Undervalued Shares Review – Swen Lorenz Scam?

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February 18  

Undervalued Shares is an investing service from Swen Lorenz.

I'm guessing if you're here you want to know if this product is a scam or not.

Well you're in luck..

I spent the entire day going through this offer and looking at all aspects of Undervalued Shares.

You'll see some background information on Swen, how much it costs and what exactly you get.

You'll know if these reports are right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Undervalued Shares Summary

Owner: Swen Lorenz

Price: $49 per year

Rating: 4/5

Do I Recommend? Yes!

Summary: I haven't come across a program worth recommending in a while and Undervalued Shares turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

You're not going to get a million stock picks but the one's Swen provides are solid.

The price is awesome too.

Definitely work checking out.

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Things To Know About Undervalued Shares

Before looking into what Undervalued Shares offers, lets take a look at some background information.

Here's what I think is most important to know about this company:

1) It's Run By Swen Lorenz

Swen Lorenz is the creator of Undervalued Stocks and he seems like a pretty interesting guy.

He has loads of experience in the investing and business world.

In 2005 he was the director of Speymill Macau which is an investing company managing hundreds of millions worth of property in Macau.

He's bounced around various companies since then and launched Master Investor in 2015.

Master Investor holds the largest conference for private investors in the UK.

In September 2020 Swen started Sarnia Asset Management.

So Swen is a someone that has experience managing money and is someone that's definitely qualified to give investment advice.

2) Undervalued Stocks Current Pitch Is Naked Wines

Swen puts out 14 reports a years about different stocks he believes are undervalued.

10 are for regular customers and 4 are meant for lifetime members.

He just released 1 of the 4 reports for lifetime members and is teasing a stock to get people to get his service.

After sleuthing around the internet I was able to figure out the company being teased as the "World Largest Subscription Business" is Naked Wines.

This company is pretty interesting.

It started in the UK and now their biggest operation is in the US. 

Essentially people contribute money for future wine purchases and there's a subscription where people get wine sent to them monthly.

The money given to Naked Wines funds independent winemakers who in return sell products exclusively to Naked Wines. 

The reason Swen is excited about this company is a well known hedge fund manager named Glen Kacher invested $60 million into Naked Wines.

Glen expects the company to grow by 4 times in the next couple of years and 10 times in the next decade.

Customers seem to enjoy the service and retention seems fairly high.

The biggest drawback is concerns over how big the company can actually grown and whether lockdowns from covid superficially increased subscriptions.

The next couple of years will answer both of those questions.

The stock is currently up 68% in the last few years but down 50% since its high 8 months ago:

This seems like a pretty good opportunity and a lot of Swen's previous picks have worked out well.

3) Swen Has A Lot Of Winners And Some Losers

Overall, Swen has made a lot of good stock picks and some bad ones.

Let's look at some of previous reports to see how well he's done:

Novavax In July 2021 (Bad Pick So Far)

The first stock we're going to look at is Novavax.

The pitch behind this pick is Novavax has the best covid vaccine and their stock was undervalued.

According to Swen he's a vaccine skeptic and Novavax is the only vaccine he would get, if he were to get one.

He claims a doctor told him to wait until Novavax hits the market in autumn 2021 if he could.

This report came out in July 2021 and seems to be a loser so far:

So the report came out when the stock price was $179 and it currently is $84.60.. that's a loss of around 50%.

The big flaw here is most people who wanted to get vaccinated were already vaccinated by autumn 2021.

It's February 2022 and the vaccine just got approved in Canada today.

It's not approved in America and not approved in Australia yet either.

I just don't see anyone really getting the vaccine if they haven't gotten it yet.

Some believe the stock has a small chance to get to $300 where it peaked, but it doesn't seem likely anytime soon. 

Pampa Energia In May 2021 (Good Pick)

In May 2021, Swen predicted Argentina's largest electricity producer, Pampa Energia, would make investors a lot of money.

Many stocks were down in Argentina when he made this prediction but claimed smart money was investing in the country's stocks.

His prediction is the stock would rise between 100% to 300% and that it was a no brainer to invest in.

So far he seems correct:

The stock is up about 25% since the report came out 8 months ago.

