Katusa Research Review – Marin Katusa Scam?

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February 10  

Katusa Research is an investment letter from Marin Katusa - it focuses on energy and resources.

The main offer (Katusa Resource Opportunities) is pretty expensive and before spending thousands on it I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

This review will answer that.

I spent all day going through looking at this product and looking at all aspects of it.

You'll see everything you need to know about Katusa Research to determine if it's right for you.

This includes a look at the creator, the cost and what you actually get.

Let's get started!

Katusa Research Summary

Owner: Marin Katusa

Price: $3,495

Rating: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend? Not really

Summary: Katusa Research isn't a scam or anything like that.. the owner is legit and I think good research goes into the stock picks.

However, the cost is just too high for me to recommend unless you have tens of thousands to spend.

Additionally, many people complain about losing money following this product's advice.

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3 Facts About Katusa Research

Before we get into what Katusa Research has to offer, let's take a look at some background information.

Here's what I think is the most important things to know about Katusa Research.

1) It's Run By Marin Katusa

Marin Katusaw is the creator of this newsletter and he's been around for a while.

He started his investment career with Casey Research and was editor for their energy investment letters.

I actually did a review of a Casey Research newsletter last week that you can check out here (I'm not a fan of the newsletter or what the Casey Research is today).

Marin worked here for 8 years until April 2015.

He also is a fund manager at KC 50 Fund.

Marin is well known for his insights into the energy sector and resource markets.

He wrote a very popular book in 2014 about Vladimir Putin and his plans to dominate the energy sectors:

In the book Marin theorized Russia would become the leader in energy and this would increase the wealth of countries aligned with Russia (Brazil, India and China).

The prediction has come to fruition and Russia is definitely one of the world's leaders in energy.

They have a lot of leverage over the rest of Europe because Europe gets 40% of their gas from Russia.

Overall the book is well reviewed and many of its predictions are coming true.

Marin's most recent book has to do with the future of America.

It's called The Rise Of America:

In this book Marin claims the rumors of America's decline are greatly exaggerated. 

He believes our standard of living and power will increase in the next century.

This was written at the end of 2020 and we'll see how his predictions play out.

Inflation at the moment is very high and home prices, gas and grocery prices are through the roof.

Not exactly sure how America's standard of living can possibly increase while these problems run rampant. 

2) He Focuses On Resources And Energy

Marin and Katusa Research mainly focus on resource and energy investments.

There's definitely some pros and cons to investing in these kinds of companies.

Here's some of the reasons why you would and wouldn't want to buy these kind of stocks:

Pro #1: We Will Always Need Natural Resources

Basically every industry relies on natural resources one way or another.

All electronics, buildings and energy rely on the mining of natural resources - be it silver, gold, lithium, copper, nickel, colbalt, etc.)

There's boom and bust cycles for these markets but they aren't going anywhere.

As long as you can handle the dips or move your money at the right time you should always make money in the long run.

Here's an example of the price of gold over the last 50 years:

There's long periods of stagnation but it's always going up in the long run.

Pro #2: Pretty Simple To Understand

Another thing that's awesome about investing in resource companies is it's pretty predictable.

A mining operational has a predictable life cycle and looks like the following:

This can be a little hard to grasp when starting out but it becomes easier if you're willing to do the research and have the right guidance.

Con #1: Oil And Gas Can Be Risky

Oil and stock companies are the most risky to invest in compared to other natural resource markets.

There's a lot of reasons for this, including:

  • Political differences can change the price of gas
  • The rise of environmentalism and more regulations
  • There's a lot of volatility in this market

Con #2: Will Need To Pay For Information

Mining may be predictable and once you understand how to invest in them it becomes easier but getting the information can be difficult.

It's very expensive to get full reports on many mining and natural resource companies and what information can get out to retail investors is limited.

This means you'll always be reliant on an investment letter to help navigate these markets.

3) The Teaser Picks Have Been Mixed

Every once in a while Marvin will run a marketing campaign that pitches exclusive stock picks.

Every investing newsletter does this.

They usually come with a webinar and sales pitch.

Basically these investing companies are trying to get you to buy their products by attaching a special stock pick to them.

Marin has run a few of these campaigns over the last few years with Katusa Research.

Here's a look at the performances of the last few teaser picks for this newsletter. 

2016: Neo Lithium

In October 2016 Marin started running a promotion titled "Best Lithium Stock On The Market."

This pitch was centered around a company called Neo Lithium.

This turned out to be a good stock selection as you can by its performance over the last 6 years:

The stock was down for a number of years but if you held onto it you would be in the green now. 

2017: Nevsun, Northern Dynasty Minerals And Trek Mining

In 2017 Marin ran a marketing campaign called "Elon Musk's Next Disruption."

This teaser promised to show you three copper stocks to invest in.

The companies were Nevsun, Northern Dynasty Minerals and Trek Mining.

The main stock pick was Nevsun and this is how it's performed in the last year:

I couldn't find the stock price in 2017 but in the last year it has doubled.

Northern Dynasty, however, was not a good pick.

Here's the stock performance from Marvin's recommendation to now:

You would have lost a good amount of money if you invested in this stock.

Trek Mining is down as well but not as drastically as Northern Dynasty Minerals.

Here's Trek Mining's performance:

This stock has had periods in the green but overall it's red.

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What Does Katusa Research Offer?

There's basically two offers at Katusa Research.

