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June 27  

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Today we're going to be revealing the stock that Alexander Green claims is a $12 energy company that insiders are buying in a frenzy.

Not only will we be revealing this stock, but we'll also cover whether it's a good stock to buy.

To get all this information, just watch the video below:

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Before we reveal the stock, let's take a look at what this teaser is about.

This presentation starts with the headline "Biden’s Disastrous Energy Policy Just Handed Us the Biggest Oil Boom of Our Lives."

And that Alexander Green knows how to "play it for your chance at 250% gains in the year ahead."

According to this teaser, Green believes that despite Biden's attempts to kill oil, we're going to enter a bull market for oil.

And that oil prices could leap to as high as $350 per barrel.

Clues About The Stock

Green was very generous in giving away a lot of clues in this teaser.

Some clues include inside buying from the CEO, claiming the company owns 100,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines, recently added pipelines in the Permian Basin, has a nearly double-digit dividend rate, and several billionaires have invested in this company.

The company Green is talking about in this teaser is Energy Transfer.

What Is Energy Transfer?

Energy Transfer is a prominent player in the midstream energy sector. The company's primary focus lies in the transportation, storage, and distribution of various energy resources, including natural gas, crude oil, and refined products.

One of Energy Transfer's core activities is natural gas transportation. They have developed an extensive network of pipelines, both interstate and intrastate, which serve to transport natural gas across long distances. These pipelines connect production areas to various markets, power plants, industrial facilities, and distribution centers. By facilitating the movement of natural gas, Energy Transfer plays a crucial role in meeting energy demands and ensuring a reliable supply.

In addition to natural gas, Energy Transfer is also involved in crude oil transportation. They own and operate pipelines that transport crude oil from oil fields to refineries and export terminals. This infrastructure enables the efficient and secure delivery of crude oil, supporting the refining process and facilitating its distribution to consumers.

Energy Transfer's activities in the midstream sector contribute to the overall energy infrastructure of the United States. By providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions for natural gas and crude oil, the company plays a vital role in the energy supply chain.

Pros and Cons Of Energy Transfer

There's a lot to like about this stock.

Some reasons you'll want to invest in this company includes:

Energy Transfer is a diversified and integrated play on energy that deals in natural gas and crude oil and their derivatives.

Energy Transfer has a strong buy consensus rating from analysts, with an average price target of $16.43, which implies a 31.2% upside from the current price of $12.5.

Energy Transfer pays a high dividend yield of 9.84%, which is attractive for income investors.

Energy Transfer operates a vast network of natural gas and crude oil collection, processing and storage facilities along with the pipelines to move it, which gives it a competitive advantage in the energy sector.

There's also some negatives to this stock as well. 

Energy Transfer has a high debt load of about $50 billion, which makes it vulnerable to interest rate fluctuations and credit rating downgrades.

Energy Transfer faces regulatory risks from environmental and social issues, such as the controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline, which could affect its operations and reputation.

Energy Transfer is exposed to commodity price volatility, which could affect its cash flows and profitability.

Energy Transfer has a negative short interest of 2.25% of its float, which indicates that some investors are betting against the stock.

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