Blue Edge Financial Review – Possible Scam?

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December 14  

Blue Edge Financial


It seems like there's a new forex and crypto program everyday.. and today we're going to look at Blue Edge Financial.

Some questions we're going to answer in this review include:

  • Is Blue Edge Financial a scam?
  • Are the owners legitimate?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What results can you expect?
  • What do current customers think?

And more.

Make sure to set aside some time and read everything here if you're interested!

You'll know if this program is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Blue Edge Financial Summary

Owner: Adam Wenig, Joe Hicken and Tyler Turner

Price: $147 per month minimum 

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: Blue Edge Financial is not worth joining in my opinion.

The company is run by non-traders and there's some red flags in the owner's past.

Additionally, it's overpriced and many people are losing money. 

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Who Runs Blue Edge Financial?

There are three cofounders at Blue Edge Financial.. they are Adam Wenig, Joe Hicken and Tyler Turner.

There's some concerning stuff in some of their backgrounds.

Here's some things you should know about these guys:

Adam Wenig Previously Was Involved In Scams

Adam Wenig was apparently director of sales of a ponzi scheme called Eaconomy.

This company is a pretty transparent scam and even was created out of another scam called Silverstar Live.

The creators of Eaconomy were prosected by the government for running an unregistered trading platform at Silverstar Live.

Blue Edge Teamed Up With Eaconomy In 2019

It was known Eaconomy started from the same people who were involved in a previous scam.

Despite this Blue Edge Financial still decided to team up with them in 2019.

Eaconomy marketed itself as having AI forex bots.

Basically these bots would trade automatically and you had to pay monthly to get access to them.

There was also pyramid scheme recruiting in Eaconomy.. meaning you recruit people into selling Eaeconomy and then you make money from the people they recruit.

Blue Edge Financial never exactly said what the partnership was but it probably had to do with trading bots.

A major red flag is Eaconomy never register their bot and was operating illegally.

So it's extremely sketchy Blue Edge Financial would team up with them.

Eaconomy Collapsed In March 2020

The reason you don't register a trading bot is because you're lying about having a trading bot or lying about the results it gets. 

Eaconomy was just a ponzi scheme.

Instead of actually making money with an AI trading bot they were profiting off new investment (textbook definition of ponzi scheme).

They take the new investment they earn from new customers and recruitment and pay people out, pretending it's coming from the trading bot.

You can't keep this up forever because recruitment will eventually slow down.

Without an actual trading bot to make money Eaconomy collapsed just like every ponzi scheme does.

Adam Wenig Is A Slick Marketer

Adam's role in the company is clearly driving sales, like he did with Eaconomy.

He's the face but definitely not the brains.

His actual title is Head Of Marketing And New Client Onboarding.

Before working with Blue Edge Financial Adam was in the 2 Comma Club.

The 2 Comma Club is for anyone that's sold over 7 figures of memberships for the marketing tool Clickfunnels.

Joe Hicken Has No Previous Experience In Trading

So Adam Wenig isn't where all the trading knowledge comes from.. we've established this.

Surely the man who heads Product Research And Development at Blue Edge must be the brains right?

I don't think so.

Joe Hicken has some degrees from BYU but it doesn't have anything to do with finance.. his degrees were in Entrepreneurial Studies.

If you look at his work experience on LinkedIn he really doesn't have any in forex or trading.. he was a translator and personal trainer:

Unless Joe managed to become a master trader in between tutoring, working out and his sales job I just don't see how he's fit to head product development.

There's Not Much Out There About Tyler Turner

The last of the three cofounders is named Tyler Turner.

He is ahead of Forex Education And Client Service.

This would have to be the guy creating the training and the knowledge of trading because it probably isn't the other two.

I couldn't find anything about him, though.

So I really have no clue how legit he is or if even has a finance/trading background.

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What Is Blue Edge Financial?

Blue Edge Financial revolves around education, AI trading bots and funded accounts.

Here's a little information about the company and what to expect from it.

There's A Heavy Focus On Forex

Forex stands for foreign exchange and is when you trade currencies.

Forex is definitely a legitimate way to trade and it has pros and cons.

The reason people like trading forex is it's less volatile than stocks and you can trade 24 hours a day.

On the downside it's pretty technical stuff.

You're going to have to learn how to read charts and learn other various strategies.

It takes time to learn this stuff

Day Trading Approach

When it comes to trading forex and crypto there's different ways you can do it.

The approach Blue Edge Financial takes is day trading

Of all the ways to trade day trading is the most risky.. the success rate is as low as 5%.

The reason for this is day trading is time intensive and it's just hard to guess where a price is going to be in a couple of hours.

You can learn indicators and have "AI powered bots" assist you but the odds of success are low.

Blue Edge Financial Youtube Channel Is Embarrassing

The Blue Edge Financial Youtube channel used to be pretty decent.

They had longer videos and focused on training.

