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February 16  

Angel Publishing is out with a new stock teaser.

This time they're calling it "The #1 Stock Of This Generation."

And the presenter, Keith Kohl, claims you can turn "every $500 invested into $1.5 million."

Seems a little far fetched..

Regardless I was able to figure out the stock being teased based on the clues in the presentation.

I reveal it below along with some information to help you determine if it's a good investment or not.

Let's get started!

#1 Stock Of This Generation Summary

Creator: Keith Kohl

Newsletter: Technology And Opportunity

Stock: Unity Biotechnology

Summary: Unity Biotechnology is the company being teased here and they create products in the anti-aging market.

Their cures have to do with diseases that effect the elderly and have products on trial at the moment.

This stock has been a big time loser for Angel Publishing and to my dismay they keep recommending it.

They first started pitching it around October 2020 and the stock was around $40 then - now it sits at around $4.

Maybe this time will be different but the stock has been in free fall for so long now and is down 99% since it's high when it went public.

You're betting on its products having success in clinical trials. 

Will Unity have more success in the future then it has in the last few years? I guess we'll see in the near future.

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Taking A Look At The Teaser

The boys at Angel Publishing are out with a new teaser and this time they're calling it "The #1 Stock Of This Generation."

I see they're going for drama with this one!

Let's look at the clues to see if we can figure out the stock before paying any money.

When In Doubt, Evoke The Billionaires

I've been covering these teasers for a while now and you always see common themes getting repeated.

One of the most common themes you'll see is stock pickers bringing up the names of popular billionaires.

For example, this presentation starts by saying the names of Bezos, Peter Theil and Rockefeller.

I mean if they're interested in an investment that must mean it's good right?

Well that's what Angel Publishing wants you to think anyway.

In this case Bezos and Theil have reportedly invested money into this mystery company.

Keith Kohl Is Now In Charge

The "#1 Stock Of This Generation" is a teaser that's been running for a few different years.

The newsletter that's being pitched hasn't changed and is still Technology And Opportunity.

However, the guy in the presentation as changed.

It used to be headed by a guy named Jason Stutman and now is headed by a guy named Keith Kohl.

The pitch has pretty much remained the same.

Things like this have always made me wonder if the stock picker for these newsletters are just figureheads or do they actually pick the stock or not.

The End Of Aging

The company that Keith is pushing has to do with diseases that effect elderly people and diseases associated with Aging.

This is why Keith calls this the "end of aging."

Stock pickers do love to hype up their stock picks with these lines.

Keith is pretty heavy handed in this presentation describing the medicine of this company.

He makes it seem like this is a miracle cure that will make it so no one ever dies again.

It's a little too much to be honest.

The mystery company in question works on what's called senolytics.

And because this presentation has been running for a few years (and based on the Jeff Bezos and Peter Theil clues) we know the company being pithed is Unity Biotechnology.

Is this company worth investing in?

We'll tackle that in the next section.

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What Is Unity Biotech?

I'm not going to directly answer this question.

That's for you to decide!

However, I'll give you all the information you need so you can determine if it's right for you.

Unity Biotech focuses on diseases that have to do with aging.

Senescent cells, which are cells that have ceased proliferating but are still metabolically active and can contribute to age-related disorders, are the focus of Unity Biotechnology.

In order to prevent or treat age-related diseases, Unity's strategy entails finding and creating small molecule therapies that can target and eradicate these cells with precision.

In 2011, Unity Biotechnology was established, with its main office located in San Francisco, California.

After going public in 2018, the business has subsequently partnered with Ascentage Pharma, Juvenescence, and Bayer, among other biotech and pharmaceutical firms.

The company has a number of therapeutic candidates in various stages of research in its pipeline, including treatments for osteoarthritis, diabetic macular edema, and age-related macular degeneration.

The goal of Unity Biotechnology is to increase human healthspan—the amount of time spent without age-related illnesses or disabilities.

The business wants to create treatments that can make people live longer, healthier lives by focusing on senescent cells.

Here's What's Good About Unity 

The stock has had a rough couple of years but there's still somethings to like about it.