One is a free ebook and the second is Katusa Resource Opportunities.

Here's a look at both:

Resource Market Millionaire (Free)

The first offer at Katusa Research is a free ebook.

The reason Marin offers a fere ebook is to get you onto his emailing list where he can pitch you the expensive yearly membership.

Also, the ebook is a sales pitch in itself.

This book is pretty long for a free giveaway and teaches you how to invest in resources.

It has nearly 100 pages of content and it's broken up into 12 chapters.

There's some good info but on the last page you'll understand why this ebook exists:

So while you'll get some insights in Resource Market Millionaire, you won't be able to trade natural resources after reading it.

That would defeat the purpose of this book.. which is to give you just enough information to want to trade resources but not enough to do it on your own.

Katusa Resource Opporunties ($3,495 Per Year)

This is the main offer and likely the product you're debating on buying if you're on this page.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

Monthly Newsletter

Once a month you'll get access to Marin's investment ideas for different resource companies.

These investment ideas can be about the following:

  • Energy (Oil, natural gas, uranium, coal, etc.)
  • Base metals (Copper, nickel, zinc, lead, iron)
  • Precious metals (Gold, silver, platinum)
  • Construction (gravel, cement)
  • Agriculture (corn, soybeans, wheat, rice)
  • Strategic minerals (Graphite, lithium, magnesium)
  • Infrastructure (Pipelines, shipping terminals)
  • Picks and shovels (equipment makers, oil drillers)

Katusa Quick Guide To Investing In Private Placements

Along with this newsletter you get this "special report" about private placements.

Private placements are stock options that are sold privately instead of to the public.

The benefit here is there's less regulations involved.

However, there's a lot of negatives to private placements and many turn out to be complete scams.

This special report helps you find private placement investment ideas.

Subscriber Videos

Additionally, you get extra videos that are for members only.

These videos include interviews and visits to different mining and natural resource projects.

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My Thoughts On Katusa Research

There's a lot to unpack with Katusa Research.

Here's what I think about this company:

Private Placements Are Risky

I was a little surprised to see Marin pushing private placements and teaching people how to invest in these companies.

Private placements are extremely risky and often times are straight up scams. 

For example, one of the biggest scammers I've reviewed started his career offering private placements to people - many were fake companies and lost people their investments.

The reason so many scams happen with private placements is they're not that regulated.

You can basically just spread false information about your company to try to steal investments from people.

The guide Marin gives you covers this stuff but still.. I'd steer clear of these companies. 

Price Is Very High

One thing I definitely don't like about this offer is the price is too high in my opinion at $3,495.

Remember that every dollar you put into research, tools and getting stock ideas is a dollar you start in the red.

If you make $3,000 from your investments but spent $3,495 to earn that, you're down $495.

Because this product is so high you shouldn't consider buying unless you have a minimum of $30,000 or so to play around with.

Anything less and you'll have a very hard time making a profit.

The Refund Policy Is Mediocre

Katusa Research offers a 30 day refund with a catch.

You can get your money back in 30 days but you'll be charged a $500 "tire kicker fee" if you do ask for a refund.

They claim too many people buy a membership, take the research and then ask for a refund.

I personally think this is kind of a bull sh*t excuse not to give full refunds.

I doubt there's too many people just stealing the info inside Katusa and $500 is a lot just to see what the product is about.

If someone is dissatisfied with the service or were expecting something else, they should be able to get their money back.

Customer Reviews Aren't Great

This company and newsletter have been around for a number of years now.

This is good because a lot of customers have shared their insights about the company.

Overall, I'd say most reviews are pretty negative.

For example, this customer review is definitely a big red flag for Katusa Research:

This person is up 7% of the stock ideas but there's not a lot of stock recommendations happening. 

There's only been 6 stock pciks and only 2 have been viable.

You never really want to invest too much into a single stock picks so only a few thousand would likely be invested in these stock ideas.

You might be up 7% but your returns aren't going to be higher than the cost of the service.

For example, if you invested a total of $10,000 in those 2 picks, you'd be up $700.. you're not even close to matching the price of Katusa Research's price.

Here's another two people lamenting about losing money on most of Marin's picks:

It gets worst.

Apparently in 2019 Marin stopped posting the performances of his stock picks.

This person notes this in their reviews:

In that review the person notes they only started making money when they stopped listening to Marin's picks.

That's not a good endorsement!

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Katusa Research Pros And Cons

  • Marin has a lot of experience: Marin has been investing in resources for nearly 20 years. He's considered an expert in the field.
  • Too expensive: $3,495 is too much for this kind of investing newsletter. It makes it so hard to be profitable.
  • Not a lot of picks: One customer commented he only got 2 viable picks in 6 months.. you'll never profit with only 2 picks every 6 months.
  • Not the best refund policy: I like that you get 30 days to get a refund but don't like the $500 refund fee. Just give people their money back.

Katusa Research Conclusion

I think there's some good trading ideas in Katusa Research and I do think Marin is a legitimate investor.

However, I'd avoid this product.

There's not enough picks and the price is just too much.

Unless you're investing tens of thousands into each pick you're going to have a really hard time profiting because of the cost.

You're thinking about buying this product because you want to make money right?

Well I don't think that's going to happen here.. the customer reviews verify this.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Katusa Research isn't worth buying unless the price gets brought down significantly. 

Until then you shouldn't waste your time.

The good news is there's plenty of other places that will give you high return stock ideas.

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