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February 3  

Master Trader is a trading community run by Greg Capra.. there's a lot of different products and investing newsletters for sale here.

Before spending any money on them I'm sure you want to know if they're scams or not.

This review will answer that.

There's a lot to cover with Master Trader so make sure to read everything below.

You'll see some background information about Greg, price to join and an overview of what you get.

You'll know if these products are right for you.

Let's get started!

Master Trader Summary

Owner: Greg Capra

Price: Depends on product

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: Master Trader is a decent resource for trading education and stock ideas.

Some of their products are well priced and Greg Capra has been around for a while.

However, some of the courses cost way too much and there's a strict no refund policy.. additionally there's no track record of successful trading.

Because of this I'd pass.

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4 Things To Know About Master Trader

Before we get into what Master Trader is offering, lets take a look at some background information.

Here's what I think is most important to know about this company:

1) The Company Is Run By Greg Capra

Greg Capra is the owner of Master Trader and he's got a pretty long career in the investment/trading world.

I did some digging and couldn't find anything too scandalous and bad besides his relationship with one seedy character (I'll address that in the next section).

On Greg's Linkedin he lists all of his work experience.

He started as President of Capra Service Center from 1980 to 1995.

I'm not entirely sure what this business was and the address for it is just someone's home.

After this Greg got his series 7 in 2001, which allows him to buy and sell securities.

It was around this time he launched Master Trader but it wasn't the site it is today.

He then worked for various companies as a registered representative.

These companies were Stock USA and Lightspeed Trading.

2) Greg Was In Business With A Scammer

Greg Capra started a trading education company called Pristine Trading back in 1996.

It's no longer around and Master Trader seems to have taken its place.

However, Greg was working with a man named Oliver Velez at the time, who cofounded Pristine.

Oliver was with Pristine until around 2012.

Oliver is a horrible scammer who literally stole people's money with a company called Element Trading. 

At Element Trading he allowed people to pool their money together so they could avoid the $25,000 day trading rule required by law.

Eventually Oliver just shut the company down and took off with everyone's money.

It doesn't seem like Greg had anything to do with Element Trading but still.. he worked with the man for 15 years.

The good news is Oliver has no connection to Master Trader now. 

3) Dan Gibby Is Manager Director

There isn't too much out there about Dan Gibby.

It seems he pretty much hitched his wagon to Greg and just follows Greg to whatever he does.

He started working for Pristine back in 1998 and was an option trader at T3 (a company Greg was president of).

In 2016 he became the Manage Director Of Master Trader.

4) There's A Lot Of Products At Master Trader

When I do a review about a trading guru or company they usually focus on one thing.

But Master Trader has many different products that cover different aspects of trading.

Here's some topics they cover:


One of the main focuses at Master Trader is option trading

Options allow you to create a contract to buy a certain asset at a certain date.. you're basically trying to guess what the price of a stock will cost in the future.

Options don't require you to buy anything and you can sell the contract before the expiration date.

Some benefits of options include:

  • High upside
  • Can get started with lower amounts of capital than usual
  • Leverage

Some drawbacks include:

  • Higher commissions
  • Can be complicated
  • Not available for all stocks

Day Trading

Greg's original education company Pristine focused on day trading - their trading strategy was called the Pristine Method.

Day trading is the worst way you can trade, despite its popularity.

The reason it's such a terrible way to trade is because it has such a low success rate.. we're talking less than 1% probably make a living this way. 

Day trading requires making dozens of trades a day and selling shorty after buying

The success rate is so low because it's almost impossible to predict where a price is going to be in just a couple of hours.

A day trader will try to convince you that they have secret charts or indicators that let them predict pricees but it's all bullsh*t.


Another focus of Master Trader is ETFs.

ETFs stands for exchange traded funds and they are trades that focus on indexes.

Benefits of ETFs include:

  • Trades like a stock
  • Diversification
  • Lower fees
  • Limited capital gains tax

Some negatives of ETFs include:

  • Lower dividend Yields
  • Cost could be higher

Overall, ETFs are considered a less risky trading method.

Swing Trading

The last trading method covered is swing trading.

Swing trading is similar to day trading but there's some key differences.

First off, a swing trade may be held for several days or weeks - day trading usually means buying and selling in the same day.

Additionally, swing trading is a lot less chaotic.

Day trading requires you to stare at a screen all day and make dozens of trades.

Swing trading doesn't require this attention to detail since you hold for a little longer.

Because of this you can swing trade with a job.. you can't day trade with a job. 

