't a great trader, and on their website, it even stated results aren't real and instead are "just illustrations."

There's example after example after example of people who run trading communities that don't actually trade well.

The money in course sales and running trading chatrooms is OBSCENE.

People who suck at trading are making millions just by selling these services.

I do think Clay knows how to trade and probably does from time to time, but there's ZERO chance he's trading full time.

Additionally, I don't think he can truly build wealth by trading alone.

He pretty much admitted this.

One person was probing whether Clay actually made money trading.

After months of asking to see Clay's trading record, Clay responded with the following:

 “Am I paper trading? It could be.” and “I make no claims of having a winning %, I make no claims of making money, I am just a normal, average guy that teaches for the money."


Clay is basically saying I am nothing more than a teacher and get paid to teach.

He admits he doesn't actually trade and just trades using fake money.

This is pretty obvious when you account for all the time he spends creating YouTube videos and running ClayTrader.

At least he's willing to admit who he is.

Dissecting The "Free Webinar"

The reason Clay runs a free webinar is to warm people up for the big offers later.

He gets your email and will sell you on the idea of upgrading.

This is how he converts people from Twitter and YouTube.

Now that we know Clay doesn't actually trade real money, the headline "Let Me Show You How I Had Only 1 Losing Day Out 73" takes on a new meaning.

Probably because he's not actually trading on those days.

Additionally, he didn't transform himself "from an employee to being my own boss" through trading.

He did it through marketing his services.

After you sign up for the webinar, you're brought to this page where Clay has a "bribe" for you:

After teasing what you'll learn in the webinar, you'll get an offer to join the chatroom at a discounted price.

The price is usually $99 per 3 months, and Clay is offering the chatroom for a year for $197.

The webinar itself is the same type of webinar you get with every other trading program.

It's just a pitch for you to buy a premium product.

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What Does ClayTrader Teach?

ClayTrader teaches day trading and technical analysis.

This is my least favorite way to trade, and there are a lot of reasons why:

Nobody Is Making Money Day Trading

I'm exaggerating a little bit, but not by that much.

There was a viral video (I can't find it) where a girl instructed other girls to immediately stop talking to any guy who said he's a day trader.

The reason why is that they all live at home with their parents and don't have any money.

Day trading exploded in 2020 after the lockdowns, and everyone got stimulus checks.

But the truth is, barely anyone succeeds with day trading.

Most studies show that only about 3% to 5% make any money.

Only 1% of day traders make more than the minimum wage, and basically no one gets rich from it.

When it comes to day trading, the money is in selling courses and services, not actually trading (which is why Clay doesn't).

Do you have $30,000 to trade with?

Another thing people seem to forget is that you need a lot of money to trade with.

In America, day trading is well regulated, and you need a minimum of $25,000 in your trading account to make more than three trades a week.

The reason I say $30,000 is because you don't want your account to go under $25,000.

It's necessary to make more than three trades a week, so this is a must.

You never see day trading gurus mention this fact before selling their courses.

Long-term investing will always win.

Some people may be able to overcome the odds and make some money day trading.

An extremely small minority may even make millions doing it (a really, really small minority).

At the end of the day, long-term investing will always win out.

Rarely do day traders beat the S&P 500, and you'll always do better investing for the long term.

Building wealth takes time, and anyone looking for fast riches will end up losing money.

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ClayTrader Product Overview

Now that we've thoroughly gone over all the background information on ClayTrader, let's take a look at the premium products here.

Inner Circle ($99 Per 3 Months)

The first offer is the chat room.

This is called The Inner Circle, and it costs $99 per 3 months or $297 per year. If you sign up for the webinar, you can get access to the chat room for $197 for the year.

Here's everything you get:

  • Live and interactive trading: You'll get to see real people discuss trades and set-ups.
  • Mobile app: This allows you to stay connected to the chatroom no matter where you are.
  • Trade alerts: If there's a trade that has some potential, you'll get an alert about it.

A good thing about the chat room is that it's well monitored.

There won't be any pumps, dumpers, or anything like that.

The Trading Freedom Pathway ($2497)

This is the more expensive program, and it comes with a lot.