The following are positives about this company:

1) Innovative Technology

Targeting senescent cells, which are cells that have stopped developing and amass in numerous tissues throughout the body as we age, is the foundation of Unity Biotechnology's technology.

These cells are thought to play a role in both the aging process and the emergence of age-related illnesses.

The strategy employed by Unity Biotechnology entails the creation of medications that specifically target and eliminate these senescent cells while sparing healthy cells.

With less inflammation and tissue damage, as well as a potential to slow the advancement of age-related disorders, this strategy aims to lessen the body's load of senescent cells.

The medications produced by Unity Biotechnology are built on tiny compounds or antibodies that specifically target certain surface markers on senescent cells.

The senescent cells are removed from the body by the process of apoptosis, which is triggered when these medications bind to the markers.

The business has created a pipeline of medications that target several organs and tissues impacted by age-related disorders, including lung illnesses, age-related macular degeneration, and osteoarthritis.

Overall, treating age-related disorders by targeting senescent cells is a novel and potentially game-changing strategy, and Unity Biotechnology is at the forefront of this field.

To fully appreciate the potential of this strategy and to bring successful therapies to market, however, as with any early-stage technology, much more study and development is required.

2) Established Partnerships

To enhance the research and sale of its medications, Unity Biotechnology has formed multiple alliances with pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

Unity Biotechnology may benefit from these collaborations by receiving more resources and knowledge, as well as by extending its reach within the biotech sector.

The following are a few of Unity Biotechnology's notable collaborations:

Ascentage Pharma: In 2021, Unity Biotechnology and Ascentage Pharma, a Chinese biopharmaceutical business in the clinical stages, collaborated strategically.

Ascentage Pharma will work with Unity Biotechnology to develop and market its senolytic medications in Greater China, which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China.

 In order to hasten the development of its medicines, Ascentage Pharma will also grant Unity Biotechnology access to its drug discovery platform.

Beyer: In 2018, Unity Biotechnology and the German-based, international pharmaceutical business Beyer collaborated.

Senolytic medication development for the treatment of age-related disorders is the main emphasis of the collaboration. 

Beyer has invested in Unity Biotechnology and has the right to develop and market the company's pharmaceuticals in some parts of the world.

Senolytic Therapeutics: In 2021, Unity Biotechnology announced a merger with Senolytic Therapeutics, a small biotech firm that specializes in finding cures for age-related illnesses. 

The combination will give the new business the ability to develop its current programs more quickly and increase the size of its therapeutic pipeline.

These collaborations may give Unity Biotechnology access to more tools, knowledge, and cash to develop its therapeutic portfolio.

Additionally, by forming these alliances, Unity Biotechnology will be able to reach new markets and broaden its influence in the biotech sector.

But, there are dangers involved in every cooperation, thus Unity Biotechnology will need to handle these agreements carefully to make sure they are successful.

3) Good Management Team

The management team of Unity Biotechnology is experienced in the biotech sector due to their record of success in creating and marketing medications. Many of Unity Biotechnology's top executives are listed below:

CEO and co-founder Nathaniel David: Nathaniel David has more than 20 years of experience working in the biotechnology sector and co-founded a number of successful biotech businesses, including Syrrx (bought by Takeda) and Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (acquired by Allergan). He has also worked as a professor of molecular biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, giving him experience in academic research.

Chief Financial Officer Bob Goeltz: As the former CFO of various biotech firms, including Relypsa (bought by Galenica) and Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Bob Goeltz has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting.

Chairman of the Board Keith Leonard: Keith Leonard, formerly the CEO of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and Ribapharm, has more than 30 years of expertise in the biotech sector (acquired by ICN Pharmaceuticals). He currently sits on the boards of directors for a number of more biotech businesses.

Anirvan Ghosh, chief scientific officer: Anirvan Ghosh previously held the position of professor of neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. He has more than 25 years of expertise in academic research. He has worked for a number of biotech firms, including Lilly and Regeneron, and has experience in medication development and discovery.

These seasoned executives have been instrumental in building Unity Biotechnology's medication pipeline, moving it forward, and forging alliances with other biotech firms.

