Zed Monopoly Review – Scam Or Legit Training?

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March 14  

Zed Monopoly is a day trading personality that sells various trading services.

Maybe you've seen his Youtube videos and are interested in buying.. but before you probably want to know if they're scams or not.

This review will help you out. 

I spent a lot of time investigating Zed Monopoly, so make sure to read everything below.

You'll get a look at who Zed is, an overview of what he's offering and you'll see if the price is fair.

Let's get started!

Zed Monopoly Summary

Owner: Zed Monopoly

Price: $650 for trading course, $300 for chatroom (prices in euro)

Rating: 1/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: Zed Monopoly is a low quality day trading program.

The education is very short and it's pretty clear Zed doesn't really know what he's doing.

The chatroom is full of beginners and won't be of much help either.

I'd definitely pass.

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Zed Monopoly Is A Typical Day Trading Scammer

Zed Monopoly is the kind of trader that made me start this website.

My goal here is to warn newbies and beginners of fake gurus and help people avoid trading scams.

Zed Monopoly is just that - a fake guru and a scammer.

Day trading absolutely blew up a couple years ago, in large part due to lockdowns from covid.

People were stuck at home and many were getting payments from the government.

A lot of folks turned to day trading during this time.

People like Zed Monopoly created Youtube channels and started slinging courses to day trading beginners.

The problem is Zed isn't actually a profitable trader and just makes money from his Youtube channel and course sales.

Trading Youtube channels make some of the most money on Youtube through ad revenue.

People are willing to pay a lot of money to advertise in front of people hungry for trading info.

This is why Zed makes so many Youtube videos,

Additionally, he funnels the people watching his content into his course and chatroom.

He's charging $650 for his course and $300 for chatroom access.

Zed only needs 1500 customers to make a million dollars.. he claims to have over 5,000 members in his chatroom.

There's zero proof Zed makes anything day trading and his strategy is largely flawed:

Just realize... all the nice things Zed has (cars, vacation, boats, clothes, etc.) didn't come trading.

It came from his Youtube channel and course sales.

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Reasons Why Day Trading Sucks

There's a reason Zed doesn't make money from day trading.

It's not that he isn't smart enough.. He seems reasonably smart.

But it's because day trading doesn't really work for anyone. It's the absolute worst way to trade stocks and barely anyone has success with it.

Here's the top reasons why I think day trading sucks.

1) The More You Do It, The Worst Your Results

Let's say you wanted to learn how to golf.

You buy a nice pair of golf clubs, you buy lessons and you practice a few times a week.

Wouldn't you expect to get better in a year, right? Especially if you consistently played golf?

Of course you would.

That's how skills work. You practice, you learn from your mistakes and you get better.

The problem with day trading is the more you do it, the worst results you get according to a massive study. 

This means day trading isn't a skill that can be learned and instead is just gambling.

If you were to go into a casino every day it would make sense that you would lose more every day you went in.

That's the case with day trading.

2) Most Make Less Than Minimum Wage 

If you look around the web about what percentage of people make money day trading you'll see anywhere from 2% to 10%.

However, this is misleading.

This just looks at people that make ANYTHING.

The problem with day trading is there's big fees involved.. you can get charged up to $100 PER TRADE.

As a result most people that do make anything make very little.

According to studies less than 1% of day traders make more than minimum wage.

It's a fools game!

3) Takes A Lot Of Time

The worst part about most day traders making less than minimum wage is you have to treat day trading like a real job.

This isn't a passive investing strategy where you take 10 minutes to buy a stock.

Day trading requires you to stare at a computer screen for hours every morning and hours every afternoon.

Additionally, you have to do a lot of research before the market opens.

This means waking up before the sun comes up.

All of this effort to have basically no shot at making more money than a McDonalds worker.

I know day trading seems cool and working from a laptop on a beach is the ultimate dream.

But it's all a fantasy.

The only real way to make money with day trading is to do what Zed does - sell services related to day trading.

4) Technical Analysis Isn't Real

This is going to make people obsessed with day trading mad.