Apollo Global In April 2021 (Good Pick)

The next pick Swen claimed had the possibility to increase "50% by mid 2022" from April 2021.

The company he's talking about is Apollo Global Management.

This investment firm is one of the behemoths in asset management and currently manages $455 billion assets.

Despite this, the stock has stalled in the past and hasn't performed as well as other large investment firms like Blackstone and Carlyle Group.

Once again Swen guessed correctly and the stock has done well since April 2021:

It's still early 2022 so there's a chance the stock hits his goal of 50% returns.

Cresud S.A. In March 2021 (Good Pick)

We're back In Argentina for another stock pick.

This one is is called Cresud S.A. and is an Argentinian farmland and real estate holding company.

Cresud S.A. is up a small amount since this report came out but there's still room to grow:

It's up 16% and was up much more right after the report came back.

Just Eat Takeaway.com In Decemeber 2020 (Bad So Far)

One of the worst picks Swen recommended was Just Eat Takeaway.com

The person leading this company has an amazing track record in business and has made billion in his life (he's only in his 40's).

The company acquired Grubhub in April 2020 and Swen created his report in December 2020 asking the question is Just Eat Takeaway.com "the must own e-commerce stock for 2021?"

It turns out no is the answer:

The stock dropped from $22 to $8.68 in the time since Swen has recommended. That's a 61% loss.

Some people are still bullish on Just Eat Takeaway.com but anyone that bought at $22 must not be feeling too good. 

Volkswagen In June 2020 (Good Pick)

The last stock we're going to look at is the world' largest car company - Volksawagen.

This recommendation came right after the stock started recovering from covid.

If you invested in Volkswagen when Swen came out with this report you'd be very happy:

The stock has almost doubled since the prediction!

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What Does Undervalued Shares Offer?

The offer from Undervalued Shares is straight forward.

This is what you get if you sign up for a yearly membership ($49 per year):

  • 10 reports a year, each covering a new stock
  • Access to all previous reports
  • Updates on past reports
  • Email alerts if you need to close out a position

If you get the lifetime membership ($999) you get what I just mentioned plus the following:

  • 4 stock picks from small or mid cap companies
  • Priority booking to events

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My Thoughts On Undervalued Shares

There's a lot to digest with this product.

Here's what I think about it:

Should Be Paired With Another Newsletter

There's a lot of newsletters that throw a lot of picks at you a month.

For example, my favorite one gives you 5 per week and another good one gives you 7 per month.

There's so many picks that it would be pretty hard to invest in each one and you'll have to pass on some.

I like what Undervalued Shares does because it just focuses on one company every month or so.

You won't be overwhelmed or have to decide which stock you won't be investing in.

However, one a month likely isn't going to be enough.

Undervalued Shares is the type of service that you pair with another.

Price Is Great

The price for this product is excellent.

$49 for an entire year of reports is the best you could honestly ask for.

My only problem with the price is I wish there were a membership option between a year ($49) and lifetime ($999).

Maybe have a membership that gives the 4 extra reports just for a year.

If Swen could do that this would be one of the best priced stock picking services out there.

Refund Policy Isn't Great

There really doesn't seem to be a refund policy.

Swen states you can email him directly and ask for a refund.. he may give one at his own discretion.

But typically refunds aren't given.

This isn't the biggest deal since the product is so inexpensive to try.

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Undervalued Shares Pros And Cons

  • Great price: You're not going to find better than $49 per year for good stock picks.
  • Good returns: There's a few losers recommended by Swen but there's definitely more winners.
  • Easy to understand: Swen's reports are very easy to understand and there's nothing too technical about them.
  • Could benefit from 3rd membership tier: If Swen could think of something between $49 and $999 I think that would be better.

Undervalued Shares Conclusion

My starting point for investing services is they're scams and they need to prove to me they're not.

I've seen too many fraudsters in this industry to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Undervalued Shares proved they're not a scam, though.

The price is affordable, the picks are profitable, the owner has a finance background and everything is simple to understand.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product and would recommend you buying it! 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I like Undervalued Shares a lot.. my only suggestion is to pair it with a newsletter that offers more than one pick a month.

My favorite stock picking newsletter gives out 5 picks a week and is extremely affordable.

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