About 5 months ago they abandoned that and now just post 20 second promo videos.

Seriously it's just video after video of these videos with goofy thumbnails.

My guess is they're marketing towards younger people on TikTok and just put those videos on their Youtube channel.

Is this really who you want to pay to get you returns on forex and crypto? Does this seem like a serious person or company to you?

I'd trust Adam Wenig to do my marketing.. not my investments.

They Offer Funded Accounts

I'll go over the details of this more in the next section but Blue Edge Financial does offer funded accounts.

A funded account is when the capital to trade is provided to you.

Usually this is for people that want to trade full time but don't have the money to do so.

You have to pass a bunch of challenges and once you prove you can trade profitably Blue Edge Financial gives you money to trade with on their behalf (they get part of the profits).

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Blue Edge Financial Product Overview

There's various aspects and products at Blue Edge Financial.

You have the following options at Blue Edge Financial:

Edge Trading Academy ($147 Per Month)

Edge Trading Academy is for anyone that's interested in trading forex.

It costs $147 per month or $1297 per year.

Here's what you get:


You get 25 videos in total and they are pretty short.. most are only a few minutes long. 

Some things you'll learn in the training include:

  • The basics of forex and the principles of trading forex
  • Training on how to read charts and use charts
  • Candlestick trading
  • Fibonacci
  • Indicators
  • Patterns
  • Risk management
  • Metatrader 

And more.

This is pretty standard stuff and you can find similar trading on Youtube for completely free.

There's definitely no secrets here or nothing new.

Bank's Secret Indicator

This is marketed as a bonus for your membership.

This is a software that helps you trade against hundreds of thousands of retail investors.

Why would you want to do that?

Retail investors lose money 95% of the time.

The software is pictured above. The blue line represents what retail investors are doing and the green line represents what the market is actually doing.

So the blue shows people were shorting when in reality the market was going up. 

Basically you're just trading opposite of the herd. 

Titan X Tool

The Titan X Tool is an automatic trading software.

You punch in a bunch of settings and then the tool trades automatically based on the settings that you input.

This product was created to help people pass certain prop challenges to get a funded account.

However, you can use it to trade for your own personal gain.

VRT Cheat Sheet

This is another resource that teaches you how to pass prop challenges to get funding for your account.

It's created by an in house trader at Blue Edge Financial named Yuuya James Kato.

Apparently Yuuya has passed multiple prop challenges from various prop firms.

He's totaled over $1 million in funding this year.

This bonus will show you his strategies for getting funded. 

Millionaire Trader Series

This section is just video summaries of the three books the Blue Edge Financial team considers to be the best for traders.

These books are:

All of these books are well reviewed and well read.

For example, Naked Forex has over 600 reviews and a 4.7/5 rating:

The other two books are just as well received. 

Crypto Academy ($147 Per Month)

Next up is the training program for people that want to trade cryptos.

Here's a look everything you get:

  • Crypto Academy - The Crypto Academy is the core training for this offer. It's a pretty basic program and doesn't include anything that you couldn't find on Youtube.
  • Spiritual Guide Algorithm - This is a trading strategy where you predict the peak and crashes of crypto. It was developed by crypto trader Lee Rider. 
  • Daily Market Analysis - Every day you'll get an analysis of the crypto markets. It's easy to understand and can be read in a minute. 
  • Lee's Trade Ideas - This is the second product from Lee Rider and it's trade ideas in the crypto market. 
  • Portfolio - You'll have access to the Blue Edge Financial crypto portfolio so you can mimic their trades. 
  • Hype Coins - Hype coins (some people call them shitcoins) don't have any real value. They get pumped and dumped and those who bought in early make money. This will give you indicators on hype coins before that are going up.
  • Discord - As part of the membership you also get access to the Discord community. There you can ask questions and get answers. 

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My Thoughts On The Products

The marketing for both the forex training and crypto training is good.. but do the products live up to the hype?

I personally don't think so.

The Training Is Decent But Nothing Special

The training is decent but it won't blow you away. Most of the videos are very short and teach you the basics.

But you can find the basics on Youtube for completely free.

If you don't trust Youtube then you can buy a forex or crypto book on Amazon from a lifetime expert for $20.

Like I mentioned before the guy that heads product development doesn't seem to have trading experience.

Or if he does it's recent and not that long.

The Bonuses Don't Add Too Much

There's a few "bonuses" to each offer and they're nothing spectacular.

Of course on the sales page Blue Edge Financial makes it seem like you're getting thousands of dollars of free products but that's not the case.

For example, you get a summary of three books and somehow that combined with the other bonuses is supposedly worth over $2500.

You should just read the books!

The main bonus for the forex product is the Titan Tool but it doesn't get good results (as you'll see later).

Not Sure Why It's A Monthly Charge

After you get the training there's really not much reason to keep paying monthly for the Blue Edge Service. 

