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December 28  

Mark Minervini is a well known Wall Street veteran and has a stock trading program called Minervini Private Access.

Today I'm going to review this offer.

It's very expensive and I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not before buying.

Take a few minutes and read everything in this post.

There's a lot to unpack here including who Mark Minervini is, what exactly is Minervini Private Access and other important information.

Let's take a look at everything now!

Minervini Private Access Summary

Owner: Mark Minervini

Price: $999 per month

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? It depends (very expensive)

Summary: Mark Minervini is a successful trader and on the surface Minervini Private Access seems like an awesome deal.

However, there's some red flags regarding the program.

Many people believe Mark is manipulating stock prices by sending buy alerts to his members (which he profits from and his members lose from).

Additionally, the program is very expensive and there's no refunds.

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6 Things To Know About Mark Minervini

Mark Minervini has been around for a while.

Here's what I think the most important aspects of Mark's career are:

1) Mark Is A Trading Veteran 

The reason I started this website is there's a lot of scammers in the investing and trading world.

A lot of times these scammers are very young and started trading like 2 years ago.

They rarely can show long term results or anything like that.

However, Mark Minervini doesn't fall into this category. He's been trading for 37 years and has a load of experience. 

2) Mark Has Made HUGE Calls In The Past

Since Mark has been in the investing world for so long he's had many opportunities to predict market outcomes.

And he's been correct about big moments many, many times.

For instance, in 1998 Mark made an appearance on cable news comparing the current market to one in 1987.

He was warning of a crash because of the statistical similarities.

In 1987 the Dow Jones crashed 508 points.

On the NEXT trading day after Mark warned people the Dow Jones crashed 512 points!

In the years after he's been able to accurately predict bear markets and bull markets with extreme accuracy. 

3) He's Written Best Selling Trading Books

Besides making eerily accurate market calls, Mark Minervini has authored many best selling books.

His most popular are Think And Trade Like A Champion and Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard.

These books are well liked and the average rating is very high.

For instance, on Amazon Think And Trade Like A Champion has an average rating of 4.8/5:

His other book has a 4.7 out of 5.

These are two books that every trader should read.

4) An Investing Champion

Many traders don't like showing their returns because they're usually not as high as they claim.

For instance, I reviewed a program last week where the owners (who are very well known) refuse to show their results.

Minervini not only shows his results but he wins competitive competitions against the world's best investors.

He started competing in the U.S. Investing Championship in 1997 and absolutely dominated.. he doubled the returns of every other trader.

In 2021 he's doing it again.

This demonstrates Mark didn't just get lucky a few times.

He's continues to improve his investing strategies and continues to dominate the competition. 

However, some people believe he uses Minervini Private Access to manipulate stock prices.

So he gets returns while his members sometimes lose money.

5) He's Very Active On Twitter

If you're looking for some daily inspiration about trading and little golden nuggets to help you improve, you should follow Mark on Twitter.

For instance, this is something Mark recently Tweeted out that I think is very insightful:

You won't really get stock ideas from Mark's Twitter but you will become a better trader following his advice.

6) You Can Watch Mark Jam Out On Youtube

Usually a trader uses their Youtube channel as a free lead magnet.

They put out videos and try funneling visitors into their marketing funnel.. with the end goal of getting you to buy one of their expensive course.

Mark actually makes a ton trading so he doesn't really seem to bothered with turning his Youtube viewers into buyers.

In fact, most of his videos lately are just him playing the drums:

There seems to be a trend among successful traders playing the drums.

Michael Burry, the focus of the popular movie The Big Short, also plays the drums regularly. 

What Is Mark's Trading Strategy?

Mark has refined his strategy over the last 37 years and uses a very disciplined approach when trading.

Here's an overview of how Mark trades:

Mark Targets Superperformance Stocks

When Mark first started trading he read Richard Love's Superperformance Stocks

This book analyzed stocks that had 300% returns between 1962 and 1976, 

Another book that greatly influenced Mark was called The Anatomy Of A Stock Market Winner.

This was another study that looked at stocks that performed extremely well.

As a result Mark dedicated his life to figuring out why certain stocks get massive returns and how to find them.

Mark Calls His Trading Strategy SEPA

SEPA stands for Specific Entry Point Analysis.

Basically this system figures out when the best time to buy a stock is and which stocks have superperformance potential. 

In a 5 year period Mark has only had one losing quarter with this strategy and has gained 220% returns in the same time period. 

The Rules Of SEPA

There's many rules and guidelines in the SEPA trading system.

For example, there's 5 elements that make up SEPA which include:

  1. Trend 
  2. Fundamentals (earnings, revenue, margins)
  3. Catalyst (like a pharmaceutical company getting approved by the FDA)
  4. Entry points
  5. Exit points

There's also a throrough ranking process.

This looks at earnings, sales and a manual review that considers at the following:

Then there's the traits of a superperforming stock:

As you can see this is a very developed system.

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Minervini Private Access Overview

There's a lot of different components to Minervini Private Access.

Here's a summary of everything that you get:

Buy And Sell Alerts

This is probably the most important feature of Minervini Private Access.

Here you'll get updates on stocks that are on the watch list and stocks that have open positions.

You'll get an entire write up before the market opens of actions you need to take.

The alerts continue through out the entire trading day as well.

Weekly Watch Lists

Every week you'll get a list of stocks that Mark is keeping an eye on.

Many of these stocks turn into assets you'll be buying and when it's time to buy you'll get an alert to do so.

