Uncovered: Ross Given’s “$3 AI Wonder Stock”

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May 19  

Ross Givens is hyping up what he calls a $3 wonder stock.

And claims a certain investment could be a financial lifesaver.

Also, Ross claims this company just got the keys to a virtually untapped $15.7 trillion market.

The best part is that he left enough clues about this company in the presentation, and I reveal them in this video.

Additionally, I'll tell you if it's a good investment or not.

This is all explained in the video below.

A transcript is under the video if you'd rather just read about my findings.

Transcript Of Video

In this presentation, Ross is hyping up a company called SoundHound AI, which is the company behind Houndify.

They're supposed to be better versions of Alexa.

The business model is to partner with different companies and provide voice assistance and generative AI assistance.

They've struggled since going live last year through a SPAC deal, and costs are rising dramatically.

This is definitely a high-risk investment, but they do claim to have a lot of backorders, which could help them become profitable, which hasn't happened yet.

I'm going to spend the rest of the video talking more in depth about this investment and whether it's smart or not.

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What Is SoundHound AI?

SoundHound AI is an artificial intelligence platform developed by SoundHound Inc., a technology company specializing in sound recognition and voice search.

SoundHound AI leverages advanced machine learning and deep neural networks to enable computers and devices to understand and interact with sound, music, and voice inputs.

The primary feature of SoundHound AI is its ability to identify and recognize songs and music by "listening" to a snippet or humming of the melody. It can quickly identify the song title, artist, and album information, providing users with instant access to relevant music information.

Additionally, SoundHound AI extends its capabilities beyond music identification. It includes voice recognition technology that allows users to issue voice commands and interact with devices using natural language.

It can understand and respond to user queries, search for information, provide recommendations, and even integrate with other applications and services.

SoundHound AI is often integrated into various products and services, including mobile apps, voice assistants, and smart devices. It enhances the user experience by enabling seamless voice-controlled interactions and delivering accurate music recognition capabilities.

Pros And Cons Of SoundHound AI

There are pros and cons to investing in SoundHound.

Let's start with the pros. SoundHound is going to benefit from AI being so hot right now. Investors will look for any company that has to do with AI.Ross Givens claims there's been some suspicious buying activity with the stock, but that's mainly from the AI mania that SoundHound has benefited from.

Additionally, they just received a $100 million loan from Atlast Credit Partners, so they should be able to last a little while longer at the minimum.

And lastly, they do have impressive products. Their voice assistance technology works very well and is a product that could definitely work well in cars and on phones.

As far as negatives go, they're burning through cash very quickly and only had $10 million left before the $100 million loan.

Let's also not forget that there's loads of competition in this space right now. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others are working on the same technology.

And the Biden administration doesn't seem to be letting many of these giant tech companies buy other companies at the moment because of antitrust laws.

Lastly, revenue was expected to be $100 million last year, and it was less than half that. So they're growing slower than anticipated.

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