Trade And Travel Review – Teri Ijeoma Scam?

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January 14  

Trade And Travel is an expensive day trading course from Teri Ijeoma.

I'm sure before spending thousands on this program you want to know if it's legit or a scam.

You're in luck because I went through the entire course and created this review to answer that question.

There's a lot to unpack here.

I'll show you who exactly Teri is, any red flags, an overview of what you get and more.

Most importantly I'll tell you if Trade And Travel is worth it.

Let's start!

Trade And Travel Summary

Owner: Teri Ijeoma

Price: $2500 to $5000

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: There's nothing really to like about Trade And Travel.

It's very expensive, the training is lackluster and it teaches day trading (low success rate).

It's extremely clear to me that Teri makes almost all her money from course sales and not trading.


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3 Things To Know About Teri Ijeoma

Teri Ijeoma is the creator of Trade And Travel.

Here's everything you need to know about her.

1) She's Built An Impressive Brand

Before we get into the negatives about Teri I do want to applaud her brand building abilities.

She's built a legitimate business here and has made a lot of money doing so (which I'll cover shortly).

Teri started as an assistant principle for an elementary school and was able to build the Trade And Travel brand up.

She sells courses and now does nation wide tours to promote her products.

Below is just a glimpse into her life:

She's also killing it on social media.

She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Youtube.

So in that regard she's doing very well.

However, you NEED to ask yourself this question..

Is he making more trading or selling courses? I think the next section will clear this up.

2) Terry Makes Millions Selling Courses


This is good for Teri but should be a MAJOR red flag for you.

If you were making $30 million selling courses would you even bother trading?

Of course not.

You'd put all your effort into the thing making you millions and that's what Teri does.

She travels the country on a Trade and Travel tour..

She builds her brand through social media and makes videos for her Youtube.

If you go to her Instagram or Youtube you'll see she's always on the go.

How is she possibly day trading full time (which is the hardest way to trade and takes the most time) and running this business.

The answer is she's not.

I'm sure she has some investments and has money in the stock market but I promise you her energy is not there.

It's in promoting Trade And Travel.

There's even a disclaimer on her website admitting the results she talks about aren't even real!

3) There's Some Puff Pieces Out There About Teri

I'm willing to bet you found this article through a search engine.. most likely through Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

You may not exactly understand how Google works but here's a summary:

Google tries to match results up to what you're searching. Google favors websites with high authority like news sites. Those articles always go straight to the top of Google.

Smart marketers recognize this and will pay well established sites to do PR for them.

When you type "Teri Ijeoma scam" into Google the following pops up:

This gives legitimacy to Teri.

People will look at this and think "well Forbes trusts Teri so should I."

I have no clue if Teri paid for this interview or paid a firm to get Forbes to run this article but many people do that.

Just realize articles like the one from Forbes are nothing but puff pieces and aren't real investigations.

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What Is Trade And Travel?

Before we get into what Trade And Travel offers let's take a look at what exactly is Trade And Travel.

Here's what you should know:

Trade And Travel Teaches Day Trading

There's a lot of ways to trade and day trading is one of my least favorite ways to do it.

There's a lot of reasons why.

First off, it's the most time intensive trading strategy. You'll need to devote hours a day when the market opens and when the market closes.

This isn't realistic if you have a job or are a busy person.

Secondly, day trading is very technical.

Day trading requires reading complicated charts that look like the following:

Is this really how you want to spend hours a day?.. just looking at these charts?

There's ways to invest that don't require technical analysis or anything like that. 

Thirdly, you need a lot of money to day trade. Day trading requires you to buy many stocks a week and sell them in short windows (many times in the same day).

However, this is a highly regulated industry.

You need $25,000 in your account to make more than 3 trades a week.

Realistically you'll need $30,000 to ensure you don't go under $25,000.

Is $1000 A Day Realistic?

Not really.

Day trading is the least successful trading method out there and only about 4% of people make ANY money

Keep in mind that this is just making anything. 

This isn't people that make a full time living from day trading.

That number is probably less than 1% to be completely honest.

The amount of people making $1000 a day is a fraction of that.

Teri likes to brag about having 2000 students that made more than $1000 in a day (just one time, not consistently) but remember..

It says right on her website that any results she talks about aren't real. 

So if she says someone is making this much or she's making this much, it's only for "illustrative purposes."

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Trade And Travel Overview

There's two different programs at Trade And Travel.

There's the course and there's the VIP Investor Program.

Here's a breakdown of each:

Trade And Travel ($2500)

Trade And Travel is a self paced course that's spread out over 4 weeks.

