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January 11  

TraderLion is a trading community run by Ross Haber.. they offer a bunch of products and services.

Some are pretty expensive..

Before investing your money into these programs I'm sure you want to know if they're scams or not.

This review will answer every question you have about TraderLion.

Some stuff you'll learn includes:

  • Background information on Haber 
  • Overview of what exactly TraderLion is offering
  • Who TraderLion is for

And more.

You'll know if Traderlion is worth paying for after you're done reading.

Let's get started!

TraderLion Summary

Owner: Ross Haber

Price: Varies (multiple products)

Rating: 3.5/5

Do I Recommend? It depends

Summary: TraderLion is a pretty good place to learn how to swing trade and do technical analysis.

Ross is a competent trader and he does a good job teaching trading principles.

The only downside is the cost a little high and there's no refunds. 

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4 Things To Know About Ross Haber

Ross Haber is cofounder of TraderLion and he's the main face of the company.

Here's some interesting facts about Ross:

1) Has Been Trading For A While

Ross created TraderLion in 2017 but has a long history in the investing and trading world.

Ross was an account executive for OLDE Discount Corporation all the way back in 1995.

OLDE Discount was a discount brokerage that was bought by H&R Block in 1999 for $850 million.

However, Olde Discount was fined by the SEC for defrauding customers between the years 1992 to 1995.

They had to pay $5 million in fines for unauthorized trading in customers accounts and excessive trading with the intention of racking up brokerage commissions. 

According to the SEC Olde "created an environment that encouraged high-pressure and fraudulent sales techniques."

After this Ross bounced around different firms and companies.

He worked for:

  • J.B. Oxford & Company
  • William O'Neil 
  • Phinity Capital 
  • Opus Trading Fund
  • Virtue of Selfish Investing

His job in most of these companies was account executive or portfolio manager. 

2) Mentored By William O'Neil

Ross likes to mention that he was mentored by William O'Neil.

William O'Neil is a well known investor with many major accomplishments.

At the age of 30 he bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and became the youngest person to do so at the time.

He also developed the CAN SLIM Investing System

This investing system helps investors find high growth stocks and has proven successful over decades. 

Here's what the CAN SLIM Investing looks at:

  • Current quarterly earnings
  • Annual earnings growth
  • New product, service, management or price high
  • Supply and demand
  • Leader or laggard
  • Institutional sponsorship
  • Market direction

According to Ross, these are several things he learned from William O'Neil including:

  • The importance of mental and physical health
  • Avoid making emotional decisions
  • Risk control
  • Cash is a position
  • Update your rules as you learn more
  • Never doubt a follow through day
  • No ego
  • Learn to interpret price/volume
  • Listen to yourself over others
  • Stay positive

O'Neil has good things to say about Haber as well and describes Haber as a talented trader:

O'Neil also created the very popular and influential trading resource Investor's Business Daily.

The best always learn from the best.

It's a good thing Haber had such good mentors in his past. 

3) Ross Wrote A Fairly Popular Book

Ross has a book called Model Book.

This is technical analysis book that looks at that the best stocks from the last 3 years.

It comes with in depth information on these stocks along with with charts describing them.

It gets pretty good reviews on Amazon and has an average rating of 4.4/5.

The biggest criticism is that it doesn't have enough analysis and is too short (it's only 78 pages):

Many people also considered it just a copy cat version of CAN SLIM.

4) Youtube Is Ross' Social Media Of Choice

Ross Haber has a Twitter and Facebook but he posts to them sparsely.

Ross does invest a lot of time and energy into Youtube, though.

The TraderLion Youtube channel puts out a few videos a week and they're pretty in depth.

There you'll find interviews, chats among traders and in-depth tutorials. 

One thing I really like about the TraderLion Youtube channel is there's not really any clickbait or bragging about wealth.

So many Youtuber's show (and fake) their wealth on Youtube - it's nauseating.

Some traders guilty of this are Max Madaz, Alex Temiz, Market Rebellion owners and plenty of others.

The TraderLion Youtube channel is educational in natural and you can learn a lot from watching the their videos.

It's definitely worth subscribing to. 

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What Is TradingLion?

TradingLion is the trading and investing brand developed by Ross Haber.

Most programs that I review tend to focus on one aspect of trading.

For example, many brands will just focus on day trading or options or futures.

TraderLion is a little different, though.

They have products for people that are looking for faster results and products for people that want to hold for a while. 

For instance, they have an educational program for swing traders (people looking to buy and sell stocks in a couple days to a couple weeks) and educational program for position traders (people looking to buy and hold).

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TraderLion Product Overview

TraderLion offers a lot of different products.

Here's a breakdown of everything you can get:

Top 10 Report ($49 Per Month)

The Top 10 Report is a newsletter that goes out twice a week.

This report focuses on the top stocks in the top markets.

Because 70% of all trades involve institutions that's where Ross focuses his attention.

