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December 16  

Madaz Money is a day trading guru that gets a lot of hype.

He offers various courses and chatrooms with the promise of helping you become a 7 figure trader.

Before spending any money on him I bet you want to know if he's legit or a scam artist..

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Additionally, you'll see more information that should help you decide if the programs are for you.

You'll know if the price is fair, how well made the educational content is and if the chatroom will help you succeed.

So, let's get into the Madaz Money review!

Madaz Money Summary

Owner: Max Madaz

Price: $149 per month or $1489 per year

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? It depends

Summary: Madaz Money comes with some pros and some cons.

On the plus side the chatroom has good traders in it and isn't overly expensive.

On the downside there's some major red flags in the history of Madaz and there's no refunds.

I'd probably avoid.

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Who Is Madaz Money (Max Madaz)?

Max Madaz is known as Madaz Money online.

There's definitely some good things and bad things about Max. Below is some important things to know:

Madaz Entered The Workforce During The Recession

Madaz got his degree in structural engineering from UC Irvine and was fully prepared to live a regular 9 to 5.

However, he tried entering the workforce at a bad time.. just off the recession.

If you're too young to remember this time jobs were scarce then.

People were losing their houses and people making 6 figures were reduced to nothing.

Madaz couldn't find a well paying job that suited his degree and working minimum wage in a electronics shop. 

Eventually he found a job for his degree but it was for a lot less than what he was expecting.

Madaz Quit His Job In 2014

Madaz started training with $6000 in his account while working a full time job.

He had some ups and downs during this time.

He liked trading risky IPOS and grew his account to over $43,000 before losing basically all of it.

Madaz claims it was during this time he learned discipline in trading and not to trade with his emotions.

A couple years later he made $150,000 in a single month trading marijuana stocks and quit his job. 

Madaz Made A Killing Off Gamestop

Gamestop stock going crazy earlier this year (I can't believe that happened in 2021.. it feels like it happened years ago) was one of the funniest moments in history.

A band of reddit user outsmarting hedge funds and making Gamestop stock increase over 900% will go down as an epic moment in American history.

But Gamestop was more than just memes and fighting hedge funds.. people actually made some serious money. 

One of these people was Madaz. 

He made nearly $2 million off this one stock alone. 

Madaz Thinks His Followers Are SHEEP

So far we've covered the good things about Madaz.. the triumphs and the Gamestop stonks. 

But there are things that are very concerning about Madaz.

In one conversation he is giving advice to another person trying to build their online brand.

He straight up tells this person to mislead people about how much he's worth and to just "let the sheep think you're a millionaire bro."


That is a baaaad thing to say if you're teaching other people to trade.

It's pretty clear he's talking from experience here. 

He goes on to tell this person that they don't need to focus on quality and instead "just write some tabloid quality bullshit."

He then says "get something out there to create this illusion that we have lots of content. That will do the trick. I'm taking the same approach with videos."


This is NOT what you want to hear from someone in the trading education space.

It would seem Madaz is perfectly comfortable creating illusions to sell memberships..

Madaz Really Sells The Lifestyle

After seeing those messages it's clear how Madaz thinks.. he believes you should show of your riches (or fake riches) to get people to sign up for your program.

He actually markets his programs that way.

If you head over to his Youtube channel you'll see video after video after video of him bragging about how much he makes:

This is known as selling the lifestyle.

Instead of informing his audience Madaz dazzles them with his cars and statements about his success.

A lot of people do fake their wealth, though.

For instance, yesterday I did a review about My Investing Club and there's a hilarious video of the owner pretending his dad's car is his.. but he gets busted when you can hear in the background him asking his mom for "dad's key."

I do believe Madaz has had success trading but I don't like this style of marketing. It's very misleading because most people won't even come close to the numbers Madaz claims he's making. 

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What Is Madaz Money?

Madaz Money is the brand for Max and the website where he sells his products.

There's a few different aspects you should know about Madaz Money.. here's what I think is most important:

This Is For Day Traders

Of all the ways to trade, day trading is the most risky and produces the most losers.

The reason is pretty simple: It's hard to guess where a stock's price is going to be in a few hours or the next day.

Most retail investors just can't figure it out. 

Another thing to consider with day trading is you'll need $25,000 in your account if you want to trade more than 3 times a week.

This is a necessity if you want to participate in Madaz Money.

$30,000 is a even better because it will likely prevent you from going under $25,000 on a bad trade.

Madaz Money Youtube Channel And Blog Stopped

Madaz Money used to have a very active blog and Youtube channel.