They'll try and refute everything I've said about day trading by saying people just aren't disciplined enough.

That if only you learned magic chart patterns and technical analysis you will become successful.

Technical analysis is largely bull sh*t.

There may be some little value in basic charting but advanced technical analysis and patterns are complete make believe.

Do you really think this chart below will somehow tell you if you should buy or sell a stock?

Don't take my word for it either.

Warren Buffet, who is one of the greatest investors of all time, had this to say about technical analysis:

He's right,

Look at the the chart I just posted up top.

If you flip that thing upside down you'll probably get the same answer.

Predicting where a stock's price will be in a few hours is impossible and that's the truth.

It doesn't matter what patterns or chart you learn. It doesn't matter how much time you devote to the craft.

Day trading will always be a losing game, the same way games at a casino are.

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What Do You Get With Zed Monopoly

There's two parts to the Zed Monopoly offer.. the first is a trading course and the second is chatroom access.

You can either buy them together or buy them separately.

Together they cost $650 and if you just want the chatroom it'll cost $300.

Here's a breakdown of each:

Monopoly Trading School

The training program is pretty short to be honest and is only a few hours long.

There's zero chance you learn anything significant here and you definitely won't be ready to day trade after going through it.

You get training on the following:

  • Technical analysis
  • Key levels
  • Price action
  • Futures

And that's really it.

Each section has a handful of videos but they're short and not well produced.


The chatroom is just access to a Discord server.

Discord is free to run or costs $99 per year for all the premium features.

It basically costs Zed nothing to run this chatroom.

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Zed Monopoly FAQ's

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you have:

1) Is the price fair?

No lol.

The training program is very anemic. You could easily find the same amount of training on a basic Youtube channel.

Just look up technical analysis, price action, etc. and you'll get better videos than what Zed is offering.

That chatroom price wouldn't be so bad if it were run by competent traders.

Many chatrooms cost thousands a year so this one isn't horrible at just $300 for a lifetime membership.

However, I don't trust the moderators to be able to help you and it's just going to be full of complete beginners.

2) Is there refunds?

I couldn't find anything about refunds.

I looked on the sales page and in the terms of use too.

That's usually a sign that there isn't a refund policy.

3) How much do I need to get started?

One thing day trading gurus never talk about is how much you need to get started day trading.

And there's a reason for this!

Gurus are just looking to get you in the program before revealing you need $25,000 minimum to day trade.

This isn't just a recommendation either.

By law you need to $25,000 to make more than 3 trades a week and as a trader you'll be making more than that.

To be honest you'll want $30,000 to ensure you don't go under $25,000.

So keep this in mind before buying.

4) Are there any similar programs?

I've come across many similar offers from day trading gurus.

Here's a bunch that come to mind:

And more.

To be honest Zed Monopoly is worst than most because the training is so little.

5) Zed Monopoly Customer Complaints

There's A LOT of customer complaints about Zed Monopoly.

They're all pretty much the same.

Most people don't think Zed is legitimate and they think the course is low quality.

Here's just some of what I could find about this program:

I honestly couldn't find anything positive about Zed.

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Zed Monopoly Pros And Cons

  • Low quality: The offer here just isn't quality. It's not even well produced or well created. Amateur hour.
  • Day trading: There's a lot of people trying to day trade but basically none will have success.
  • No refunds: I couldn't find anything about refunds.
  • Bad customer complaints: I couldn't really find a single person saying anything positive about Zed Monopoly. Only bad things.

Zed Monopoly Conclusion

I review offers like Zed Monopoly all the time.

There's no shortage of fake gurus in the day trading world.

I've seen dozens of education and chatroom programs from people too young to rent a car - nothing new about this.

However, there is something a little more pathetic about Zed Monopoly compared to the other bad day trading opportunities.

Zed is very low quality and the training is laughably skimpy.

There is nothing redeemable about this program and unless you want to lose money, I'd avoid.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd skip over Zed Monopoly.. and I'd skip over anything day trading.

The only way to make real money through stocks is long term investing.

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