Here's a look at everything that you get:

  • ClayTrader University: ClayTrader University is the educational part of the program. You get various classes, and new content is updated every once in a while. You will learn robotic trading, skill sharpening, risk vs. reward, shorting profit, and more.
  • List of scanners: You'll get access to various stock scanners that Clay claims to have used over the last decade.
  • Weekly live training: Once a week, you'll be able to watch Clay live and get trading tips from him. This is done in a group setting.
  • Direct access to Clay: You can email Clay any questions you have, and you'll get an answer back.
  • Lifetime access to Inner Circle: You get lifetime access to the chatroom.

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My Thoughts On ClayTrader

Here's a summary of what I think about ClayTrader:

The price isn't horrible.

There are plenty of chatrooms that cost thousands of dollars a year and aren't as well run as this one.

Other chatrooms are littered with pumps and dumpers and aren't moderated well.

If you just want the chat room, it's $99 for every 3 months or $297 for the year.

That's a fraction compared to many competitors.

Even the more expensive program isn't too bad.

Usually, I would say any trading product that costs thousands of dollars isn't worth it, but this is lifetime access.

Again, there's many below-average chatrooms that are thousands per year.

So not having that annual subscription eating into your profits is definitely a positive.

The training is decent.

We've covered Clay probably doesn't actually trade with real money too often.

However, he still knows what he's talking about.

It's clear from his videos, the training, and his blog that he has a grasp on trading.

If he were to trade, I'm sure he wouldn't be making mind-blowing returns, but he probably would be profitable.

Technical Analysis: Is Mind Numbing

I mentioned before that I don't like day trading and listed the reasons why.

However, there is one thing that I left out.

It's just mind-numbing work.

Day trading kind of has a reputation as sexy and exhilarating, and that's only because there's a lot of highs and lows (mostly lows).

But the work involved with finding stocks to day trade isn't exciting at all.

You're just looking at complicated charts.

I know the idea of trading for quick profit sounds fun, but is this the work you actually want to do?

I like to actually look into companies and figure out their story before investing.

Not looking at a chart and trying to pick the exact right second to buy.

Solid Refund Policy

You get 30 days to get your money back if you're not satisfied.

I like that this seems to be a no questions asked refund.. this makes the program pretty much risk free.

30 days should be enough time for you determine if the community is right for you or not.

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Customer Reviews And Complaints

ClayTrader has been around for a long time. I'm pretty sure it launched in 2013.

Because of that, there's a good amount of customer insight out there.

Here's a look at some important customer reviews and complaints:

People understand his game.

A lot of people will just assume Clay is a great trader because he has a popular trading service.

However, Clay even admits he never talks about how much he makes or his returns.

Even if you look on his website, you will never find any mention of that stuff.

This does rub some people the wrong way.

Many people talk about this in different threads.

They have a point and turns out they were correct in their assumptions.

Here's another person expressing the same opinion:

And another:

The Chatroom Can Be Hostile

A lot of people seem to believe Clay is a nice, humble and honest guy.

But there's comments from customers that raise some red flags.

For example, there's one here about Clay and top members mocking handicapped people:

Now this obviously could just be a joke taken out of context.

But this person isn't the only one to say something like this.

Another person said slurs were being tossed around that he didn't feel comfortable repeating:

Here's another insight that details the exact same thing happening:

ClayTrader Pros And Cons

  • Not a bad price: The chat room is well priced and even the lifetime membership isn't that bad.
  • Good refund policy: 30 days is enough time to figure out if the products are right for you.
  • Clearly not trading much: Clay may make some trades but he admits they're paper trades. There's just not enough time in the day to run ClayTrader and still trade full time.
  • Chat room has cliques: There's enough user reviews about the chat room to determine it can be toxic in there.
  • Too much selling: All aspects of ClayTrader are designed to get you to buy the course. The Youtube, the Twitter, the webinar, the chat room, etc.

ClayTrader Conclusion

There's something to like about ClayTrader, and there's something not to like.

On the plus side, Clay does avoid some of the things the most egregious scammers do.

For example, he's not posting screenshots of fake returns and showing off his lambo to get people to sign up.

So points for that.

However, in a lot of ways, he's the same as other scammers as well.

Obviously, the biggest red flag is his own admission that he paper trades and makes most of his money off of memberships to ClayTrader.

This is where his not showing his results is bad.

How much does he actually make trading, and what kind of returns does he actually get?

If they were good, he'd be showing them.

For that reason, I'd recommend avoiding ClayTrader.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on ClayTrader.

The good news is there's plenty of alternatives that are more affordable and much higher quality.

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