Market Rebellion Review – Najarian Brothers Scam?

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December 21  

Jon and Pete Najarian run a popular brand called Market Rebellion.

These two offer a ton of different products and tools for options - they have some crypto products as well.

However, many of these services are expensive.

Before sinking thousands into them I'm sure you want to know if they are a scam or legit.

Congrats on doing your due diligence!

Your efforts will be rewarded with this review.

You'll get all the information about Market Rebellion you need below.

This includes:

  • Background information on the brothers behind Market Rebellion
  • A look at the services and how much they cost
  • What customers think about the products
  • My overall thoughts on things 

And more.

Let's get into it!

Market Rebellion Summary

Owner: Jon and Pete Najarian

Price: Varies based on product (up to thousands a year)

Rating: 1.5/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: Jon and Pete Najarian might be frequent guests on CNBC and have really good marketing.. but they're not someone you want to give money to.

They have a history of promoting scams and there's zero proof they are profitable traders.

They recently were notified by the FTC about potential issues with their claims and testimonials.

Avoid these two.

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6 Things To Know About The Najarian Brothers

The Najarian brothers are slick characters.

But behind the smooth talking and WWE style promos, are they legit?

Here's some things I think you should know about the Najarian brothers:

1) Extremely Good Marketers

Before we get into the backstory of these two I just want to make a comment about their marketing style.

These two are in your face and bold.. but they're good marketers.

The reason they have success at all is because of their ability to sell their own products.

They're almost like wresting characters.

One example of their aggressive marketing campaign is them teaming up with NASCAR to sponsor a car:

But being a good marketer doesn't mean being a good trader.

2) Pete Played In The NFL

Pete didn't start out trading and didn't even get into trading until much later in his life.

He was a professional football player and played in the NFL with the Buccaneers and Vikings.

It wasn't until after his football career he got into option trading.

Jon Najarian, Pete's brother, was a trader who got Pete into trading.

Eventually, Pete became the President of Mercury Trading.

Pete and Jon are the sons of famous surgeon John Najarian

3) They Are On CNBC All The Time

The reason the Najarian brothers have so much credibility is they appear on Fast Money on CNBC.

This show is hosted by Jim Cramer.

The good news is as I'm writing this trust in the corporate news is at an all time low:

However, many people still trust the financial news for some reason.

Jim Cramer is someone that's embarrassed himself over and over and over and is not trustworthy.

In 2008, when the market was crashing, Cramer was shilling for Bear Stearns. He personally told people directly to buy the stock because he believed in it. 

Bear Stearns very shortly after collapsed and all the people who invested in it lost their money.

Here's an incredible video of John Stewart breaking down how low Cramer is:

How can anyone take Cramer or CNBC seriously after watching that?

CNBC regularly has grifters and seedy characters on their network.

Being on CNBC is not a sign of legitimacy.

4) No Proof Of Successful Trades

There's an excellent website called that tracks different company's in the investing world.

They do a good job calling out B.S. artists. 

Trading Schools contacted Market Rebellion and asked if there's any proof of profitable trades from the Najarian brothers.

Instead  of giving them results the person they were talking to claimed they were legitimate because they were on CNBC:

If just being on CNBC is your only defense of how good of a trader you are then that's a BIG red flag.

I proved in the last section that appearing on that network means nothing. 

5) The Najarians Promoted A HORRIBLE Scam

In 2018 a criminal ponzi scheme named Zima Digital Assets was put together by two lowly characters named John Caruso and Zach Salter.

John Caruso, the guy in the red shirt, is a career criminal who comes from a family of career criminals with mob connections to the Colombo crime family

John, who was released from jail in 2017, met Salter in Arizona and put together a fake investing company, calling themselves the Krypto Kings.

It was a classic ponzi scheme and no investing was ever done. These two took new investment and paid out earlier investors, claiming the money came from crypto returns.

For any investing professional it should be easy to spot.

They were promising 25% returns a month LOL!

But the Najarians fell for it (or were paid to promote without doing any homework) and would cut promos for Zima Digital Assets. 

Jon promoted one Vegas event for Zima Digital Assets (claiming Jim Cramer would be there).

Caruso and Salter used these promotion videos cut by Jon Najarian to claim legitimacy.

Like in all ponzi schemes people started to not get paid and eventually Caruso and Salter were arrested for fraud and money laundering.

They stole millions from investors. 

In the investigation the FBI found no evidence of a single crypto trade happening!

To be caught up in a scam this transparent is embarrassing. 

6) Potential Trouble With The FTC

The investing space is pretty regulated and you can't just make outlandish claims about returns or fake testimonials.

But Market Rebellion is almost certainly doing that.

They were notified in October 2021 by the FTC that they were on their list of "October 2021 Recipients of the FTC’s Notices of Penalty Offenses Concerning Money-Making Opportunities and Concerning Deceptive or Unfair Conduct around Endorsements and Testimonials."

This notice does go on to say that being on this list doesn't actually mean anything is being done illegally. 

Market Rebellion must have thought something was wrong, though, because they went on a Tweet deleting spree.