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What Does Master Trader Offer?

There's a lot of different products and services at Master Trader.

Here's a breakdown of each one:

The Advisory Swing And Options Trader Letter

First up we have The Advisory And Options Trader Letter.

With this newsletter you get the following:

  • Advisory Letter: The newsletter gives you trading ideas for options and swing trades. Additionally, you'll get technical analysis insights as well as market research.
  • Alerts: You'll get trading alerts for options and swing traders through texts. You'll also get all updates you need on open positions and market alerts.
  • Premium Videos: The videos will talk about different trade ideas and discuss open and new trades.
  • Private Facebook Group: You'll get access to a private Facebook Group with other members. Here you can ask questions and mingle with other members. 
  • Monthly Market Review: Lastly, you'll get a review of the market every month.

The price for this product is as follows:

Weekly Options Trading

The second newsletter offered by Master Trader focuses on options and all recommendations expire in less than 10 days.

This is more like swing trading options.

Weekly Options Trading sends you 5 to 10 option ideas every week.

This newsletter costs $39.97 per month.

ETF Investment Trader

The ETF Investment trader focuses on indexes, sectors, countries, currencies and commodities.

This is for people that want long term investment ideas and don't want to invest in anything too risky.

The Master Trader Green Room

The Green Room is for anyone that's looking for a trading room and trading support for day trading and swing trading.

With the Green Room you get the following:

  • Daily market review - Every day you'll get a market review and a game plan for your trades.
  • Live trading analysis - You will see how the analysis at Master Trader develop their trade ideas real time.
  • Trading support - You'll be able to ask questions during the trading day and get guidance on trades.
  • Pre-market preparation - You will get analysis about the market before 9 AM and before 2:30 PM.. which is the two most chaotic market periods.

This Green Room costs $147 per month.

Trading Education

Along with the newsletters and trading rooms, there's a lot of different courses for sale at Master Trader.

Here's a summary of each:

  • Starting path to being a Master Trader - This course is for beginners who are new to trading. You get education on how the stock market works, technical analysis, different trading styles, options and more. It costs $197.
  • Options Education - There's different option courses and they range in cost and what they cover. Some cost several thousand and some cost several hundred.
  • Mini Course - There's also dozens of mini courses for sale. These mini courses cost $27 each.

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My Thoughts On Master Trader

There's a lot to unpack with Master Trader.

Here's what I think is most important:

No Proof Of Trades

One person did an excellent review of Capra's old trading school Pristine. 

This person posed as different people and sent a bunch of emails asking for a track record of the company's trading record.

This is a pretty simple request considering they were making lofty income claims.

However, after sending dozens of emails and months of trying the emails were ignored.

The best Pristine could say is to join the trading room and track the trades on your own.

The author of the review even claimed he was ready to buy their most expensive package but just needed to see records verifying their claims.

Even this wasn't enough.

There's only one reason Pristine wouldn't give over records.. they're most likely exaggerating their returns.

Master Trader doesn't really make any claims about how much the traders make or returns or anything like that.

There's still no performance disclosure or anything like that, though.

Prices Are All Over The Place

There's some well priced products at Master Trader and some that are way too expensive.

For example, the newsletters and trading room are priced fine.

I've reviewed many competitors and the prices of these products are in line with other people, if not cheaper.

However, there's some courses that are way too overpriced.

One of the options courses was nearly $3,000 which I would never recommend paying.

There's many alternatives where you can learn options for much less.

You can find plenty of solid option books on Amazon for under $20:

No Refunds..

This is pretty disappointing to be honest and is worst than not showing trades in my opinion.

Sometimes you buy something and it's different than what you expected.. or you figure out quickly it's not right for you.

In those instances you should be able to get your money back.

It's disappointing Master Trader won't give any refunds on their products and definitely makes me not want to recommend them.

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Master Trader Pros And Cons

  • Some well priced products: There's some products that are too expensive but many of the newsletters are priced fine.
  • No refunds: I hate when trading companies do this. You should have at least 30 days to get your money back.
  • No performance disclosure: There's no tracking of the trades at Master Trader.. so you have no idea how successful the traders are there.
  • Day trading: A lot of the products at Master Trader revolve around day trading.. I wouldn't suggest anyone get involved with day trading.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Master Trader.

Maybe if they start tracking their trades and offer refunds you can think about buying.

The good news is there's better ways to get profitable trade ideas.

To see my favorite place to find these (which is affordable), click below:

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