Is Focus Insite A Scam Or Legit? (Full Review)

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December 20  

Welcome to our in-depth review of Focus Insite, a platform renowned for offering unique money-making opportunities through market research participation.

As a company that connects various industries with insightful voices, Focus Insite stands out for its commitment to valuable, paid research experiences. Whether you're a seasoned survey taker or new to the world of market research, this review will delve into how Focus Insite operates, the potential earnings, and the authenticity of its offers.

We'll explore user experiences, the diversity of research projects available, and the ease of participation. If you're curious about supplementing your income through engaging research opportunities, keep reading to discover if Focus Insite is the right fit for you.

Focus Insite Summary

Focus Insite offers a mixed bag of opportunities for those interested in making money through market research. While the platform provides a diverse range of studies, which can be intriguing and informative, users may find the frequency and availability of projects somewhat inconsistent.

The compensation for participating in surveys and studies is fair, aligning with industry standards, but the earning potential may not be as high as some users expect. The sign-up process is straightforward, yet some participants have reported challenges in qualifying for specific studies. The customer support is adequate, responding to queries in a reasonable timeframe.

However, the lack of a robust community or support system for participants is noticeable. Overall, Focus Insite scores a modest 3 out of 5 stars. It stands as a decent option for occasional supplementary income, but it may not meet the expectations of those looking for regular, substantial earnings.

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What Is Focus Insite

Focus Insite is a market research company that specializes in connecting individuals with opportunities to participate in various forms of market research, such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys. These research activities are typically conducted on behalf of companies or organizations seeking insights into consumer behaviors, opinions, and preferences.

The money-making opportunity at Focus Insite lies in participating in these research activities. Participants are compensated for their time and input. The nature of the research can vary widely, ranging from product testing, opinion surveys, to in-depth interviews or group discussions. The compensation also varies depending on the length and complexity of the research. Some studies might offer cash, while others might provide gift cards or other incentives.

Individuals who sign up with Focus Insite can be invited to participate in studies relevant to their demographics and interests. The frequency and type of opportunities available can vary, so the potential to earn money can fluctuate. It's often seen as a way to earn supplemental income rather than a consistent, full-time income source.

Availability of Money Making Opportunities

The availability of opportunities at Focus Insite, as with most market research companies, can vary significantly and is influenced by several factors:

  1. Demographics and Profile Match: Market research studies often target specific demographic groups. Your chances of qualifying for studies depend on how well your profile matches the target demographic for various research projects. This can include factors like age, gender, location, profession, interests, and consumer behaviors.

  2. Industry Demand: The number of available studies is also dependent on the demand from companies conducting market research. Certain times of the year or economic conditions might see an increase or decrease in research activities.

  3. Study Types and Frequency: Focus Insite offers a range of study types, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews. The frequency of these opportunities can fluctuate. Some participants might find regular invitations, while others may experience periods with few or no invitations.

  4. Participant Pool: The size of the participant pool can affect availability. A larger pool may mean more competition for spots in studies, especially for those targeting common demographic profiles.

  5. Active Engagement: Regularly updating your profile and promptly responding to study invitations can increase the likelihood of being selected for projects.

  6. Geographical Factors: Some studies may be location-specific, which can limit opportunities for those outside certain areas, especially for in-person activities.

Given these variables, the availability of opportunities can be sporadic and unpredictable. Some participants may find frequent chances to participate, while others may encounter fewer opportunities. It's generally advisable to view participation in market research through platforms like Focus Insite as a supplemental income source rather than a consistent or reliable form of earning.

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What Is The Sign Up Process Like?

Signing up for Focus Insite is a breeze, designed with user-friendliness in mind. Here’s how smooth and straightforward the process is:

  1. Initial Visit: Simply start by heading over to the Focus Insite website. It's easy to navigate and find where to sign up.

  2. Basic Registration: The registration form is a no-brainer. Just your standard details like name, email, and a password for your new account – nothing too complicated.

