Palm Beach Letter Review – Possible Scam?

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January 28  

Palm Beach Letter is the flagship investing newsletter from Teeka Tiwari.. you can find it over at Palm Beach Research Group.

There's a lot to unpack with this product and you should clear a few minutes from your schedule to read this entire review.

You'll get answer to whether Palm Beach Letter is a scam or not.

On top of that you'll learn about the author of the newsletter, what you actually get and more.

You'll know if the Palm Beach Letter is worth investing in by the time you're done reading.

Palm Beach Letter Summary

Owner: Teeka Tiwari 

Price: $199 per year

Rating: 1.5/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: I don't recommend Palm Beach Letter or any product associated with Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka is a life long scammer that's literally banned from being a broker in America.

Palm Beach Letter isn't worth your time or money. 

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Is Teeka Tiwari A Scam Artist?

Teeka Tiwari has been in the investing game for a long time and there's A LOT of evidence proving he's a scam artist.

Here's 6 red flags in Teeka's background that should concern you:

Red Flag #1: Banned By FINRA

FINRA is a non-profit organization that helps protect investors from scams. 

While not being a part of the government it does have regulatory power and the ability to fine groups and people.

The SEC oversees this organization.

Both Republicans (Tom Cotton, Senator from Arkansas) and Democrats (Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts) have criticized FINRA in the past for not doing enough to protect investors from scammers.

They really don't ban people too often and this is something both sides of the political aisle agree on.

Can you guess who was banned from being a broker by FINRA in 2005? 

You guessed it.. Teeka:

Teeka is never allowed to work for a brokerage or execute trades on behalf of a client ever again.

And he earned it too. His past his filled with shady investment scams and employment by outright criminals. 

Red Flag #2: Teeka Has Been Involved With Countless Scams

One reason I like FINRA so much is you can double check if someone is being honest about their background.

Anytime you join a brokerage or start a brokerage you need to register with FINRA.

You can look up someone's employment history for red flags.

Teeka's employment history is one giant red flag after another.

Look how many different companies he worked for in just 13 years:

Almost all of these companies were outright scams.

In almost every scenario Teeka pushed investors to put money into private placement investments.

Private placement investments are unregistered securities and are often times complete scams.

The companies Teeka worked for ran private placement scams.

They would sell these investments, take investors money and then shut down (usually starting a new company after).

Many of the people involved with these schemes were arrested and sent to jail.

In the next few sections I'm going to cover a few of the sketchiest companies Teeka has worked for.

Red Flag #3: A Movie Was Made About Teeka's Nefarious Employer

The Boiler Room is an excellent movie that covers a chop shop brokerage that scams investors out of their money. 

Eventually the FBI raids the company, arresting everyone.

It's a great movie and I watched it in one my classes years ago.. basically it's an example of a horrendous scam and the type of business you never want to get involved with.

Well it turns out the movie is based on a real company called called Northeast Securities.

Guess who worked for this infamous company? 


Red Flag #4: Teeka Worked For Mobsters

One of the worst companies Teeka worked for was called Euro Atlantic Securities.

It worked a lot like the boiler room I mentioned in the last section.. it was a group of brokers trying to convince people to invest in pump and dump schemes.

But this one was a little worst because it was run by well known crime family the Gambino's

This is actually the second time I've come across an investment product with ties to the Gambino crime family. 

I guess there was a period in time where mobsters were running a lot of these firms.

Eventually, the scheme was unraveled and many people went to jail.

Euro Atlantic Securities ware also banned by FINRA:

Red Flag #5: Teeka Helped Defraud $64,500,000

If you didn't think it could get worst it actually does..

Teeka also worked for a brokerage in Albany called Mcginn, Smith and Co.

Mcginn, Smith and Co. scammed hundreds of people for $64,500,000.

Eventually Mcginn and Smith were arrested and sentenced to 15 years and 10 years, respectively. 