They bring a plethora of experience and knowledge to the business, which may help guarantee that Unity Biotechnology is effectively run and set up for expansion.

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Here's What's Bad About Unity 

A stock doesn't drop 99% if things are going well, though.

This company keeps running into setbacks with clinical trials and other issues.

Here's are the main things to be worried about at Unity:

1) Early Stage Company

Unity Biotechnology is facing typical problems of an early-stage company.

The following are some challenges that Unity Biotechnology might encounter:

Failures during clinical trials: Drug development is a time-consuming and expensive process, and the outcome of clinical studies cannot be predicted.

Since clinical studies for Unity Biotechnology's pipeline are still in the early stages of research, there is a chance that they will not fulfill their endpoints, which might cause delays or possibly the cancellation of drug development.

Regulatory approval: Obtaining regulatory permission from the FDA and other regulatory authorities is necessary before Unity Biotechnology's medications may be offered to patients, even if its clinical studies are successful. There is a chance that regulatory organizations won't accept Unity Biotechnology's products for commercialization during this laborious and pricey process.

Competition: Unity Biotechnology is not the only business creating medications to attack senescent cells. Academic scholars and other biotech and pharmaceutical firms are also investigating this field of study. 

Unity Biotechnology will have to prove that its products are better than those of its rivals and that they have a considerable competitive advantage.

Funding: Unity Biotechnology, which is still in its early stages, will require additional funding to finance its R&D initiatives. This can be difficult since investors can be unwilling to fund a business that is not yet profitable or has not yet launched a medicine.

Intellectual property: The unity of intellectual property The ability of biotechnology to safeguard its intellectual property and stop rivals from violating its patents will be a key factor in determining its success. As there is frequently extensive patent litigation in the biotech sector, this can be challenging.

These are just a handful of the difficulties an early-stage business like Unity Biotechnology could run into. 

2) Competition

In the biotech sector, Unity Biotechnology specializes in creating medications that particularly target senescent cells.

While Unity Biotechnology is a leader in this industry, other businesses and academic researchers are also researching and producing treatments that are similar to Unity Biotechnology's.

The following are a few instances of Unity Biotechnology's rivals:

Oisn Biotechnologies: Oisn Biotechnologies is a biotech business with a focus on developing medications that specifically target senescent cells. Oisn's strategy differs slightly from Unity Biotechnology's in that it employs a gene therapy strategy to get rid of senescent cells.

Cleara Biotech: This biotech business is also working on senescent cell-targeting medications. The company's strategy is to create tiny chemical inhibitors that can destroy senescent cells with precision.

Senolytic Therapeutics: Senolytic Therapeutics is a biotech business that is working on medications that will target senescent cells in conditions like cancer, osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer's disease. The company's strategy is to create tiny molecule medications that can destroy senescent cells only.

Moreover, Ascentage Pharma, Juvenescence, and Bayer are just a few of the pharmaceutical and biotech firms that Unity Biotechnology has partnered with. These businesses are looking into the possibility of creating medications that target senescent cells even if they are not direct rivals.

Although there is rivalry in this industry, Unity Biotechnology's technology and pipeline are still regarded as cutting-edge and distinctive. Strong alliances and an accomplished management team within the organization may also contribute to its ability to sustain a competitive edge over time.

3) Clinical Setbacks

So far none of the drugs that Unity has been working on have proven to help.

Their first drug went to human trials and had to do with osteoarthritis but it didn't help.

They're on to their second product which helps macular edema and is in its Phase 1 clinical trials.

Failure to get anything approved by the FDA has caused the company to lose most of its stock value.

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Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post detailing the "#1 Stock Of This Generation" from Keith Kohl.

You now know the stock is called Unity Biotechnology.

I personally avoid investments like this.

I know some people are very high on them but they're just out of my league.

Many companies like this come and go.. all making big promises and many never delivering.

You want to age gracefully? 

Live a healthy life. That's literally the answer.

It might not sound as cool or easy as a pill but it's the only way to truly feel good into your elder years.

What do you think about Unity Biotechnology?

Are you thinking about investing and if so let me know why in the comments!

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