Live Training Room

If you're interested in how Mark actually finds stocks you'll like this feature.

Here you'll get weekly insights into stocks and you'll learn the more technical side of things.

You'll also here from guests and you'll be able to access an archive of all the streams. 

Additionally, you'll be able to ask questions and get answers. 

TradingLogger Analytics Suite

The TradingLogger analytics suite is a nifty little product.

Here you'll be able to track all your trades and monitor all the statistics that are important for choosing winning stocks. 

This will definitely help improve your strategy and improve your performance. 

Available On All Devices

You can digest Minervini Private Access anywhere you like.

It's available for laptops, tablets and it comes with a handy app.

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My Thoughts On Minervini Private Access

Overall, I have mixed feeling towards Minervini Private Access.

Here's what I think about it as a whole:

The Trade Alerts Are Most Valuable

If you read Mark's books he lays out his SEPA system.

To be completely honest it's pretty confusing and it's very dense stuff. There's all kinds of rules and guidelines and technical analysis you need to learn.

I personally think most people can understand it but it'll take years to master.

I also think you should eventually learn the system for yourself as well.

However, the trade alerts make things easier as you're learning.

Requires Daily Effort

Mark Minervini chooses more losers than winners.. that's not coming from me, that's coming from him.

So how can he get such good results while picking so many losers?

He cuts his loses very fast - this can happen minutes after buying.

You can't succeed with this service if you're not active and not spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen.

If you don't put in a lot of effort you may keep a loser too long. 

Your Returns Won't Be As High As Mark's Returns

One thing that's a little disappointing is Mark doesn't show his whole portfolio.

His assistant admits he makes trades that members of Minervini Private Access will never see as well.

Additionally, many of the trade alerts make Mark money but lose members money. This is because he can manipulate certain stock prices because he has so much influence in getting people to buy.

I'll expand on this more in the next section. 

Minervini Customer Reviews And Complaints

The customer reviews for Minervini are pretty interesting and diverse.

Here's some reviews and complaints I think you'll find interesting:

Uses His Members For His Own Gain

This is the most important customer insight and is an opinion held by MANY members at Minervini Private Access. 

What customers allege is Minervini puts thinly traded names on his buy now alerts.

He buys the stock before sending out the alert and when people buy the price shoots up. He then sells and many people that bought the stock lose money because it comes back down quickly.

Here's a customer claiming this:

And another:

And another:

And another:

There's honestly more people saying this but you get the point.

People feel this is how Mark wins trading competitions by so much. He can manipulate stocks with his influence and other traders can't.

There's probably some of this going on but Mark did win in 1997 before having the power to manipulate stocks like this. 

Members Lose While Mark Wins

This kind of piggy backs off the last section.

Many times Mark claims he's getting these massive returns and it's proven to be true.

However, that doesn't translate to success for his members.

Here's one person complaining about losing money while Mark had record returns:

Again, many people attribute this to Mark trying to win trading competitions.

However, if it's true you shouldn't join Private Access. You can't trust a man that only cares about personal gain. 

Some Members Are Making Money 

Not all people report losing money, though. 

One customer claims he's a much better trader because of Private Access:

Keep in mind this person claims they're having success ONLY after putting in hours of work every week.

Another person who claims to have success says the same thing:

Again, this commentor claims you need to put in serious effort to make this program work. 

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Minervini Private Access Cost

There's a lot to unpack with the price.

Here's what I think about it:

It's Very Expensive 

Every dollar you invest in this service is a dollar you start in the red.

If you want to pay monthly it's going to cost nearly $1,000 per month and if you do this for a year that's basically $12,000.

If you pay the yearly price you start $6,000 in the hole. 

Remember this service requires a lot of work on your part to succeed.

This cost isn't worth it if you're not going to devote hours a week to the program.

There Are No Refunds 

This is definitely disappointing considering how expensive this service. 

You can see below there's a strict no refund policy:

Every legitimate program should offer refunds.

The fact that this one doesn't is a pretty big red flag to me.

Additionally, in the terms above they automatically charge your credit card as well. The only way to opt out is if you notify them a week before the charge.

If you buy the yearly program you might forget the exact date of the sign up.

They should be warning you about the charge, not the other way around. 

Minervini Private Access Pros And Cons

  • Mark is very experienced: Many traders have a little success and start selling courses. Mark has been in the game for 30+ years.
  • Sound strategy: Mark has been successful for many years and developed a good strategy. 
  • Too expensive: Spending thousands a years on alerts is a bad idea and will only make profiting harder.
  • No refunds: Any trader confident in their results would allow for refunds.
  • Manipulating members: Mark admits you don't get to see all his trades and he doesn't show you the price he bought stocks. Many people think he manipulates certain stocks to win competitions and profit at his member's expense. 
  • Automatic rechargers: You don't get a heads up when you're being recharged and you need to cancel a week early to prevent from being charged. 

Wrapping Up The Review

On paper Mark Minervini seems like one of the best traders on earth.

He's got decades of experience, he appears on TV regularly and wins trading competitions.

Not many people can match his resume.

But once you peal back the layers a bit you see a different story.

It does seem like he manipulates stock prices by getting his members to buy certain stocks.

How else would explain Mark profiting 200% in a year and his members losing money?

Some say it's because you aren't putting in enough work but I think it's more than that.

Until the price is lowered and there's a good refund policy I'd avoid for now.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Minervini Private Access is interesting but there's too many red flags at the moment.

The good news is there's better programs out there that deliver high return stock ideas.

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