The Ferris Report Review – Dan Ferris Scam?

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January 16  

Dan Ferris is out with a new investing newsletter and he's calling it The Ferris Report. 

Ferris claims trouble is ahead in the financial markets and that he can help save your portfolio.

Is this a legitimate offer or all just one big scam?

Below you'll get an answer to that question and more.

Additionally, you'll see any red flags that I find.

Let's get started now!

The Ferris Report Summary

Owner: Dan Ferris

Price: $199

Rating: 3.5/5

Do I Recommend? It depends

Summary: Dan Ferris is a guy that's been around a while in the stock picking world. 

One thing that I like about Dan is he is a lot less dramatic and sensationalist than a lot of his stock picking peers.

Overall his investment advice is safe which is probably what you're looking for right now.

The price for the Ferris Report isn't bad either.

But there is some red flags.. for example, there's a lot of upsells after you buy.

You'll get dozens of offers in your inbox every day and some come from straight up scam artists.

So not a bad newsletter but comes with a lot of baggage.

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Things To Know About The Ferris Report

Before buying The Ferris Report there's some things you need to know about it.

Here's everything to consider about this newsletter:

1) A Horrible Company Owns The Ferris Report

The first thing you need to know about The Ferris Report is it's published by Stansberry Research which is owned by MarketWise.

Now I don't have too much of  a problem with Stansberry Research.

It's a typical investing publisher.. which means there's some good newsletters, some bad ones, some that are overpriced and a whole lot of manipulative marketing.

That's just how the investing game is.

However, MarketWise is a not a company that I trust.

Basically MarketWise is a relaunch of a company known as Agora.

Agora used to be the biggest investing newsletter company and owned dozens of publishers.

But their reputation took a hit after years of bad business practices. For example, just two years ago they were fined millions for defrauding elderly people:

Basically all the Agora publishers fled after this including Stansberry.

They're all together under MarketWise now and nothing has changed.

All the scummy business practices of Agora are practiced at MarketWise.

The goal is to get as much money from you as possible.

2) Upsells, Upsells And Upsells (From Scammers)

Another major red flag about The Ferris Report is you're going to get a ton of upsells.

This is the thing customers hate the most about these kind of newsletters.

You see MarketWise makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year.. and they don't reach these figures from selling $199 newsletters.

They reach these numbers from selling programs that cost thousands of dollars.

Once you buy The Ferris Report you're going to be put into a very manipulative and intricate sales funnel.

Every day you'll be sent offers that cost thousands of dollars.

You'll be told these are can't miss opportunities and massive potential gains will be dangled in front of you.

A lot of these upsells are horrible, though and will lose you money.

And gets even worst..

Some of these upsells come from scam artists.

For example, Louis Navellier is under the MarketWise umbrella and he'll get access to your email.

MarketWise claims he's this expert with an awesome reputation but in reality he was fined $30 million for defrauding investors.

There's a lot of fraud and bad characters in the stock picking world.

Another one of these fraudsters is Teeka Tiwari.

Tiwari is so shady he was literally thrown out of Wall Street and can't work there ever again.

Teeka runs a publisher at MarketWise!

He'll have access to your email too.

It's a shame The Ferris Report and Dan Ferris are involved with these people.

Because I think Dan isn't as bad as the rest.

But you know what they say.. you are the company you keep.

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3) This Newsletter Is For Risk Adverse Investors

Dan Ferris is a libertarian who stays away from very risky investments.

You'll get a lot of safe stock picks and picks that have to do with gold/natural resources.

I like these investments a lot because the world will always need them.

Ferris isn't likely going to recommend startups or small tech companies that have a $2 stock price.

He's more of a value investor and not a growth investor.

So if you're looking for the next tech company with 1000% gain potential this isn't for you.

4) Dan Ferris Gets Pretty Good Customer Reviews

One thing that I like about Dan Ferris is he does get pretty good customer reviews.

