One Ticker Trader Review – Scam Or Legit?

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July 18  

One Ticker Trader is an investing service from Larry Benedict.

He claims he can help you make money by focusing on one stock at a time.

Is this a legit investment opportunity or another scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Additionally, we'll look at what's being offered and see if I can find any red flags.

Hint: There are a lot of red flags.

By the time you're done reading this review, you'll know if One Ticker Trader is worth it or not.

Let's get started!

One Ticker Trader Summary

Owner: Larry Benedict

Price: $49 per year

Rating: 1/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: One Ticker Trader is a gimmick investing service that almost certainly doesn't beat the market.


Larry Benedict has been around for a long time, and all of his services have historically gotten bad reviews.


One Ticker Trader is no exception, and this service gets awful reviews from customers.


On top of this, the company Larry works for is awful and extremely predatory.


They're going to try to get thousands of dollars from you with their upsells.


So I'd personally stay away from this newsletter and anything else Larry is trying to sell.

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You Don't Want To Be In One Ticker Trader's Sales Funnel

Before we get into what One Ticker Trader is offering and its red flags, I want to talk about the company that owns One Ticker Trader.

One Ticker Trader is published by The Opportunistic Trader, which is owned by a much larger company called MarketWise.

MarketWise is a publicly traded company that owns some of the most well-known investing platforms, like Stansberry Research and InvestorPlace.

However, they're a very predatory company that wants to milk you for the most money possible.

Here are three reasons why you should avoid all MarketWise newsletters:

1) Aggressive Upsells

One Ticker Trader is a very cheap product and usually costs $49 per year.

I've even seen it sell for as little as $19 per year.

MarketWise, as a company, generates almost a billion dollars in revenue every year.

Do you think they hit this number by selling $19 subscriptions?

Of course not.

Their goal is to just get you into their sales funnel and then upsell you on very expensive products afterwards.

Every day, you'll be sent emails trying to get you to spend thousands on products that don't have refund policies.

For example, here are just some of Larry's other products that cost up to $12,500 per year:

This is how MarketWise and Larry really make their money.

2) Manipulative Marketing

One thing I really can't stand about MarketWise and their publishers is just how manipulative their marketing campaigns are.

I'm sure you've come across a MarketWise ad, whether you knew it was them or not.

They're the stock teasers that hype up an investment and usually try to scare you with warnings about the economy collapsing or something like that.

These presentations are long and make it seem like you'll be come a milloinaire if you buy their newsletters.

They honestly give the industry a bad name and turn people off.

Many of the publishers at MarketWise have been sued and have had to pay millonis in fines for their marketing in the past.

3) Scammers Will Be Promoted To You

Another problem with MarketWise is they employ some of the worst people imaginable in the investing world.

This will effect you if you buy One Ticker Trader because the publishers at MarketWise cross promote.

For example, Louis Navellier heads InvestorPlace and you'll be marketed his services which cost up to $10,000 per year.

A couple years ago Navellier was fined $30 million for defrauding his customers!

Is this really where you want your money to go?

Another guy named Teeka Tiwari is a prominent personality at MarketWise (he heads up Palm Beach Research Group and has a popular newsletter called the Palm Beach Letter).

Teeka worked so many scams on Wall Street that he's permanently banned from being a broker.

Yet Marketwise will tell you he's a trusted expert.

Again, these aren't people you want to be dealing with or buying from.

That's why it's a good idea to just avoid all MarketWise publishers.

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Some Of The Worst Customer Reviews

Larry has been selling his stock picks for a long time.

In the past his services were universally hated by customers and got a 1.4/5 rating on Stock Gumshoe:

This newsletter has since gone out of business, and I'm guessing the really bad reviews had something to do with it.

Things have not gotten better for Larry, and he has some of the worst customer reviews I have ever seen.

Here's one from last month saying Larry recommends nothing but losing stock picks:

Another customer last month complained that there had been 20 trades and only one winner!

Here's another person saying the results have been horrible and that Larry hasn't honored the refund policy:

And it just keeps going.

So it's clear from these insights that Larry hasn't improved as a stock picker and that services aren't worth buying.

How Does One Ticker Trader Work?

There is one thing that separates One Ticker Trader from the pack, and that's the gimmicky strategy used.

Typically, with these stock pickers, you get a newsletter, a portfolio, and a new stock pick once a month.

You build up your portoflio and usually get your gains over the years.

However, Larry takes a different approach with One Ticker Trader.

Instead of building a portfolio of stocks, you're simply going to focus on trading options on one asset per month.

The main asset that Larry likes to trade is a popular ETF that tracks the market. It's called QQQ and holds well-known companies like Apple, Microsoft, and others.

The idea is that you become an expert on certain companies and learn when they're going to drop and when their stock is going to increase.

This sounds good in theory, but as the customer results show, it doesn't seem to be working too well.

Trading options is hard, and it's very difficult to predict where a stock's price is going to be in the short term.

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One Ticker Trader FAQs

Still have some questions about One Ticker Trader?

Here are the answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) What do you get?

The main part of One Ticker Trader is the option alerts.

However, as we've seen from other customers, they aren't worth much.

A big problem with option alerts is that the price of the asset changes by the time you go to make the trade.

So there's a chance that Larry makes money and you don't, just because the price will be different.

Besides this, you get the "One Ticker Trader Retirement Plan."

This is a guide that walks you through Larry's strategy for trading options.

The goal is to teach you to trade options for yourself, so you're not always just following Larry.

Additionally, with your membership, you get Larry's Guide to Trading Options, which will teach you how to trade options.

2) How much does One Ticker Trader cost?

There are many different price points for this newsletter.

If you go right to the Opportunistic Trader website and buy from there, it's going to cost $199 per year.

If you buy through one of the email promotions, the cost is $49 for the first year and then more after.

And then there are special deals where you can buy it for as little as $19 for the first year.

The most common price you'll find for this newsletter is $49 per year.

But just remember, this is a bait product to get you into the sales funnel.

Much more expensive products will be aggressively marketed to you after you buy them.

3) Is Larry Benedict legit?

I have a hard time calling anyone with the reviews Larry has legit, to be honest.

Maybe he's made some money for himself, and maybe he knows how to trade options for himself, but that hasn't translated to his customers.

So whether or not he's legit is kind of worthless if it doesn't make you any money.

4) What do you like most about this newsletter?

Not much, to be honest.

I guess if I had to say anything, it would be the price.

You can always buy and just see how well Larry does with his trades before hopping in.

5) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you have 60 days to get your money back.

Keep a few things in mind, though.

First off, the product is only $49, so it's not like you're getting a ton of money back.

Secondly, a lot of customers have complained that the refund policy wasn't honored.

And lastly, there are no cash refunds for the expensive upsells.

That's a little trick that MarketWise pulls on their customers.

They offer very generous cash refunds on the cheap stuff and only do credit refunds on the products that cost thousands.

That means you can only use the money to buy other MarketWise products.

Just another way this company treats their customers poorly.

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Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my review of One Ticker Trader.

If you read through the whole thing, you can probably tell that I don't like this newsletter and don't think you should buy it.

On top of that, it should be obvious that I don't like the company that owns the newsletter and don't recommend too many newsletters from them.

There is good news, though.

There are some stock-picking services that are worth it and are reasonably priced.

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