Here's a thread detailing them deleting everything on their Twitter:

If you go through that thread you'll see Jon Najarian deleted over 40,000 Tweets from November 1st 2021 to December 15th 2021.

Someone is scared!

What Is Market Rebellion?

Market Rebellion is the creation of the Najarian brothers.

Here's some things to know about this community and company:

They Focus On Option Trading

The products at Market Rebellion primarily revolve around options.

Options trading involves guessing what the price of an asset (stock or security for example) will be on a certain date.

An option contract gives you the right to buy an asset for the price you predict on the date you predict.

If the price is lower than you're prediction your contract is worthless.

If it's cheaper than you make money.

You aren't obligated to buy the asset on the date of the contract and you can sell a contract before the date as well.

There's A Ton Of Products For Sale

I'll go into the premium products in the next section more in depth.

I just wanted to let you know that there's a lot of products for sale here. 

Most of them have to do with coming up with trade ideas for options and vary on price depending on what you're doing.

There's Some Crypto Products

Besides options there's also some products geared towards crypto.

I'm not going to get into the legitimacy of crypto or not but please remember.. Pete and Jon were promoting an outright crypto scam not that long ago.

There's only two explanations for them shilling Zima..

1) They were paid to promote and did zero homework on what they were promoting

2) They have zero clue about anything involving crypto

I'm not sure these are the guys I want to get me crypto knowledge from.

There's A Market Rebellion Youtube Page

The Youtube channel for Market Rebellion is pretty active.

They upload a couple videos a day and mainly do livestreams.

They seem to model their Youtube channel after cable news shows.

For example, one of the daily shows is called The Take (this is Pete's show).

Then they have another show called 3@3 and that's Jon's show.

Despite posting a lot of videos and having branded shows they really don't get too many views.

They been active for 5 years now and rarely have videos that go over 1,000 views.

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Market Rebellion Premium Products

There's a lot of different products and services for sale on the Market Rebellion website.

Here's a quick summary of the offers:

Unusual Option Activity Essential ($99 Per Month)

The first product costs $99 per month.

Essentially Unusual Option Activity promises to deliver you one option trade a week based on their research.

This trade comes with all analysis you need to make a trade including why it's a good trade and when to get out. 

Additionally, you get:

  • A weekly webinar that goes over the trade and allows you to ask questions
  • Member forum to discuss picks
  • Access to the Market Rebellion team at the end of the week

This program is run by Ryan Mastro. 

Unusual Option Activity Pro ($5000 Per Year)

Unusual Option Pro is basically the same offer as the previous one but is for swing traders

Swing Trading is when you buy and sell a stock in a short period of time.. from a day to a couple of weeks.

Because you're buying and selling more often this program gives you more picks.

You get 10+ ideas a week instead of 1.

You get the same bonuses as the last section as well.

TNT Options ($49 Per Month)

TNT Options is another weekly stock picking service.

These picks are short term and are bought and sold within a couple of weeks.

This program is run by Ryan Mastro as well. 

TNT Options Pro ($1500 Per Year)

The Pro Option comes with more picks (up to 8 each week) and uses the same strategy as the previous product.

You will need more capital to trade with as well. 

Oracle Hour ($99 Per Month)

Oracle Hour is a service run by AJ Monte.

Monte is a commodity trader who spent 30 years trading silver and gold options.

This program is a weekly livestream where Monte covers 30 or so stocks.

This is all done in a 6 minute session.

Options Oracle

I couldn't find a price for Options Oracle.

However, you have to fill out an application and talk to one of their sales reps to sign up.

This usually means a product costs over $1000 per year and I'm guessing this one is more than that.

Options Oracle is run by AJ Monte and gives you option picks that you buy and sell over a 3 to 5  month period.

Equity Oracle

This is the third product run by AJ Monte and focuses on swing trades.

You'll be getting trading ideas that are bought and sold in 3 to 6 month periods.

You'll get full analysis of of each trade including why the trade is happening, setups and when to exit.

This is another service that requires a call to sign up for.

Time Bandit Options Pro ($2000 Per Year)

The regular version of this program (that costs ($500 per year) is currently closed to new subscribers.

However, their pro service is available and costs $2000 per year.

You'll learn the Iron Condor strategy for trading options here. 

Additionally, you'll get 2 to 4 weekly stock picks.

Cash Flow Portfolio ($3500 Per Year)

This product allows you to follow Pete's portfolio.

You can make the same trades he does and own the same stocks he has. 

You will get updated picks as well. 

Smart Spreads

This program is another one run by Ryan Mastro.

Smart Spreads focuses on premium trades.

A premium trade is when a company's stock is trading higher than its intrinsic value

You'll get two premium trades per week in Smart Spreads.

Phoenix Portfolio ($1400 Per Year)

Phoenix Portfolio is only for experienced traders and teaches buying puts against your stocks.

This is a long term strategy and you get weekly webinars on how to make these stock purchases.

Market Rebellion Crypto ($49 Per Month)

The last product for sale at Market Rebellion is their crypto service.

Market Rebellion Crypto is run by CJ Reichel and Matt Montemayor.

