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April 1  

Stock Navigators is a day trading and swing trading company that sells a bunch of courses.. it's run by father/son combo Tom and Tim Luongo.

Their ads are running on Youtube a lot so I thought I'd review it for anyone interested in buying.

There's a lot to see about Stock Navigators so make sure to read everything below.

You'll get a good idea of who's running the company, what strategies are taught, whether the courses are worth it and more.

You'll know if this opportunity is a scam by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Stock Navigators Summary

Owner: Tom and Tim Luongo

Price: Depends on course ($97 to $4800)

Rating: 1/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: Stock Navigators is all smoke and mirrors.

The owners claim their master traders but if you look in the terms of service they admit they don't actually trade - instead they virtually trade using "hindsight."

There's zero proof Tom or Tim are profitable traders and zero proof their strategies actually work.

Avoid these slick marketers. 

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4 Things To Know About Stock Navigators

Before we get into what exactly Stock Navigators is offering, let's take a look at some important information.

Here's what I think you should know about this company:

1) Can't Really Verify Anything In Tom's Or Tim's Past

This actually isn't my first consumer protection website.

In the past I ran a popular website that investigates programs that claim to help people create an online business.

I learned a lot running this website and the primary thing I learned was never trust what these online gurus say about themselves.

In many instances I was able to prove the people running these programs were complete scam artists.

In other instances the owners were completely misleading about their experience and their results.

I started this website a few months ago after seeing the same problems in the stock world.

More people lie about their past than are honest.

If there's one thing you should take away from this review, let it be this:

Never believe what any person trying to sell you a course is saying unless they offer proof backing up their claims.

With something like stocks you typically want the proof to come from a third party.

Tom and Tim give an entire story about how they started and stuff like that.

I'm not going to repeat any of it here because I don't really know what is true about it and what isn't.

I do know the son, Tim, claims he worked on Wall Street before starting Stock Navigators:

Notice Tim doesn't say what the position was or he was working for.

So it's hard to verify if this is true or not.

However, if you buy and sell stocks on behalf of a customer (like a stockbroker), you need to register with FINRA.

FINRA works with the US government to ensure traders and firms are following regulations.

They have the power to ban firms and brokers from trading - they can fine the same groups as well.

You can search FINRA for everyone that's ever registered and nothing comes up for Tim Luong or Timothy Luong:

Not all positions on Wall Street would require you to register with FINRA but most do.

I'd like to hear from Tim about what his actual position was or whether it was just an internship.

I emailed him to ask and will update if he responds.

Tim responded.. he claims giving up a position meant he was offered a job and turned it down, not had a job and then quit. 

This would explain why he's not listed in FINRA. 

2) You Don't Actually Interact With Tim Or Tom Often

I'll give Stock Navigators a lot of credit.. their marketing campaign is well made.

Their Youtube ads is what inspired me to do this review.

One thing that makes Stock Navigators so appealing is it truly does seem like a family run business.

You're pitched on the idea that you'll be apart of the family if you join.

However, you don't ever really get to interact with Tom, who calls himself the "master trader."

Instead you're taught by inexperienced traders who were previously students:

This person above was in the program for more than a year and the only interaction he had with Tom was a Q&A.

Most of the instructors were only traders for a handful of years as well.

Trading is hard to master and you typically want to learn from someone with much more experience.

3) There's No Real Trading Happening At Stock Navigators

I have a secret to making millions with day trading with almost zero risk.. you ready to hear it?

The strategy is called sell a day trading course to beginner traders and never actually trade.

To be completely honest this is how almost all online day trading gurus make their money, including Tim and Tom at Stock Navigators.

Don't believe me?

Check this out from their performance disclosure:

There's no real trading going on at Stock Navigators and they admit it's almost all simulated trading.

They specifically say "no actual money is invested, nor any trades executed."

You might be thinking to yourself that their virtual trades show that they would be profitable traders if they did trade.. but that's not true either.