You get the indicators tool and the Titan Tool but I personally don't think those are worth $147 per month.

With Crypto you get some market analysis and access to the Discord channel but again.. I'm not seeing how that translates to $147 per month.

Blue Edge Financial Funded Accounts

Let's say you don't have thousands of dollars to trade but you got time.. and a desire to become a full time trader.

Well there's good news for you.

Many places will fund your account to trade after you pass a series of challenges.

Blue Edge Financial offers funded accounts for people that pass their two step evaluation.

There's two options to get evaluated.

The first is the following:

So you have to trade for a minimum of 10 days in a 30 day time period.

The max you can lose in a day is 5% and you're aiming for a 8% profit.

You then do it again over a 60 day period with a target of 4% profit.

The second option is as following:

Option 2 is similar but you need to have over 50% of your trading days be positive and your maximum daily loss can't be over 10%.

Here are the rules you must follow during these challenges:

Once you pass the challenges you get funded and have a profit split with Blue Edge Financial.

How much you keep depends on what you pay when you sign up and the challenge you complete.

The profits splits are either 70/30 or 80/20.

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Who Is Blue Edge Financial For?

There's some people who are a better fit for these programs than other.

Here's who I think should consider Blue Edge Financial:

Wants To Trade Professionally

Everything about Blue Edge Financial is for someone that wants to turn trading into a career. 

The forex program gives you tools that help you trade daily and train you to get ready for their funded account challenges.

The crypto program comes with daily market updates and indicators.

The funded account challenges are specifically for people that want to trade but don't have the capital to.

So if you're looking to just pick stocks or cryptos for the long haul this isn't for you.

This Is For Younger People

There's a certain vibe to Blue Edge Financial.. and that vibe is beginners and younger people.

You can even see on their Youtube channel they're specifically targeting people with about a 20 second attention span.

The training videos are brisk too.

If you're old school I'd avoid.

Affiliate Marketers

If you're looking for a program that to promote in the crypto or forex niche this can work.

They have an affiliate program that pays $51 per month for every month someone you refer stays in the program.

I personally wouldn't promote this product because I don't think the results are good enough, however. 

Blue Edge Financial Customer Complaints

The problem with partnering with scam companies and having non-traders running a trading company is the product won't be great.

That's what is happening with Blue Edge Financial.

You can see interest because the marketing is high quality but the results just aren't there.

Here's some insights into what customers are thinking about Blue Edge Financial:

Many People Are Losing Money

The people at Blue Edge Financial claim they've back tested their strategies and on average get 22% per month returns.

The problem is back testing doesn't equal results.

In reality people are losing money.

Here's what one customer had to say:

As you can see there was a 16% loss after 7 months.

Not good!

Another person was with the program for 3 months and had two losing months and one winning month:

Constantly Changing Bots

It's not exactly clear what the relationship between Eaconomy and Blue Edge Financial was but Blue Edge Financial was probably using Eaconomy's "trading bots."

Anyone with an understanding of good business knew Eaconomy wasn't on the level and would eventually collapse because it was a ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme.

Because of this Blue Edge Financial lost their trading bots and had to create another. And when that one didn't succeed they had to create another one.

Here's a customer explaining how frustrating this is:

It takes time to learn a new tool and constantly having to learn new ones can be annoying.

The Training Is Very Basic

A lot of customers also felt the training wasn't anything special and that you can find alternatives on Youtube that are just as good.

Here's a customer expressing this opinion:

The company is run by young guys and they're going to do immature things.. like block your IP address when you want to get your money back.

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Blue Edge Financial Pros And Cons

  • Good production value - The marketing for this website is very good and it looks like all the videos were made professionally.
  • Bad results - I couldn't really find anyone saying they were making a lot of money with these programs. 
  • Too expensive - Monthly and yearly costs add up. I don't think these products justify the cost.
  • Basic training - The training isn't great either. It covers the basics but nothing really else.
  • History of working with scams - Working with Eaconomy is inexcusable. It was just a reboot of another scam!

Blue Edge Financial Conclusion

Blue Edge Financial looks promising when you first visit it.

The website is clean, the marketing is on point and there's big promises made about the results you can get.

They even let you trade on a demo account to make sure it's right for you.

But that's where the good ends.

I'm suspicious of all aspects of this company and their products.

The owners don't seem like they've ever traded before and if they have it's only for a couple of years.

Adam certainly doesn't seem like a trader to me and he's the face.

Then you look into their partnership with Eaconomy and all kinds of red flags come up.

Eaconomy is an easy to spot scam - the creators had to pay fines for the previous scam they ran.

No legitimate business would want to pair up with them.

Additionally, they're constantly changing their trading bots and people complain online about losing money.

I would just avoid.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Blue Edge Financial.. just too many red flags to ignore.

The good news is there are a lot of legitimate places to get trading ideas out there.

I've personally reviewed all the best.

To see my favorite, click below:

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