Manward Letter Review – Manward Press Scam?

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January 12  

Manward Letter is a crypto and stock investing product from Andy Snyder.

Before spending money on it I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

If so, you're in the right place.. this review will answer that.

I took a look at this program and went through it with an open mind.

You'll find everything you need to know about Manward Letter below to decide if it's right for you.

Let's get started.

Manward Letter Summary

Owner: Andy Snyder

Price: $79

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? It depends

Summary: Manward Letter is a decent offer and there's some things to like about it.

It's fairly priced and it has an amazing refund policy (365 days). Plus Andy is a competent investor.

However, the marketing is a little over the top and one of the cryptos Andy thought would explode lost 50% value as he launched his newest marketing campaign. 

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Is Andy Snyder A Scam Artist?

Andy Snyder is the creator of Manward Letter.

Here's some important things to know about Andy:

1) He Has An Impressive Background

Andy has a pretty extensive background in investing.

He went to Wharton Business School which many believe is the #1 business school in America.

Before that he went to Georgetown University to get a law degree from the Law Center

After college he got a job investing at Goldman Sachs, which is one of the largest investment banks in the world.

He became Vice President there.

After that he worked a couple companies that focus on the internet space.

So Andy is no slouch and is someone that has had nearly 30 years of continual success in his professional life.

2) Andy Sells A Few Different Products

Manward Letter isn't the only product Andy sells.

He runs a company called Manward Press and you can find a few more products there. 

The other investment letters and products don't focus on crypto, though.

These products focus on stocks and different stock strategies.

3) Andy Has Active Social Media Accounts

Following a person on social media is a good way to get to know someone and what they're about.

Andy seems to favor Twitter the most and Tweets everyday from the Manward Twitter account

However, it's mostly just him posting content from his blog at Manward Financial.

So unless you want to read every article that he Tweets out it's not the most fun Twitter account to follow.

He has a Youtube channel that was pretty active but he stopped posting to it about a year ago:

The content is pretty good on this Youtube channel even if there's some clickbait.

I'm not sure why Andy stopped making videos since he was getting decent views on them.

Maybe he thought they weren't worth the effort and weren't converting into sales the way he wanted.

4) Andy Can Be An Alarmist

Here's a little secret..

The marketing behind some investment letters is the best I have ever seen (I come from on internet marketing background).

The sales funnels.. the pitches.. the videos.. all world class.

When creating these products these companies come up with a marketing profile (or customer avatar) of who they're going to sell to.

One thing investing newsletters like to do is market towards people who are scared about the world and scared about markets. 

For instance, you can promote some of these products as an affiliate marketer.

Here's the customer avatar of one popular investing newsletter that they give to all people who sign up to promote:

The marketers behind these letters know your fears and how to sell to you.

Andy likes to make predictions that are very alarmist.. it's very profitable to do.

For example, here's a pitch Andy was making predicting 2021 would be worst than The Great Depression:

He's not the only one either. I reviewed a respected trader the other day who is a fear monger about China. 

Make sure if you buy anything from Andy it's because you want it.. not because you're being scared by him.

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What Is Manward Letter?

Manward Letter is the investing newsletter from Andy Snyder.

Here's what you need to know about it:

What Is Third Generation Crypto?

The entire pitch behind Manward Letter is that we're entering the third generation of crypto.

Andy compares it to the generations of investment the internet went through.

First we had Netscape, then Yahoo and now we have Google.

The idea is Bitcoin and Ethereum are like the Netscape and Yahoo of the crypto world.

They got the whole thing rolling and most investments went towards them.

However, as technology has developed and more people are into crypto, better crypto solutions are emerging (third generation crypto).

Snyder is pitching the idea we're entering the third generation of crypto.

I'll reveal the cryptos and defi platform he's pitching later on in the review

There's Always New Pitches Being Rolled Out

Manward Letter is the main product being promoted.

However, there's always different sales pitches going around selling this product.

These sales pitches usually take form in "special reports."

As I'm writing this the pitch is to learn about Bitcoin killing and Ethereum killing crypto coins.

In the past, though, the pitch was called Death Of Cash Prosperity Kit:

By time you're reading this there could be a whole new pitch being marketed.

Just know it's all to get you to enroll in Manward Letter. The goal is to butter you up with these special reports then get you hooked with Manward Letter (which you pay for yearly).

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Manward Letter Overview

There's various aspects of Manward Letter.

Here's a breakdown of each section:

2 Killer Cryptos That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin

The first report pitched to you on the sales page is 2 Killer Crypto Coins That will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin.

