Nova-X Report Review – Michael Robinson Scam?

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March 11  

Nova-X Report is an investing newsletter that promises to help you make profits with tech stocks.

It's run by Michael Robinson.

Before spending money on it I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

I spent a lot of time going through this service and reviewing all aspects of it.

Below you'll see everything you need to know about Nova-X Report including background information, price to join, information on the author and more. 

You'll know if this newsletter is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Nova-X Report Summary

Owner: Michael Robinson

Price: $79 to $299

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend? Not really

Summary: Nova-X Report is a decent investing newsletter.

Some customers think it's worth it but I'm not too sure.

While I think the price is fair I reviewed a bunch of the stocks picked in the past.. many were HORRIBLE.

There's a chance you lose a lot of money following the advice of Nova-X Report.

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Things To Know About Nova-X Report

Before we get into what Nova-X Report is actually offering, let's look at some background information.

Here's what I think is most important to know about Nova-X Report.

1) Money Map Press Is The Publisher

Money Map Press is the the publisher of Nova-X Report and they have a lot of other newsletters and services.

I've come across many of their products in the past and I've never really been impressed with any of them

For example, Alternative Wealth Network got a 1.5/5 from me and the whole investing strategy was gambling on volatile crypto shitcoins.

I also reviewed a program called Project 303 once too.

Project 303 is a legitimate scam that I caught faking testimonials.

This is from their website:

If you do a reverse image search of each person you'll see these are just stock photos, and not real people:

No legitimate service would do this, especially one that claims they have a lot of happy customers.

You'd actually be able to find real testimonials if that were true.

The fact Money Map Press sold a product that does this is a major red flag.

They clearly will lie to sell you on something.

2) Michael Robison Runs Nova-X Report

Michael Robinson is the Director Of Technology Investing at Money Map Press.

He's been with Money Map Press since 2013.

Michael Robinson does seem to be legitimate and is definitely more legitimate than the previous characters I've encountered from Money Map Press.

Here's some highlights from Michael's career:

  • Ran an investing newsletter called Radical Technology Profits 
  • Technology writer for Faircount Media Group
  • Business correspondent for Signal Magazine
  • Founder of Michael Robinsons and Associates
  • Business reporter for Oakland Tribune

His resume stretches all the way back to 1979 when he covered news for the Kansas City Times.

All of his years weren't in investing but it does seem he's been covering businesses and technology for a long, long time.

3) Michael's Stock Picks Have Been Bad

Every once in a while Michael will run a teaser campaign for Nova-X Report.

These teasers will hype up a stock pick and create a sales presentation around a stock pick without revealing what it is.

You get the stock once you buy Nova-X Report.

It acts as a sweetener.

These teasers are supposed to be really good stock picks and you can learn a lot about how Nova-X Report has performed in the past by looking at them.

Here's how some of them have done:

Matterport, Vuzix and SAND In December 2021

This teaser was launched recently and are investments that have to do with the Metaverse.

Michael Robinson's headline claimed "three small players" that were "trading less than $30 hands you a chance to make a fortune in coming years."

The two stocks were Matterport and Vuzix. The third is a crypto called SAND token.

These are more long term investment and probably shouldn't be judged yet but here's how they're performing 3 months later:


Again, this is supposed to be a long term investment but still....

Losing almost 70% of value in 3 months is never a good sign!

Anyone who invested when Michael said to is down big right now.

Next up we have Vuzix:

Another one not doing so well!

That's down about 40% so far.

Lastly, we have SAND token:

This one is down 40% as well..

Maybe these will pay off in a few years but anyone that invested in December must not be feeling good right now. 

Cerus In August 2019

In August 2019 Nova-X Report ran a campaign called Cryogenic Blood.

They claimed this company already has patents approved by the FDA.

The company is Cerus and here's how it's performed since this teaser was released:

The stock has had some up and downs but at the moment it's pretty much break even.

If you sold it at its peak you would have made like 30% which isn't too bad.

Teleflex In August 2019

This is another campaign that ran in August 2019 from Nova-X Report.

This one focused on a "moneymaking miracle powered blood plasma" that Michael Robinson claimed could make you "10,000% windfall on this lifesaving breakthrough."

The company was Teleflex.

10,000% returns is quite the bold prediction.

Is it on the path to reaching that?

It's actually down around $35 since this teaser went live.

Another hyped up stock that hasn't performed well!

Nokia In March 2019

Going back even further Michael Robinson ran a campaign about investing in "mysterious m-boxes."

He claimed these were about to spark a "$12 trillion 5G cash rush."

The stock he was talking about was Nokia.

Here's how it's performed since then:

Another stinker.

It lost most of its value in 2020 but has recovered a bit since then.

Aerojet Rocketdyne In August 2018

The last stock pick we're going to cover came in August 2018 and it was titled "hyper-x weapons and the next cold war."

Apparently a company called Aerojet Rocketdyne is a major player in a hypersonic engine program.

Here's how the stock has performed:

This stock did well for a while.

So if you bought it and sold it at its peak you'd be up a pretty fair amount.

If you held onto it from then to now you'd be at about break even.

Something important to keep in mind is I picked these stocks to look at randomly.

These are just the special report picks that are supposed to be well researched and very profitable.

As you can see not many have worked out in the last few years.

So don't fall for the marketing on these stock picks. Do your own research to make sure they're right for you.

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Infinity Chamber Stock

This is the current teaser running for Nova-X Report that started running in January 2020.

By the time you read this it might be different but this is the ad that's circulating right now.