This opportunity is a combination of weekly trade ideas and crypto education.

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My Thoughts On Market Rebellion's Products

There's a lot to unpack here.

Here's what I think about all the products and services at Market Rebellion:

There's A Lot Of Overlap

How many different newsletters do you need about options trading?

There's so many newsletters and stock ideas that are almost identical.

You have stock picking for options that are sold in weeks, months, ones that use slightly different strategies and they're all taught by the same people.

It really seems like Market Rebellion is just trying to suck as much money from their customers as possible.

There's no reason for all of these newsletters to exist.

They could easily combine them into one newsletter.

Pete And Jon Don't Really Run Anything

When I first started investigating Pete and Jon I figured they were the ones actually making the stock picks.

But that's not the case.

It's basically all up to AJ Monte and Ryan Mastro.

Pete and Jon just seem to be the face and the hype men. 

The problem is they associated with seedy characters in the past and there's not a ton of information out there about Monte and Mastro.

There's Personal Coaching

If you watch the marketing video for one on one coaching Jon says you will not have success unless you have a mentor.

So I guess you shouldn't buy the other products unless you get the one on one training..

This isn't run by Pete and Jon either.. it's run by "Market Rebellion coaches."

Who even knows who these coaches are. 

Market Rebellion Customer Reviews And Complaints

There's a good amount of insight out there about Market Rebellion from paying customers.

Here's some insights that I thought were important:

Justin Lost Hundreds Of Thousands

Reviews like the one up top is the reason I created Level Up Your Wealth.

My main goal is to help people AVOID scams and bad investing newsletters.. because doing nothing is better than following the advice of fake gurus.

Justin epitomizes this.

He signed up for Market Rebellion and ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How could this happen when they make the picks for you?

The Najarians are talented marketers, which I noted earlier.

They use high advanced marketing techniques to get you to buy. You can easily be suckered into buying their products and losing serious money like Justin did.

Most People Believe They Make Their Money Selling Products

The reason Pete and Jon go onto CNBC is because it's free advertising for their products. 

Here's an opinion that expresses this:

Najarians wouldn't be the only people making more from selling products compared to actually trading but they are one of the worst offenders.

Many people also think they use CNBC to drive up the price of their stock picks.

Many People Think They Aren't Legit

Basically everywhere you go on the internet people have figured out the Narjarian's game.

This is probably why they stick to cable news (try to trick older people into falling for their offers).

One person correctly described the Najarian brothers as entertainers and not really traders:

This comment really does sum up the Najarians well.

They aren't really involved in any of their products and they're constantly cutting WWE like promos.

Pete and Jon clearly make millions just promoting and being characters that it probably wouldn't even make sense for them to do any trading!

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Market Rebellion Price And Refund Policy

These programs are expensive.

The following is what I think about the prices at Market Rebellion:

Monthly & Yearly Fees Add Up

There's no products at Market Rebellion that are a one time fee.

Unfortunately, you can only pay monthly or yearly.

Those fees really add up, though.

Remember every dollar that you pay for these services is a dollar that you start in the red.

If you add up all the fees for all of the subscriptions it's like $15,000 a year.

A lot Of Upsells

The goal of Pete and Jon isn't to get you to buy one product.

Their goal is to get you to buy many.

That's why for every service there's basically another almost identical service that's considered "pro."

The pro package just comes with more picks per week usually.

You'll always be pressured to spend more on upgrading and buying new products.

Be careful. You can buy a couple services before you know it and be down thousands.

Only Refunds For Yearly Plans

According to the terms you have 30 days to get your money back if you purchased a product with a yearly subscription:

I have a few problems with this:

  1. 30 days isn't enough to test these products out. Most of the programs are designed to pay off in months not 30 days.
  2. You only get a refund if you pay yearly.
  3. You have to call to get a refund.

They explicitly say you need to call customer support if you want to get a refund:

The reason for this is simple.. they know less people will get a refund this way.

Additionally, they probably train their customer support employees to talk people out of refunding.

If you can buy a product online you should be able to cancel it online.

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Market Rebellion Pros And Cons

  • Good production value: Say what you will about Pete and Jon but they do cut good promos. 
  • Too expensive: Do you really want to pay thousands a year for these products? There's better alternatives. 
  • Bad reviews: Customers don't like the Najarian brothers or their products. Some have even loss hundreds of thousands. 
  • No proof of trading: When asked about proof of their trades they just deflect to the fact they're on TV.
  • Promoted scams: The crypto scam they promoted last year is unforgivable. 

Wrapping Up The Market Rebellion Review

I think the case against the Najarian brothers and Market Rebellion is pretty clear cut.

These are two highly motivated and talented carnival barkers.

They're good at marketing their products and have lucrative time slots on TV to do so.

Their macho man persona is clearly working on numbers of people.

Do I think you should buy from them? No.

They really do just come off as characters to me and not people you should be taking seriously.

Their products are too expensive in my mind.

Do yourself a favor and invest your money elsewhere.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Market Rebellion.

The good news is there's plenty of legitimate stock picking services out there for much less.

I've reviewed all the best..

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