This coin Andy is hyping is called the "Ethereum Killer Coin" and is developed by one of the Ethereum founders.

According to Snyder it's "more powerful and it operates on pennies on the dollar compared with Ethereum."

Alluding back to his idea about "third generation internet" he claims investing in this coin would be like taking your money out of Yahoo and putting it in Google in 2004:

Andy claims the old generation cryptos all have design flaws in them.

Bitcoin takes too long to process transactions and Ethereum has a problem scaling.

This new coin apparently deals with both of these issues.

So what is this crypto?

Cardano (ADA).

Cardano is an open source and decentralized public blockchain platform and the cryptocurrency used for peer to peer transaction is called ADA.

It was launched in 2017 after a couple years of development by Ethereum cofounder Charles Hoskinson

Its market cap is currently $39 billion and its price is $1.19.

Andy's sales pitch for this coin started in September 2021.

One of the headlines on the sales page is the following:

However, since Andy rolled out this pitch Cardano is down 50%:


This is an investment that you would hold for years but still.. 

Promising a booming coin in such a small window and having the exact opposite happen is not a good look.

Next up we have the "Internet Killer Coin."

This coin is hyped up even more than the Ethereum one if you can believe that!

According to Andy this isn't just a coin that has the potential to make a lot of money but to completely change the internet.

Essentially this new network "allows developers to upload websites inside a blockchain ecosystem instead of on web servers with IP addresses." 

The reason this is a good thing is it would decentralize the internet, moving websites away from large web hosting services.

The coin being alluded to here is called Internet Computer (ICP).

It seems like super smart people are working on this but at the end of the day I really don't know much about this stuff.

It sounds cool and I'd love for a more decentralized internet (and world) but the powers to be are going to fight it tooth and nail. 

Internet Computer launched in 2020 and peaked at over $700 shorty after. It crashed pretty quickly, though, and is currently at $33:

Profiting From The Hottest DeFi

The next special report is called Profiting From The Hottest DeFi. 

This opportunity revolves around the idea of yield farming.

Yield farming is similar to earning interest on money in your bank account.

Except with crypto yielding you earn higher returns.

How this works is you loan out your crypto for projects and earn returns while doing so.

This is all being tracked on a smart contract.

According to Andy you'll be earning 12% to 20% interest with this DeFi platform.

The name of the platform is Yearn.Finance.

Yearn.Finance was launched in 2020 and peaked in May 2021 at $96,000.

However, it quickly lost 67% of that:

Manward Letter

This is Andy's flagship product and is a monthly newsletter with information on crypto, stocks and options.

Here's what you get along with the newsletter:

  • Stock Portfolio: You get access to Andy's entire portfolio. With this you get daily updates on when to buy, sell or hold stocks.
  • Educational videos: Additionally, you get access to all of Andy's training videos and research reports.
  • Manward Letter Archives: You get access to all the old Manward Letters. There's over 50 at the moment.
  • Weekly Alerts: You'll get alerts on different stocks to watch and commentary on the markets.
  • Webinars: You'll get access to live webinars where you get to ask Andy questions.

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My Thoughts On Manward Letter

If your head is spinning after going through Manward Letter's sales page don't worry.. you're not alone.

This is offer is a little confusing, especially if you're not familiar with all the technical terms. 

Here's what I think about Manward Letter:

It's Riskier Than Andy Is Letting On

Andy is correct that there's been generations of internet investments and Google is top dog right now.. but it's easy to say that now.

You can look back on 2004 and just say "well if you invested then you'd be so rich!"


But Google wasn't the only player then.

There's a million tech companies that come and go.. all being hyped as the next big thing.

Andy is trying to guess which crypto platform and coins will be the next big thing as its happening.

That's different than looking back 20 years ago at Google's growth.

These things are hard to predict.

There's a million cryptos out there and everyone thinks the one they love is going to be bigger than Bitcoin.

Andy essentially predicted Cardano would explode in the three months after created this marketing campaign.

Instead it crashed 50%!

It may go up in the future and could be the coin that Andy predicts it to be.. but the people who bought when Andy started pitching the coin certainly aren't happy right now.

The Value Is In The Portfolio And Alerts

The "special reports" are what they are.

They're basically add-ons to get you to buy the yearly subscription to Manward Letter.

The real value lies in the portfolio and weekly alerts.

Andy doesn't tell his entire stock market returns over the last few years.

So I have no clue if he's better or worst than average.

However, he's had some good picks.. He's recommended stocks that have gotten 200% and 300% returns. 

For example, on Gilead Sciences he got a return of 325% in 69 days.