In this pitch Michael Robinson is claiming an "infinity chamber stock" that will bring in the "quantum age"

Robison is claiming there's a chance for 100X returns and this tiny start up will launch the quantum age revolution.

He even claims Microsoft, Amazon and IBM will be swarming all over this company:

The good news is smart internet sleuths were able to figure out the stock so you don't have to buy Nova-X Report to get it.

The company being teased here is IonQ.

This is how the stock looks at the moment:

The reason the stock popped in October 2021 is because of a SPAC merger IonQ was involved in.

The problem with this stock is it's not going to pay off anytime soon and might never pay off.

It's expected to have meaningful revenue in 2026 but the technology industry is rapidly moving.

Who knows what kind of technology we'll have in four years.

Other companies are going to come along in this time as well.

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What Do You Get With Nova-X Report

There's many different features for Nova-X Report.

Here's a breakdown of each one:

Nova-X Report

This is the cornerstone of the entire offer.

This is a monthly newsletter where you can expect to get new stocks picks.

Besides this you'll get pages of research on the market and why Michael Robinson is picking the stocks he is.

Additionally, you'll get updates on the portfolio.

Model Portfolio

One of the best parts about Nova-X Report is you get access to a full model portfolio.

This means you have a bunch of stocks that you can invest in right away.

With this portfolio comes important information about each stock like performance numbers, price targets and more.

You also get access to all the previous reports.


Big market events happen all the time and sometimes you'll need to take action before the monthly issue of Nova-X Report gets sent out. 

This is what the alerts are for.

If you need to buy or sell a stock you'll get an alert to do so.

This may come through email, text or video recommendations.


Another popular feature at Nova-X Report is the forum.

All members have access to the forum and you can ask questions and get answers here.

Additionally, you can network with other members and come up with stock picks together.

Special Reports

The Special Reports are long form presentations about a certain stock.

These are the teasers we covered in the last section - they weren't the best stock picks and I wouldn't consider really any of them to be that good.

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Nova-X Report FAQ's

Here's some answers to additional questions you might have:

1) Is The Price For Nova-X Report Fair?

There's a bunch of different prices for this newsletter and how much it costs depends on where you're buying it from and what you get.

If you're buying it through the promo you can get it for as low as $79 per year (Standard Package).

This comes with everything I talked about in the last section.

There's an option to pay $99 for two years - this is the Gold Package.

This comes with two extra reports.

Lastly, there's the VIP Platinum Package and it's $129 for two years.

You get discounted tickets to meet Michael in person.

However, if you go right to the Money Map Press website and not through a promo, the cost is $299 per year.

I'd clearly avoid that last price.

2) What Is The Refund Policy?

The refund policy is one of my favorite parts of this newsletter.

You get 60 days to try out the product.. if you're not impressed you get your money back, no questions asked.

Additionally, if there's not 25 double digit stock return picks you get a free year with the newsletter.

I'm guessing if you're not satisfied, though, you'll just want to not get picks from Nova-X Report anymore.

3) How Much Do I Need To Invest?

There's really two ways to look at this.

First, you'll probably want $1000 minimum per new stock pick that you invest in.

Let's say you want to invest in every new pick in the newsletter - this would require $12,000 per year.

Additionally, there's stocks in the portfolio you'll want to invest in.

Let's say you find 10 stocks that you like in the portfolio - this would require an extra $10,000.

So I would say $20,000 is what you'll need to get started.

Otherwise you may not be able to invest the way you want to.

4) What Are Common Customer Complaints?

There's a few things customers seem to really dislike about Nova-X Report.

The #1 thing people hate is that it's published by Money Map Press.

Money Map Press doesn't have a good reputation and they're very spammy. Anytime you buy one of their products you're going to have your email flooded with offers all the time.

It's annoying and might even ruin your inbox.

Here's someone mentioning this:

This isn't the only person complaining about Money Map either.

Here's another person with a similar sentiment:

Another thing people complain about is the customer service.

There's several customers complaining that they can't get ahold of anyone to fix issues.

Here's someone explaining how the newsletters stopped coming in and he couldn't contact anyone to figure out why:

This wasn't the only complaint about customer service either.

Here's another person saying they couldn't get in touch with anyone:

This is definitely something to consider before buying.

Nova-X Report Pros And Cons

  • Good price: If you buy this newsletter through one of the promos the price isn't bad at all.
  • Good refund policy: 60 days should be enough time decide if the service is right for you.
  • Bad teaser picks: I picked a bunch of hyped up stock picks to review from Nova-X Report.. basically all of them were failures.
  • Money Map Press product: Money Map Press is a sleazy publisher and they're going to bombard your inbox everyday with spammy offers.
  • Bad customer service: Many customers complain about never being able to reach support.
  • Sleazy marketing: Every stock pick is marketed as a game changer and most lose money.

Nova-X Report Conclusion

There's some people out there that vouch for Nova-X Report.

Plenty of people criticize Money Map Press at the same time say this newsletters is one of their only legit ones.

I don't think Nova-X Report is terrible.

It definitely has value and the price isn't too bad.

I just don't like how the recent stock picks have performed.

The special report picks are supposed to be your best. In some cases Michael claimed you could make 10,000% returns!

That would be a life changing amount of money.

But from what I've seen barely any have been profitable.

Most have lost really big.

If you do buy this newsletter you may want to do additional research on your own.

Look into the companies and see what other people have to say.

It might save you thousands of dollars to do so!

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on Nova-X Report.

There's a lot of good investing newsletters out there and you should try them first.

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