Alternative Wealth Network Review – Tom Gentile Scam?

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January 20  

Alternative Wealth Network is the latest investing newsletter from Tom Gentile.

This one focuses on cryptos.

There's a lot to unpack here and you should read this entire review to see if Alternative Wealth Network is a scam or not. 

Below you'll find all the most important information about this program including cost, what you get, background information on Tom Gentile and more.

You'll know if it's right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it.

Alternative Wealth Network Summary

Owner: Tom Gentile

Price: $495

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: I'd stay away from Alternate Wealth Network.

Tom Gentile overhypes the offer and I have serious questions about his legitimacy.

Additionally, the team he put together isn't impressive and the publisher of the newsletter is sketchy.

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Things To Know About Tom Gentile 

Tom Gentile is the creator of Alternative Wealth Network.

Here's what you should know about him:

1) He Puts Out A Lot Of Newsletter

This should be a very big red flag.

Some people think that anyone that puts out a trading course or has an investing newsletter is a scammer but that's not the case.

There are actual good investing newsletters and training programs out there.

However, it should set off alarm bells when someone is constantly putting out new trading products.

That's exactly what Tom does.

Every month it seems like he's running a new promo with a new secret to get you rich.

Alternative Wealth Network is just his latest (and won't be his last). 

2) I Have Negative Feelings About Money Map Press

Money Map Press is where you'll find Alternative Wealth Network.

I personally don't trust Money Map Press. 

For example, I reviewed one of their products called Project 303 a while ago on another one of my websites. 

When researching this product I noticed they were using fake testimonials and using stock photos, pretending they were real customers.

From the sales page:

Websites where you find stock photos:

Any company that would do this is not legit in my book.

And if your products were so good and making people money you wouldn't have to do this.

You would have plenty of customers willing to give positive reviews.

Additionally, Money Map Press has done some serious brand rehab in the last few years.

In the past their grade from Better Business Bureau was a 2.13/5:

Now their grade is a 4.72/5:

So either Money Map Press really improved their business practices or just flood BBB with positive reviews now.. I'm assuming it's the later.

3) Tom Ran Optionetics

Before Tom started harnessing the power of the internet to sell financial newsletters, he sold training the old fashioned way - with in person seminars.

Tom started Optionetics in 1993 and this company would hold a free seminar around trading options.

At the seminar you would be pressured into spending thousands for the 2 day premium seminar.

This company was later sold for $20 million in 2009.

However, I couldn't really find many positive reviews of Optionetics.

Most people considered it nothing special with some people accusing it of being an outright scam:

4) There's No Real Proof Of Tom's Success

Tim is constantly referring to himself as #1 this or #1 that but to be completely honest.. I don't really see any proof he's #1 anything.

Most people learn trading by working for an investment bank or working on a trading floor. 

But Tom claims he started investing in his parent's home back in the 80's (and just 5 years later was already running a company to teach option trading).

There's a lot of proof Tom has made million selling various services but he doesn't track his trades or anything like that.

In fact, most of his programs have horrible reviews.

So ask yourself this question:

Does Tom make more selling products or trading?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. 

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What Is Alternative Wealth Network?

Before we get into what the Alternative Wealth Network is offer, let's take a look at what exactly is Alternative Wealth Network.

To do this we're going to look at the sales page and breakdown what Tom is saying (and refuting anything I believe to be misleading.)

What Is A Microcurrency?

The initial part of the sales page goes over what Alternative Wealth Network is.

Essentially the video is trying to convince you that crypto still has a lot of room to grow and is the future of money. 

He mentions that the crypto market is bigger than silver and he expects it to become more valuable than gold in the next five years.

He also spends a lot of time talking about "microcurrencies."

A microcurrency is what others call an altcoin (sometimes called shitcoins by skeptics).

Altcoins are smaller cryptos that have a lot of room to grow.

People like investing in these coins because they get the highest returns. 

The more well known cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum get smaller returns because their prices are so high. 