Like I said earlier Dan doesn't do sensationalist marketing as much as others and doesn't recommend risky stocks.

Customer appreciate this.

Dan actually has another popular investing newsletter called Extreme Value.

It costs several thousands of dollars per year.

That newsletter has an overall rating of 4.1/5 on Stock Gumshoe:

This comes from over 100 customers too.

One thing customers seem to note is that Dan makes good stock recommendations BUT you need to hold the investments for a long time.

Here's three customers in a row making this claim:

This is what value investing is all about.

You look for companies that the market is undervaluing, you buy and hold until the stock goes up in time.

So if you're someone that wants to buy and sell stocks very quickly this isn't for you.

Expect to hold these investments for 5 years.

5) These Are The Kind Of Stocks Dan Recommends

Dan has done a lot of public stock teasers through out the years.

You can get a good idea of the kind of investments that Dan makes by looking at them.

One stock that he LOVES to recommend is Sprott.

Sprott is a gold ETF that collects money on management fees from their funds.

This acts like a quasi-royalty and they offer a dividend payments as well.

In the past Dan has called this his "hands down, #1 pick of my career."

He first started recommending it 2019 and here's how it's done:

Sprott has done well so far, especially when you consider it's paying out a dividend.

More recently Dan has recommended a company called Altius Minerals Corporation.

This is a mining royalty company that makes money from copper, potash, nickel, iron, lithium, uranium and other natural resources like that.

However, the company has not done that well since being recommended:

It was down a good amount but has recovered recently.

Again, you hold Dan's recommendations for a while so this one still has a chance to do well.

Another stock Dan Ferris likes recommending is Brown & Brown.

This is an insurance company that he refers to as "the best business in the world."

As you can see Dan doesn't really every go for splashy companies.

He likes ones you can rely on and the insurance market isn't going anywhere.

The stock has been steadily growing for years and has plateaued for a while:

A nice safe pick from Dan!

Another pick Dan has made recently is a little more speculative.

Everyone in the last few years were giving out their favorite semiconductor stock picks.

Instead of recommending the big boys like Nvidia and Taiwan Semiconductor, Dan went a different route.

He chose to recommend a chip testing company called inTEST

It hasn't performed crazy good yet:

inTEST is tied with the chip market and there's been a chip shortages of late.

If there's less chips there's less testing kits being sold.

This is why the stock has struggled recently.

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7) You Get A Monthly Newsletter

This is essentially what you're paying a yearly subscription for.

Once a month you'll receive a new copy of The Ferris Report and you get a 12 month subscription with you membership.

In these newsletters you can expect to find Dan's newest research and marketing commentary.

Dan claims you'll be getting "big picture analysis" here.

You can expect various stock and ETF recommendations.

Along with every new stock recommendation you get a full write up of why Dan likes the pick and more.

8) You Get Access To The Model Portfolio

Another big aspect of The Ferris Report is you get access to the model portfolio which contains up to 25 positions.

The portfolio is important because it's balanced for risk and things like that.

You can just invest in some of Dan's picks but that might make you vulnerable if one of stocks does poorly.

When you have an entire model portfolio you can have investments that go up when others go down.

With the portfolio you'll get additional information like buy prices and sell prices.

9) Special Alerts And Updates

The market is definitely crazy right now and you might be a little skeptical about jumping into an investing service.

Maybe you think the market will tank or something big will happen before the newsletter goes out.

That's where the alerts and updates come in.

Remember you're holding the stocks Ferris recommends for a long time.

But if something comes up and you need to take action quickly, you'll receive an email alert on what to do.

10) The Deadzone - The Stocks You Shouldn't Buy

Stock pickers always like to add a sweetener to entice people to buy their newsletters.

The main way to do this is by offering special reports.

These reports are kind of like a bigger theme that a stock picker uses to sell you on the idea of buying.

Dan Ferris' main special report right now is called "The Deadzone."