If you're trying to sell memberships Youtube is one of the best free ways to get customers.

Madaz was making a killing on Youtube too.

He had over 35K subscribers and was getting tens of thousands of views on each video.

But for some reason he stopped in April.

Wait let me go check something..

**Checks when it was proven Madaz only creates "tabloid quality bullshit."**

**Sees it was in April 2021**


I guess Madaz stopped making blogs and videos when it was proven that they weren't good quality.

Madaz Money Is Active On Twitter

Madaz does have an active presence on twitter and Instagram, though. 

The Twitter account is sort of like a diary for Madaz. He basically gives a recap of what he's feeling and the trades he makes. 

You really can get a good insight into the life of a day trader with these Tweets.

Some days are just so good and you're making money.. other days things are slow and nothing is going right.

One thing I like is that Madaz seems pretty open about the trades he makes.

He has Tweets that show his loses and his wins.

For example, here's a Tweet of him showing he lost $139.5K in a single day:

His Instagram is a little less humble..

That's where you'll see the cars, the money, the bod and the vacations.

Madaz Money Premium Products

There's a couple different services that Madaz Money offers.

The first is a chatroom that comes with some extras.

The second is a new beginner training program that's separate from the chat room.

Here's a break down of each offer:

Madaz Money Community ($149 per month)

The Madaz Money community is the flagship offer.

You get the following in the Madaz Money community:

  • Chatroom - The chatroom is basically what you're paying for. This is a chatroom that's held on Discord and you get to interact with other members. There's profitable traders and a good amount of moderators to make sure things don't get out of hand. 
  • Daily Q&A's - When ever you have a question you should be able to get an answer quickly. Either the Mods or Madaz will help you.
  • Daily Watchlists - Every day you'll get a list of stocks that are worth paying attention to. This is found in the Discord chatroom.
  • Videos - You also get access to members only videos. However, this isn't a course or a organized program. These are videos that are being created as the days go by and there's no real theme.

New Training Program

In late January 2021 Madaz Money launched a new course for people that are beginners.

Madaz admits if you're already making money trading this isn't for you.

Here's a video of the launch and announcement:

This isn't really one program, though.

Instead it's two courses that come from different traders. Each trader focuses on a different aspect of trading.

Here's some info on each trader

Kris Verma/Market Omega

The first course is run by Kris Verma and MarketOmega.

Verma a former pharmacist that claims he turned $3,000 into over a million.

That's 30,000% returns (only for one year, though).

MarketOmega claims to have 8 years experience trading stocks. He also runs his own website with chatroom access.

He specializes in trading small and micro cap stocks to the long side.


The second course comes from a guy named Shia. 

Shia claims he made over $2 million in 2020 and he focuses on the following:

  • The shipping sector
  • Crypto
  • Covid-related stocks
  • EV

And more.


When the courses launched last year there were a bunch of promo codes that gave you a discount.

However, those codes have expired.

The prices for the courses is below:

So the first course is $2990 for 3 months and you get 2 classses per week.

Shia's course is $2490 for 3 months and you only meet once a week.

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My Thoughts On The Products

There's definitely some value in the offers at Madaz money.

Here's what I think about them.

That Chat Has Gone Up In Price

Most reviews for this course are a year or two old and don't have the current price. 

The price a year ago was $99 per month and now it's up to $149 month. The yearly subscription is up from $990 to $1489.

I have no clue what made the price go up so much.

The chat is run on Discord and Discord only costs $99 per year if you get the premium package:

Compared to other chatrooms, though, $149 isn't that bad but still..

That extra $50 per month is going to add up. 

The Chat Is Not For Beginners

This is something Madaz has said and it's the feeling I got when looking at the chat.

Unless you already have the basics down of day trading and trading in general this chat is going to be useless to you.

Trading has it's own language and culture. 

There's technical terms, inside jokes and culture.

It will be WAY to intimidating to tackle if you aren't knowledgeable already. 

You'll Get Help When You Need It 

This is something that I appreciate about the chatroom.

There's a lot of people that will help you and a lot of people you can bounce ideas off of.

There's experienced traders in there and you can ask questions directly to the mods.

Madaz himself will offer a hand as well. 

The New Training Program Is Too Much

To make up for the non-newbie chatroom Madaz launched a training program for beginners.

However, the price is really high.

I don't think a beginner should be taking courses that are close to $3,000 and only meet once or twice a week.

An average college class is only $1600 for 3 months and you usually get 3 classes per week.