You get the following:

  • Trade And Travel Program: This is supposed to be a 4 week course but can easily be done faster. It's only 4 weeks if you do 1 video a day.
  • Teri's Stock Watchlist: You'll get a list of stocks that Teri is keeping her eye on.
  • Risk/Reward Calculator: You get a tool that helps you determine if a trade is worth it or not. 
  • Private Facebook Group: You'll get access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members. You can also ask questions there.

VIP Investor Program ($5000)

The VIP Investor Program comes with everything you get with Trade And Travel and the following:

  • Various Advanced Trading Strategies: You get additional strategies for trading. This includes short selling, options selling, gap trading and globex trading. 
  • Private Facebook Group: You get another Facebook group with just other VIP Investor Program members.
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls: You get weekly coaching calls from the coaches at Trade and Travel.

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What I Think About Trade And Travel

There's a lot to digest when it comes to Trade And Travel.

Here's a summary of what I think about it:

Way Too Overpriced

This program is really, really expensive.

Teri didn't sell $30 million in courses by giving anything away for cheap.

And to be honest you don't get that much in the Trade And Travel program.

You get a 4 week course but honestly you should get through it in one week.

Then you have a private Facebook group but there's plenty of day trading communities you can join.

There's a watchlist but again.. there's plenty of those on the internet.

There's not a day trading room where you can watch Teri Trade or even a Discord chat where you can talk trades.

Many other day trading programs come with all this and is still less expensive.

Beware Positive Reviews

I wanted to get an idea of what other people thought of this program and searched out everyone else's reviews.

Basically all were overwhelmingly positive.

BUT there's a reason for this.. they're promoting the course and earning money for recommending people to the course.

This is the case for all three reviews I checked out.

When you read the reviews you'll notice they link to Trade And Travel.

If you click the link and look at the URLs you'll see this:

"Affcode" stands for affiliate code.

This is a tracking link that tracks people that come from the reviews.

If you go to one of the reviews, click the link and make a purchase, the reviewer gets a commission.

The commission is likely $1000+.

This is why these reviews are so overwhelmingly positive. 

How Successful Can The Coaches Be?

The main selling point for the VIP Investor Program is that you get weekly coaching calls.

Keep in mind these aren't coaching calls with Teri.. these are calls with "coaches."

Notice how Teri doesn't tell you who these coaches are beforehand.

My guess is that she doesn't want you looking up who they are and their backgrounds.

If you can really make $1000 a day trading why the hell would you also be a coach?

If you were making $300,000 per year trading (which would take HOURS a day) would you also spend hours a day coaching beginners?

How much can a coach really be making at Trade And Travel?

It would have to be serious money to make it worth it.

Newsflash: These coaches aren't successful traders and won't be able to help you in any meaningful way.

This makes the main selling point for the $5000 program worthless. 

No Refunds (HUGE Reed Flag)

I guess you don't make $30 million in course sales by giving refunds either.

This is so disappointing and is just the cherry on the top for Trade And Travel. 

This is from the website:

Every legitimate program on earth has some sort of refund policy.

It's a red flag Trade And Travel doesn't. There's nothing particularly sensitive about the training or anything like that.

If Teri was confident in the training she'd let people get their money back.

There's Cheaper Alternatives

I don't think you should get involved with day trading. It's too risky and takes too much time.

BUT if you absolutely are dead set on day trading there's much more affordable options out there.

You can find a high quality day trading book on Amazon for under $15: 

There's plenty of Youtube videos that will explain everything as well.

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Trade And Travel Pros And Cons

  • Teri is a good marketer: This really doesn't benefit you at all but Teri is good at selling her course and building a brand.
  • Way too expensive: Never spend thousands of dollars on a day trading course. There's so many options out there that won't cost that much.
  • No refunds: Every legit program should offer a refund policy. 
  • Makes more selling courses: There's ZERO chance Teri makes more trading than selling courses. Zero. 
  • You just don't get a lot: The program doesn't have that much training and there aren't any great bonuses.
  • Positive reviews are from promoters: All other reviews I found were from people getting paid to promote the course. 

Trade And Travel Conclusion

Someone in a forum asked if Trade And Travel was worth it:

This person was mesmerized by Teri having a nice house.

However, the following response to this post was perfect:

And that sums up Trade And Travel perfectly.

The expensive house Teri has, the traveling, the jewelry, the millions of dollars.. all comes from one place.. YOU.

She didn't get this rich trading. She got here selling these expensive programs to naïve people.

You're not making millions day trading unless you already have millions to trade.

And the odds aren't in your favor.

Only 4% to 5% of day traders make anything, let alone millions.

Do yourself a favor and spend your money on a more affordable program and then invest the difference.

Don't give thousands to Teri so she can pamper herself and pretend she got rich from trading. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Trade And Travel.. it's just way too expensive and there's nothing special about the training.

The good news is there's plenty of places that will give you high return stock ideas.

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