Tom then goes on to list out some "microcurrencies" that experienced large returns in October 2021:

However, what Tom isn't mentioning here is just how volatile these coins are.

They may go up a lot but they always come down just as fast.

For example, here's a look at Empire Token's price fluctuations over a few months:

That massive peak and steep decline happened in just a few days... after months of nothing happening.

And it's been dropping off its peak steadily ever since.

So sure.. it went up 5,000% in a couple hours but to have made any money you would have had to own this obscure coin (and sold it at the exact right time).

Tom doesn't claim he told people to buy this coin before it exploded.

And the truth is there's thousands of these coins out there.

It's going to be extremely difficult to guess which ones are going to take off. Much of the growth is superficial.

Many of these coins have no real value and are just pump and dumped.

Pump and dumps make a small amount of people a lot of money at the expense of the majority.

This isn't a sound investing strategy and will likely result in you losing money.

So yeah.. anyone can look back at some random altcoin's returns and say "look how easy it is to make money with altcoins."

But predicting the right coin and knowing when to buy and sell is not easy.

Meet The Alternative Wealth Network Team

Tom isn't the only person running Alternative Wealth Network.

According to him he's "assembled what could be greatest digital assets team in existence."

Don't you get tired of hearing exaggerated statements like this from these investing gurus?

It's much like Tom referring to himself as America's top trader..

It's just all nonsense.


Here's the team he put together to run Alternative Wealth Network:

For being the best digital assest team of all time it's really hard to find information on any of these people.

Nick Black was professional MMA fighter and now runs a morning show called Money Morning Live (Money Map Press owns this as well).

According to his Linkedin he also worked with RagingBull.

RagingBull is one of the scummiest investment companies on earth and is currently being sued by the FTC for defrauding immigrants, old people and retirees out of $137 million.

David Zeiler spent 25+ years as an editor for publications that have nothing to do with investing or trading.

This includes being a design editor for The Baltimore Sun and Design Director for Stride Magazine (an online magazine for fans of thoroughbred horse racing).

In 2011 he became associate editor for Money Map Press.

Going through his history it doesn't seem he started to do anything with crypto until October 2021.. when he started writing for Tom.

Helena Margarido is a is Brazilian who founded Bitinvest.. which some people believed to be a scam.

I don't know about you but this team doesn't inspire me with a lot of confidence. 

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What Does Alternative Wealth Network Offer?

There's a few different aspects to Alternative Wealth Network.

Here's a breakdown of everything that you get:

5 Step Blueprint For Crypto Success

A lot of the people being targeted for this product might be on the older side.

Because of this they may not really know much about crypto and how to buy it.

This program will teach you how to buy and sell cryptos.

Microcurrency Investment Dossier

Next up you have the Microcurrency Investment Dossier.

This is a monthly newsletter that gets delivered to your inbox.

You'll get one microcurrency recommendation in this dossier.

Alternative Wealth Network Daily Debrief

This is the daily newsletter that gets sent out in the morning.. it's run by the guy who used to be an editor for the horse magazine.

In it you'll get investment ideas and news about the crypto world.

Alternative Wealth Network HQ

Alternative Wealth Network HQ is where yo can log in online and get access to a bunch of different stuff.

Some things you get access to includes:

  • Market research
  • Investment ideas
  • Training videos
  • Model portfolio

Microcurrency Industry Watchlist

This is watchlist of the top performing microcurrencies.

You'll get buy instructions if the coins meet Tom's guidelines.


Additionally, you get access to the following:

  • Two altcoins with potential to grow a lot
  • 5 coins to hold for 5 years
  • How to collect dividends off your crypto
  • Potential crypto IPOs to invest in
  • Training on NFTs

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My Thoughts On Alternative Wealth Network

Here's exactly what I think about this opportunity:

It's Hard To Predict Altcoins

There's over 10,000 altcoins and new ones are being created every single day.