The courses at Madaz Money offer less courses in that time period and cost way more. 

If the training was lifetime access and is constantly updated MAYBE it would be worth it but even then..

That's a lot for beginner training. 

The Kris Verma/Market Omega Course May Be Done

If you head over to the Madaz Money website you'll see there's no option to buy the Kris Verma/ Market Omega course anymore.

The only option is Shia's course which is called Day Trading 101.

The price and 3 month access is still the same. 

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Madaz Money Customer Complaints & Reviews

Despite running Madaz Money for a while I couldn't really find too many customer reviews.

I did find some, though.

Here's an overview of what paying customers think:

People Think Madaz Has An Ego

This is something I found people saying that both liked Madaz and disliked him.

Both sides agree he can have an ego and likes to brag too much.

A reddit user expressed this opinion:

Here's another person saying the same thing:

I can see why people think this.

He is on Twitter a lot and no one acts like a reasonably person on Twitter (I know I don't).

He likes to flaunt is wealth a lot too and show off all the things he buys. I wouldn't describe him as a humble person.

His Trading Style Scares People

A lot of people think Madaz trades so recklessly that he must be only doing fake trades.

While he likes to boast about his big winners, he loses big as well.

This includes losing MILLIONS a month and making trades other people don't want to do.

Here's what a Reddit user had to say about this:

Here's another user claiming his trades are so reckless that he doesn't believe they're real:

Not Enough Education

Madaz does claim to offer video training but it's not really what this program is about.

The main part of the program is the chat room.

A lot of people seemed to think there was more education involved:

There is the new training program but I doubt many people will want to pay the cost for it on top of chat fees.

This is why I say the chatroom is not for beginners.

You will not learn the basics there. You can bounce trade ideas off people and talk stocks but you won't really be learning. 

Madaz Money Price And Refund Policy

Here's what I think about the price as well as some additional information about the refund policy.

The Chatroom Isn't Too Expensive

It sucks that the price went up $50 per month.

At $99 per month this chatroom was a good value.

Even with the increase, though, the price isn't too bad.

I've reviewed a bunch of other chatrooms of similar quality or worst quality and they were twice as much.

The Training Is Too Expensive

Now the new training program is a completely different story.

I wouldn't advice anyone spend thousands of dollars on training for trading.

There's so many options out there for you to learn from. There's good Youtube channels that give away free information and there's plenty of books on Amazon that you can read.

What makes the price even crazier is it's only 3 months access!

Strict No Refund Policy

This makes the training even less worth it.

In the terms of service Madaz Money claims they don't give refunds under any circumstance:

The rational behind this is bull crap.

Plenty of online courses and training programs give a refund.

In fact, most of the legitimate ones do. This is a red flag for sure.

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Madaz Money Pros And Cons

  • Chatroom isn't that expensive: The old chatroom price was really good. $149 is 50% more but it's still not that terrible. There's much more expensive chatrooms out there. 
  • Madaz logs his trades: I'm not sure if Madaz is hiding any trading accounts or anything like that but he does log his trades (although some people accuse him of only simulating trades).
  • Speaks badly about audience privately: The messages he sends in private are JARRING. To call people who follow you sheep reflects so poorly on him.
  • Education is way too much: The training is way too expensive and costs almost double what a college course costs. 
  • No refunds: Anyone who's dissatisfied with a service should be able to get their money back in a reasonable amount of time. 
  • Day trading: I'm not a fan of day trading and wouldn't recommend anyone get started with day trading. 

Final Thoughts About Madaz Money

The consensus about Madaz seems to be pretty split.

Some think he's a legit trader who makes millions from his trades.. others think he's a complete scam artist who only does simulation trades.

I can see both sides of the arguments to be honest.

Madaz isn't a dummy.. he has a structural engineering degree. It's not like he started trading last year either.

He's been trading for close to a decade.

He also constantly talks about his trades and he even Tweeted in 2014 (before anyone knew who he was) that he was putting in his 2 week notice to "retire" (trade).

Unless he's some mastermind who knew he'd be running a trading community 4 years later that seems to point to trading success in those years

However, the money he's earning from running Madaz Money may have corrupted him a little - making millions can do that.

It seems obvious he isn't too concerned with how well his members do. 

Calling people that follow you sheep says a lot about how you view your members - it says even more about how you view yourself, though.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on Madaz Money. This is especially true if you're new to trading.

There's better ways to trade than day trading and better programs than Madaz Money.

I've personally reviewed all the best places that give you trade ideas.

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