This a full write up of stocks that Ferris believes have peaked in price and will never go back higher again.

In total there's 11 companies that Dan recommends that you stay away from.

Additionally, you get some insights on which sectors to avoid and which may be in trouble.

11) The Best Of The Best - Stocks You Should Buy

Dan isn't all gloom and doom.

He doesn't only recommend staying away from certain stocks.. he also recommends a bunch of stocks that will do good.

Dan claims he knows investments that are going to get rains as high as 800% in this current market.

Many of these stocks have gotten massive returns already in the last few years and Ferris believes they're only going to go higher.

12) Where To Invest During A Recession

Is a recession on the horizon? Are we in one already?

Who knows.. each publication (depending on their politics) will give you a different story.

All I know is if we're not in one now then we're probably are on our way to one, whether the experts want to admit it or not.

Dan claims he has a set investments that could help you 7X your money in the next 10 years if we do enter a recession.

These stocks are thought to be especially stable and have outperformed the S&P for years.

13) The World's Two Most Valuable Assets In A Crisis

I'm starting to think Dan is predicting some pretty bad things on the horizon..

Again, this is a special report that focuses on what to do when things go bad.

Instead Dan claims there's two specific assets that do well in times of crisis.

One he claims has hasn't had a single down year in decades and is up over 1700%.

The other he claims will give you massive dividend payments.

14) The Ferris Report Costs $199

Typically you see an an introductory newsletter go for $49 for the first year and then the price increases (and a bunch of upsells get thrown out you).

Dan seems to do things a little backwards.

First he launched his expensive newsletter first which is the opposite of what most people do.

Instead of offering The Ferris Report for super cheap he's opted for $199 per year instead.

15) There's A 30 Day Refund

Additionally, there's a 30 day refund policy with this newsletter.

So if you don't like what you're getting you can get your money back in 30 days.

However, you need to understand something..

If you were to buy this newsletter and then buy Extreme Value (Dan's other newsletter that's much more expensive) you won't get a refund on the expensive product.

You will never get a cash refund on any MarketWise product that cost thousands.

That's a little trick they pull.

They offer refunds on cheap products but the expensive ones.

Just another reason to avoid the upsells. 

16) I'd Have Around $10,000 To Start

Stansberry Research recommends that you have $1000 if you want to buy this newsletter.

That's not nearly enough in my opinion.

Maybe if you plan on spending $1000 every month on the new recommendations.

But you'll need more like $10,000 to start.. this will allow you to buy multiple stocks in the portfolio.

If you want to buy all the stocks in the model portfolio you'll probably want $25,000 minimum.

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The Ferris Report Pros And Cons

  • Dan Ferris is a decent guy: Dan might run with a lot of scammers but he's not one himself. He's a smart value investor and recommends some good investments.
  • Price isn't bad: The price is pretty good too. It's not as cheap as others but not bad at $199.
  • Good timing: Dan is the kind of guy you want to listen to in times like these.
  • Bad company: MarketWise employs a lot of bad people and they're going to have access to your email.
  • Upsells galore: You're entering a sales funnel when you buy The Ferris Report. You're going to be marketed upsells like crazy.

The Ferris Report Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of The Ferris Report.

I'm torn about this one..

Typically I don't like recommending anything that's put out by MarketWise.

There's a ton of baggage with these products.

Scammers get access to your email and you're treated very badly as a customer.

You are simply a lemon to be squeezed.

But I like Dan in some ways.. he's a lot less manipulative than other stock pickers.

He has a pretty sound investing philosophy that seems to work over time.

Some people might not have the discipline to hold a stock for 5 to 10 years but if you can you'll be rewarded.

If you wanted to buy this newsletter I'd recommend using a burner email account.

This way you don't ruin your email account.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I don't hate The Ferris Report and you can benefit by owning it.

However, there's better newsletters out there.

I've personally reviewed over 100 of these stock picking services..

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