This is straight from their performance disclaimer:

Basically all results you see from Stock Navigator are fake and not in any way related to the reality of trading.

If their trading strategy actually worked, why wouldn't they be trading?

The answer is very, very simple.

It's much easier to make millions selling day trading education than to actually day trade.

The Luong's claim over 1,000 people have bought their course that costs $4,800.. that's nearly $5 million from that one course alone!

There's no need to make a single trade ever if you're making money like that.

The truth is day trading is basically impossible to succeed with, which I'll prove now.

4) Day Trading Success Rate Is Close To Zero

There's a lot of people hungry for day trading education and services.

For whatever reason day trading is popular and many people try to succeed with it.

Very few ever make any money, let alone enough to live on.

In the Stock Navigators Youtube ad Tim throws around potential money you could make from their course but it's all a fantasy - much like the trades Tim actually makes.

Some people like to claim the day trading success rate is around 5% to 10% but it's actually worst than that.

5% to 10% is the amount of people that make anything.

Day trading is like a full time job, though.. it involves sitting in front of a computer for hours a day and waking up at the break of dawn.

If you did this every day for a year and only made $100 that wouldn't be a success.

That come out to pennies per hour spent working.

The true success rate is less than 1%.. that's the amount of people that make more than minimum wage day trading. 

This was proven by a massive day trading study that lasted more than 15 years and looked at hundreds of thousands of day traders:

There's nothing you can really do to increase your odds of success either.

It's gambling.

The more you do it, the more you're going to lose.

In the end the average day trader loses over 30% of their account every year.

The only way to win with stocks is to invest in the long term.

It's much easier to guess where a stock will be in a few years compared to a few hours:

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Stock Navigators Product Overview

Stock Navigators has three products and each is more expensive than the next.

Here's a breakdown of each one:

Money Zone Trading Challenge ($97)

The Money Zone Trading Challenge is a very basic and short training program.

The boys at Stock Navigator are very good marketers and every good online marketer knows you can't just pitch someone on a course that costs thousands.

You need to give away free and cheaper products before you make the big pitch.

That's what Money Zone Trading Challenge.

This is just the first course in a much larger marketing funnel.

There's really no chance you become a competent trader after going through the material in this program.

It's just too short.

You only get 3 hours of training.

You can easily find Youtube channels and videos that provide the same exact information.

To be honest you'll probably find better training as well.

The whole pitch is that you're being taught by "top 1% trader, Tom Luong" but who even knows if that's true.

Remember, the terms specifically claim Tom doesn't actually trade.

Additionally, to be in the top 1% of day traders you just need to make more than minimum wage.

Kind of weird they allude to these weird statistics instead of actually just saying how much Tom makes trading, right?

Expert Trader ($4800)

Expert Trader is another example of the boys at Stock Navigator understanding online marketing.

People typically won't buy anything that costs more than $1,000 online without talking to someone first.

To buy this course you need to sit through a hour long presentation where Tim explains the trading strategies used in the training.

After the webinar is completed you have to fill out a survey to see if you're "eligible" for Expert Trader.

They're essentially just seeing if you have the money to buy the course.

Additionally, they get your email and pone number when you fill out the survey. This allows them to market the course to you forever.

Next, they ask you to schedule a 1 on 1 "strategy session" where you'll receive a free e-book:

This is where the sales people try to persuade you into buying this program.

Expert Trader comes with the following:

  • 60 hours of training that covers day trading, swing trading and long term investments
  • Trading simulators
  • Q&A's 3 times a week
  • Market analysis and newsletters
  • Student community

Options Accelerator 

The last course is called Options Accelerator.

Unlike the previous two programs you can't sign up for this one unless you've taken Expert Trader first.

This one focuses on option trading.

With this program you get:

  • 7 weeks of training
  • Mindset training
  • Q&A
  • Community

The price isn't given for this program.

If I had to guess it will cost the most out of all three products, which is why they limit to people that have already paid $4,800.

They know these people can afford expensive training programs.