Here's what you can expect with The Top 10 Report:

  • Information on set ups for swing trades
  • How to identify indicators that a stock is going to grow quickly
  • An overview of the market as a whole
  • Technical analysis of the stocks on the Top 10 Focus List
  • A watch list of potential breakout stock picks

This really isn't a product for beginners, though. It's for people that have a firm grasp of trading and swing trading.

Private Access ($99 Per Month)

Private Access is another service from TraderLion.

As part of the Private Access membership you get The Top 10 Report plus the following:

  • Community Forums: You can interact with other Private Access members to learn how to trade better and get stock ideas.
  • Daily Plan: Everyday you'll get information and reports on the market and different leading stocks.
  • Webinars: You'll be able to interact with the main guys at TraderLion on Zoom.
  • Trade Analysis: You'll be able to propose trade ideas to the team at TraderLion and get feedback.
  • Education: You'll have access to a bunch of training material as well.

TraderLion University 

TraderLion University focuses more on education instead of trading ideas.

There's a couple different courses here and they include:

  • 2020 Model Book Stock Videos ($47): This is just a video version of the Model Book I mentioend earlier. You'll get analysis of the top performing stocks of the last few years.
  • Leadership Blueprints ($395): The Leadership Blueprints is a course that teaches you how to spot leadership stocks and to build a sound trading strategy. You'll get 4 hours of training, 26 topics covered and 21 quizzes to help you.
  • Swing Trading Masterclass: This course is taught by Oliver Kell and covers swing trading. You'll learn set ups, risk management, position, management, mindset and more.

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My TraderLion Product Takeaways

There's a lot to unpack with these products and services.

Here's what I think about them:

Newsletters Aren't Beginner Friendly

This is especially true for The Top 10 Report but it's also true for Private Access as well.

These newsletters are highly technical and are for people that already have a trading foundation.

Ross even describes the newsletters as a way for you to learn on your own.

If you aren't sure how to read a chart or know how to set up a swing trade these products may not benefit you too much.

The Training Is More For Beginners

If you are in need of a primer on chart analysis, setups and stock indicators the education programs can work for you.

These courses are more for beginners and will give you the foundation to understand what's in the newsletters.

However, if you already know the basics of swing trading and technical analysis you won't benefit too much from the training.

There's Cheaper Alternatives

The education courses are a little pricey for what you're getting, though.

For example, The Leadership Blueprints only comes with 4.5 hours of training and it costs nearly $400.

The swing trading course is taught over 5 webinars and almost costs $800.

The material covered isn't groundbreaking or anything like that either.

There's plenty of alternatives to learn the exact same stuff for much cheaper.

For instance, you can look on Amazon for a swing trading book and find excellent ones for under $20.

There's also loads of free information on Youtube.

The info on Youtube isn't always the greatest but if you find a good swing trader they usually give out a lot of quality information.

Don't Bother If You Have Less Than $30,000 To Trade

You'll be getting trade ideas all the time and you're being taught swing trading. This requires buying and selling stocks within a day sometimes.

However, there's many laws and regulations for traders and this is definitely true in the US (where I'm from).

You can't make more than 3 trades a week if you have less than $25,000 in your trading account.

$30,000 will ensure you don't go under $25,000 and lose the ability to make more than 3 trades.

If you don't have that kind of money to trade than most of these products will be pretty worthless for you.

No Refunds (BOOOO!)

TraderLion had a strict no refund policy:

This is not a good policy and every online program should come with some sort of refund policy.

The excuse that "you are able to instantly benefit from the knowledge of the service" and therefore shouldn't get a refund is BS. 

Plenty of trading programs offer refunds.

If a customer is unsatisfied with what they get or were expecting something different they should be able to get a refund. 

Additionally, they make it clear that they don't give refunds even if there's an automatic renewal of a product.

If someone forgot to cancel their membership and wanted a refund you should just give it to them.

It's stupid not to.

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TraderLion Pros And Cons

  • Ross is experienced: Ross Haber has been trading for nearly 30 years now. He learned from some of the best as well. 
  • Solid principles: Sound principles are very important in trading. All the products and services here are based on sound and tested principles.
  • Good Youtube channel: There's a lot of good information at the TraderLion Youtube channel. There's no clickbait or annoying self promotion either.
  • No refunds: I really don't like the refund policy at TraderLion. It's my least favorite part of the program.
  • A little pricey: Some of the training programs are overpriced for what you're getting. There's definitely cheaper alternatives. 

Final Thoughts

There's a lot to like about TraderLion.

When you review as many trading programs as I do and cover some of the characters in this world you get a little cynical.

However, this brand pleasantly surprised me.

You can tell Ross Haber is a trading professional and not some immature 20 something year old that learned trading a few years ago.

The newsletters are solid and while I think the education is a little overpriced, they're good for beginners.

The biggest disappointment is not giving refunds.

So really make sure this is what you want before buying because you're not getting your money back if you're unsatisfied. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

TraderLion has some good products but there's better out there.

I've personally reviewed hundreds of trading programs and stock selecting services.

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