Alternative Wealth Network only gives you ONE altcoin pick a month..

And to be completely honest it's hard to predict which altcoin will be worth anything.

I mean look back at the list of microcurrencies Tom posted on the sales page:

I mean Tiger King coin lol..

Look at what happened with this coin:

Now who the hell could have predicted that this stupid coin would explode for a few hours before quickly going back to basically zero.

Nobody except the pumpers who inflated the price.

Think about all the people that lost money when they bought at the peak:

Gambling on shit coins is just that.. gambling.

Basically all of the coins listed above have no real value and eventually their price will reflect that.

If you're going to get into crypto invest in coins that have real value.

Not meme coins that jump in value because Elon Must Tweets about them.

You Better Believe There's Upsells

The sales funnel and marketing for this program is standard in the investing newsletter world.

They're all the same (I've reviewed many).

They start with the attention grabbing headline and a video promising to deliver the next big investment idea.

Then you have the sales page that hypes everything up.

After you have a product that's not overly expensive like Alternative Wealth Network (can be bought for as low as $79).

Tom will never let you go and will never stop selling to you, though.

Once you bought this program you'll receive emails constantly with other promos.. all promising to make you rich.

For instance, he has another crypto offer that revolves around microcurrencies that costs $1995 PER YEAR:

This will be pitched to you 100%.

None Of Tom's Products Have Good Customer Reviews

Alternatve Wealth Network is new so there's not really any customer reviews yet.

However, Tom has plenty of customer for his previous products and man.. 

They are not good.

For example, he has a product called Tom Gentile's Money Calendar that has been reviewed over a thousand times.

The average rating for this product is only 2/5 stars:

This is really bad.

William believes this product is such a scam that people should be thrown in jail:

Here's another customer claiming none of the crypto recommendations ever hit for anything:

There's hundreds of comments just like this one.

When it comes to customer reviews, Tom gets some of the worst reviews I have ever seen.

Call To Get Refund

A law recently passed that outlawed click to subscribe, call to cancel.

Basically this means you have to allow people to cancel online if you let them buy online.

Unfortunately, there's no laws banning click to subscribe, call for refunds.. and that's how Alternative Wealth Network functions.

This clearly is meant to discourage people from getting refunds.. I mean who wants to talk to a sales rep to get their money back?

Additionally, there's plenty of people who claim Money Map Press' customer service is awful:

So while there is a 60 day refund policy who knows if they'll actually honor it.

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Alternate Wealth Network Pros And Cons

  • World class marketing: This doesn't really benefit you in any way but you have to give it to Tom.. the man can market. 
  • Overhyped: The sales page is filled with "the best ever" type hype. The team Tom called the best ever is not good at all.. same with every other piece of hype on the sales page.
  • Bad reviews: Tom Gentile's products are universally disliked by the people that buy them.
  • I don't trust the publisher: Money Map Press promotes scam programs and I don't trust them at all.
  • Altcoins are hard to predict: I wouldn't make my main crypto investing strategy around "microcurrencies." They're hard to figure out and almost possible to buy at the right time. 

Alternate Wealth Network Conclusion

I don't really like Tom Gentile to be completely honest.

The guy has been selling investing products for nearly 30 years now.

And product after product after product is badly reviewed by actual customers.

I personally wouldn't trust anyone that has dozens of newsletters and investing programs.

People like Tom have figured out there's way more money selling things like Alternative Wealth Network than actual investing.

Tim is a millionaire and he may even be a crypto millionaire like he claims but the crypto game has changed.

There's not just one coin that you can buy like it was in 2012 with Bitcoin.

There's thousands now.

Some will become valuable while the rest will never take off.. some are intentional scams.

I would never recommend buying any of the coins Tom recommends.

Buy ones that have actual value and will be worth something in a few years.

Don't look for fast profits. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd skip over Alternate Wealth Network and anything else Tom is selling.

The good news is there's actual legitimate investing products out there.

I've reviewed all the best..

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