He earned 238% in 91 days on Fabrinet.

Of course these are his best picks and he doesn't go much into his losers.

A Lot Of This Stuff Is Complex

A lot of people love crypto and have made some serious money from it.

But if you were to ask them what blockchain or crypto even really is you won't get anything more than a basic decentralized money explanation.

Going through the actual technology and ideas behind the cryptos and platforms pitched by Andy can really melt your brain.

Unless you're a computer science major this stuff is likely too hard to grasp.

And it always a bad idea to invest in things that you don't understand.

There seems to be legitimate people involved in all the projects Andy mentions but still..

It's complicated.

It's just hard to imagine an entirely new internet being built, especially one that's decentralized away from corporate control.

Corporations will use all their power (both monetary and political) to prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, predicting the right companies and technologies to lead the revolution (even if it were to happen) seems hard too.

There's No Harm In Waiting

Andy references Google a lot in the sales presentation.

And he is correct - if you invested in Google in 2004 you'd be a rich man.

Same with Bitcoin in 2012.

If you invested in its inception you'd be loaded beyond your wildest dreams.

HOWEVER, you'd still be a very rich person if you invested a lot in Google in the year 2010.

The price in 2004 was $54 and the price in 2010 was as low as $230.

Now the price is $2800+.

I'd consider you a winner if you invested at either of those times.

If this blockchain and DeFi stuff interests you follow the industry and invest small for now.

Google was WAAAAY more mainstream and well known in 2010 compared to 2004.

The same will happen with these crypto companies.

If one of these platforms starts to look like it will be the leader, and you invest, you'll still make a good amount of money.. even though you weren't first.

The Price Isn't Bad

$79 for a year of Manward and bonuses is pretty good.

You get 12 issues of the newsletter and constant alerts for new positions.. and portfolio updates.

You even get opportunities to ask Andy questions which is a nice touch.

However, there are expensive upsells.

Once you buy this product you'll be pressured to buy the more expensive ones that cost thousands.

I'd hold off on that until you see good results - make them earn your trust!

Excellent Refund Policy

The refund policy is great.

You get 365 days to get your money back no questions asked.

This is more than enough time to test out stock ideas from the newsletter and to see if you like the product.

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Customer Complaints And Reviews

There's not a ton of chatter out there about Manward Letter but there are some interesting customer insights.

Here's a summary of what customers are saying:

Some People Think He's Nutty

Some customers think Andy is a Alex Jones level conspiracy theorist.

Here's a person that expresses this opinion:

I mentioned earlier that Andy is a bit of a fear monger and alarmist.

I don't actually think he believes a lot of the stuff he says.. he just does it for clicks and to get attention.

I doubt he thought there would be a great depression in 2021 like one of his headlines declared.

He's just targeting a certain customer and it works.. but it's going to rub some people the wrong way.

Billing Issues

In another instance one customer is having a hard time cancelling his subscription:

If this is true it would be a huge red flag.

There might be mix ups here and there but to not respond to an email just shows bad customer service.

Overall It's Well Liked

Stock Gumshoe is an excellent resource to learn about investing newsletters and products.

They have a ranking system for different newsletters as well.

Out of 58 people that voted on Manward Letter it got an average score of 3.5/5.

This is a pretty good score for the website and shows that people are seeing success.

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Manward Letter Pros And Cons

  • Well priced: There's much more expensive products at Manward but this newsletter isn't too bad.
  • Some good calls: Manward Letter has picked some high return winners in the past.
  • Great refund policy: You're not going to find a better refund than 365 days.
  • Too alarmist: Andy really leans into the sky is falling narrative.. and I personally think it's all just a marketing ploy and not genuine. 
  • Crypto pick isn't doing well: His Bitcoin killing crypto pick tanked the second he said it would take off. Not the best sign. 

Manward Letter Conclusion

In some ways Andy Snyder and Manward letter are just like any other stock guru and any other stock/crypto selecting service.

The marketing funnel is the same as many others, the message is the same and the vibe is the same.

I've reviewed many of these newsletters and they just copy each other in all of those aspects.

I guess what makes Manward different is it's very affordable and the refund policy is good.

Yesterday I saw a newsletter that explicitly stated there no refunds. 

So I really appreciate 365 days to get your money back.

It makes this newsletter pretty risk free (as long as the customer service responds to your request!).

My only advice if you buy is not to spend too much on the special report picks right now and don't buy the more expensive products until you test out this service for a while.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Manward Letter isn't a bad newsletter but there's better out there.

I've personally reviewed hundreds of similar products and services.

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