The company was banned by FINRA as well:

Red Flag #6: He Worked For Even More Scams!

Believe or not Teeka worked more boiler rooms for similar companies.

Another winner Teeka was involved in was called JP Turner and Company.

This company has accumulated 9000+ investor violations and has been sued many times

Some of their schemes included targeting retirees.. they received a nearly million dollar fine for doing so.

Teeka also worked for Lloyd Wade Securities.

This company saw the president and founder, David Rutkoske, get sentenced to jail for defrauding $12 million from investors.

There's more but I think you get the point.

The only reason Teeka isn't still doing these boiler room scams is because he was banned from the industry.

Now he sells investing newsletters online.. and probably makes more now than ever. 

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What Is Palm Beach Letter?

Palm Beach Letter is the main product at Palm Beach Group.

It's edited by Teeka Tiwari and by a few other people.

Here's what you should know about it:

It Focuses On Crypto And Blockchain

Palm Beach Letter focuses on "disruptive technology." This means cryptos, blockchain and any stock associated with them.

The jury is still out on how functional and game changing cryptos and blockchain will be.. but there's obviously a lot of money involved with cryptos.

Also, there's A LOT of scams.

And when you're dealing with a serial scammer like Teeka you have to be a little nervous about what he's going to recommend.

Owned By Agora Financial

Agora Financial is the largest financial newsletter publisher in the country.

Given this fact you wouldn't think they'd be a horrible company but they are.

Agora owns many scam newsletters and I review their products all the time.

Most recently they've been charged by FTC for scamming elderly people.. Agora was selling them bogus diabetes cures and phony investing products.

They had to pay out $2 million in a settlement for their crimes.

The sales rooms for Agora are just like the seedy boiler rooms Teeka used to work for.. they're a match made in heaven!

What Does Palm Beach Letter Offer?

We've covered who's behind Palm Beach Letter and what it is.

Let's take a look at what exactly they're offering now.

12 Monthly Issues & Portfolio

This is main part of the offer.

You get a years worth of crypto and blockchain investment tips and you get a new issue every month.

You'll get tips on how to invest and get trade recommendations.

Along with the subscription you'll also get access to The Palm Beach Letter portfolio.

This portfolio tracks that performance of all the picks Teeka makes and comes with information on buying the picks. 

Research Reports & Bonuses

There's always some bonus research reports connected with Palm Beach Letter.

These reports are always changing based on whatever pitch Teeka is doing at the time.

For example, the most recent one is based around "Teekas's Trillion Dollar Coin Portfolio"

By the time you read this review, though, the report and pitch might be a little different.

However, it's all practically the same thing.

You'll still be offered the newsletter and various reports.. the theme just might just change a little.

Currently, the theme is Teeka pushing the next trillion dollar crypto, which is Ethereum.. along with a few other altcoins. 

Some extra bonuses include:

  • Teeka's Crypto Master Course: This course covers the absolute basics of crypto investing. You'll learn how to open a crypto wallet, an overview of crypto and the technology powering it and more.
  • Investment Of The Decade: This report covers blockchain and the best stocks to own in this space.
  • The Wall Street Backdoor: The Wall Street Backdoor focuses on Pre-IPO deals that you can buy through a brokerage account. 
  • Alerts: Not every opportunity can wait until the month is over.. you'll get access to texts and emails for time sensitive opportunities. 
  • Member's website: You'll be able to see all past issues of the letter here and access all the bonuses.

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My Thoughts On Palm Beach Letter

There's a lot to unpack with this newsletter.

Here's what I think is most important to know.

Harder Than It Sounds

Teeka is constantly throwing out huge return numbers that you can get if you follow his advice:

This is a tactic many online investors use to get customer.

They like to throw out these return numbers like it's guaranteed to happen to you.

The odds are not in your favor to hit on anything even close to this, though.

Notice Teeka doesn't say that he has gotten returns like this either.. it's just the biggest example in history that few people experienced.