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Stock Navigators FAQ's

You might still have questions about Stock Navigators.

Here's some answers to any remaining questions:

1) Are The Prices At Stock Navigators Fair?

Not really.

The first course is only $97 but it's really, really short.

I've taken courses in the past that were close to this price and there was 30+ hours of training.. Money Zone Trading Challenge is only 3 hours.

I guarantee you can find equal level training on Youtube for free.

Additionally, the other two programs are just too expensive.

Expert Trader and the Options Accelerator costs thousands of dollars and that's too much for people that admit they don't actually trade.

Go find a program from people that are willing to show their real results if you're going to spend that much money.

2) Does Stock Navigators Have A Refund Policy?

There is one but it's not a very good one.

Every product has its own refund policy and they're all action based.

For the education programs you can't have watched past a certain module and you only get 14 days to get your money back.

There's no refunds for any monthly subscription.

3) Is Tom And Tim Legit?

They're legit marketers but I don't think they're legit traders.

Maybe the father has some good investments in his past but they admit they don't actually trade.

And if you don't actually trade the strategies you're teaching you're not legit in my book.

If these strategies worked they'd be using them and showing their results.

Instead they use vague terms like "top 1% trader" and stuff like that.

4) Stock Navigators' Complaints

The most common customer complaints have to do with the cost of the products and just the overall guru vibe to Stock Navigators.

The training programs cost thousands of dollars and you're not even taught by "master trader" Tom.

Instead you're being taught be people who only have a couple years experience.

The only time you get to interact with Tom is during Q&A's.

Additionally, many people are catching on to the fact these courses are typically bogus.

The success rate for people who take these courses is going to be very low and people are understandably upset when they don't succeed.

The marketing makes it look so easy and the truth is it's not.

It's damn near impossible.

5) Is Stock Navigator's Trading Strategies Legit?

I personally don't think they are... and to be honest they pretty much admit they're not.

They virtually trade and in the terms of service say these aren't trades you can make in real life.

This is claimed because virtual trading uses hindsight.

The people at Stock Navigator are literally looking at a past trade and saying "well if you entered at this price and exited at this price, you would make this much."

Anyone can look back on a trade and say that. That's why the saying "hindsight is 20/20" exists.

Being able to live trade with real money, with real risk is a completely different ball game.

6) Do You Recommend Any Stock Navigators' Products?

No I don't.

I wouldn't even recommend the cheap course because it's so skimpy on training.

There's zero chance you can learn something as complicated as day trading in just 3 hours of training.

The reason Money Zone Trading Challenge exists is to sell you on the more expensive courses later.

7) Are There Similar Programs?

I wouldn't recommend getting involved with day trading but there are many similar services out there.

Some I've reviewed include:

And that's not even close to all of them.

As you can see there's no shortage of garbage day trading programs out there.

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Stock Navigators Pros And Cons

  • No trading happening: Tim and Tom claim to be expert traders but put in the fine print they don't actually trade. Clearly their strategies don't work.
  • Too expensive: The bigger courses cost several thousands of dollars which is way too much money.
  • Inexperienced instructors: Most of the training is done by former Stock Navigators students who only have a couple years of experience.
  • Day trading: The reason Tim and Tom don't actually trade is day trading is basically impossible to succeed with. 

Stock Navigators Conclusion

Don't fall for the "one big happy family" marketing of Stock Navigators.

The Luong's put a nice face on day trading but it's no different than any other day trading program.

The truth is these two don't actually trade and there's no reason for them to ever make a single trade.

They're making MILLIONS from Stock Navigators.

Why spend hours a day trading with almost zero chance of profiting when you can sling courses on the internet?

Their marketing funnels and advertising campaigns are slick and they make it all seem so possible.

I'm telling you it's been proven basically impossible.

Stick to long term investing and build your wealth up through time.

That's the only way to do it!

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Stock Navigators and any other day trading program.

Try to find stocks and companies that will pay out in years.. this is a winning strategy.

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