The same when he's talking about Pre-IPO investments: 

Again, Teeka doesn't say he got these returns.

These are just figures of the best case scenarios. There's thousands of these Pre-IPO's and it's going to be near impossible to pick the right one to get massive returns.

The Crypto Return Golden Age Is Likely Done

As I'm writing this cryptos are losing a lot of value.

Ethereum, the crypto Teeka calls the next trillion dollar coin, has lost a lot of value in the last few months:

The same thing is happening with Bitcoin.

It's cost is sinking. 

As I'm writing this the Biden administration announced they're going to start regulating cryptos.

I personally think it's a good thing because there's a lot of crypto scams and fraud going on.

But it's going to destroy a lot of cryptos in the process.

Much of the money in crypto are in pump and dump schemes. With regulation that's going to be harder to do.

I'd still invest in crypto but the days of unregulated growth are coming to an end.

Nauseating Amount Of Upsells

At the end of the day Teeka is in it for himself and Agora Financial is a bunch of crooks and vipers.

They don't create these products to make you rich.. they create these products to make themselves rich.

Because of this you'll always be pitched on buying more expensive products.

Some of the products at Palm Beach Group cost thousands of dollars a year.

For example, Plam Beach Confidential is $5000 a year.

Palm Beach Trader is $3000 a year.

The reason Palm Beach Letter is reasonably priced is because they want to pitch you on these bigger programs.

Peter sums it up nicely:

Once Agora gets ahold of your email you're going to get bombarded with offers every single day.

Good Refund Policy.. If You Can Get Them To Honor It

There's really only one upside to The Palm Beach Letter and that is it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee:

This is a good refund policy and a lot of similar products don't offer any kind of refunds.

But this is Teeka and Agora we're talking about here...

Many people claim the company doesn't actually honor the refund policy:

I definitely wouldn't trust them to return your money.

Returns Are Bad

Like I said anyone can look at Bitcoin and say "well if you invested in 2012 you'd be rich."


But it's not 2012 anymore and there isn't just a few cryptos to choose from.

Selecting the crypto now is hard because there's so many options.

You only have so much to invest and can't possibly invest in all of them.

It's hard now to pick a winning crypto and it's showing up in the returns for Palm Beach Letter subscribers.

Here's someone that lost more than 50% of their investment with their picks:

This person is accusing them of pumping and dumping which is a possibility.

That would mean Teeka is selling his investment picks when you're buying them.

There's enough members at Palm Beach Letter that the members can temporarily drive the price of a coin up.

If Teeka bought before sending out his recommendations, he'll make money on the temporary inflation.

However, you'll lose money once he takes his money out because that will cause the price to deflate.

I wouldn't put it pass the people at Palm Beach to be doing this. 

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Palm Beach Letter Pros And Cons

  • Teeka is a lifelong scammer: Teeka's resume is as bad as I have ever seen. It's shocking how many scams he's been apart of.
  • Agora is horrible: The company that owns Palm Beach Letter isn't good as well. They're constantly getting sued and have a bad reputation.
  • So many upsells: The only reason this letter is affordable is so they can pitch you on much more expensive produts.
  • Not honoring refunds: The only good thing about this newsletter was the refunds.. but many customers claim they never got their refunds.

Palm Beach Letter Conclusion

What a ride this review has been.

I review these programs for a living and I see a lot of scam artists in the space..  a lot.

But Teeka is up there as one of the worst.

When you go through his work history and see the type of companies he's worked for.. it's shocking.

This wasn't a one time mistake.

This was 15 straight years of scamming people in the worst way possible.

Teeka Tiwari is a scoundrel. He's a scoundrel's scoundrel.

Don't buy anything from him or anything associated with him.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Palm Beach Letter.

The good news is there's legitimate investment newsletters out there.

I've reviewed all the top ones.

To see my favorite (which is affordable to try), click below:

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