  3. Filling Out Your Profile: This part is almost fun, like filling out a quick survey about yourself. You’ll share some more specific details about your demographics, lifestyle, and interests. It’s pretty straightforward and helps them tailor opportunities to you.

  4. Email Verification: A quick click on an email verification link, and you’re all set. It’s just to make sure you’re really you.

  5. Receiving Invitations: Now, sit back and wait for study invitations to roll into your inbox. They start matching you with studies based on your profile.

  6. Short Qualification Surveys: Occasionally, you might get a mini survey to see if you’re the right fit for a particular study. It’s super quick and easy.

  7. Agreeing to Terms: You’ll give a nod to their terms and conditions, but it’s all standard fare – nothing to sweat over.

  8. Stay Engaged: Keeping your profile up-to-date and responding to invites when they come in is all part of the easy-going experience.

Overall, the sign-up process is a piece of cake – nothing complicated or time-consuming. It’s set up to get you participating in potential studies in no time!

How Do You Get Paid?

The payment process for participating in market research with Focus Insite is exclusively through gift cards or by donating your earnings to charity. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how this works:

  1. Complete the Study: First, you participate in and complete the market research study, such as a survey, focus group, or interview, as per the provided guidelines.

  2. Receiving an Email from Tremendous: After the completion of the study, Focus Insite will send you an email through Tremendous, a platform used for distributing rewards.

  3. Selecting Your Reward: In the email from Tremendous, you'll receive a link where you can choose your form of compensation. You have two main options:

    • Gift Cards: You can select from a variety of gift cards. Tremendous offers a wide range of options, including popular retailers, online stores, and more. You pick the gift card that suits your preference.
    • Charity Donation: Alternatively, you have the option to donate your earnings to a charity. This is a great way to give back if you prefer not to receive a personal reward.
  4. Redemption Process: After making your selection, Tremendous facilitates the delivery of your chosen gift card or processes the charity donation. If you choose a gift card, the details of how to use it (like a digital code or a physical card) will be provided.

  5. Timing of the Email: The timing of when you receive this email can vary based on the study's processing time. It’s usually sent out shortly after the completion of the study.

  6. No Cash or Direct Deposits: It’s important to note that Focus Insite does not offer cash payments or direct deposits to bank accounts. The options are strictly limited to gift cards or charity donations.

  7. Tax Considerations: While gift cards are generally considered non-taxable gifts, if you participate in market research frequently and earn a substantial amount, it's advisable to consult with a tax professional regarding any potential tax implications.

The Problem With Tremendous

Using a third-party vendor like Tremendous for payment in market research participation, such as with Focus Insite, can have certain drawbacks. Here are some potential negatives of this approach:

  1. Limited Payment Options: When payments are handled through a third-party vendor, participants are often restricted to the payment forms that the vendor supports. In the case of Tremendous, this means being limited to gift cards or charity donations, without the option for direct cash payments or bank transfers. This lack of flexibility can be a downside for those who prefer cash.

  2. Delay in Payment Processing: Processing payments through a third party can sometimes lead to delays. After completing a study, there might be a waiting period before you receive the email from Tremendous to select your reward, which adds an extra step and potential time delay compared to direct payments.

  3. Choice of Gift Cards: While Tremendous may offer a variety of gift cards, there’s always a chance that the options provided may not align with your preferences or needs. The value of a gift card can be less versatile than cash.

  4. Complications in Redemption: Redeeming gift cards can sometimes involve additional steps or complications, especially if there are issues with the digital codes or if the cards are for retailers that are not conveniently accessible to the participant.

  5. Privacy Concerns: Involving a third-party vendor in the payment process introduces an additional entity that handles your personal information. This can raise concerns about privacy and data security, depending on the vendor's policies and security measures.

  6. Tax Implications: While gift cards are often considered gifts and may not be taxable, the rules can vary by jurisdiction and amount. Navigating these tax implications can be more complicated compared to receiving direct payments.

  7. Customer Service Issues: If there are any issues with the payment, participants might have to deal with customer service from both the market research company (Focus Insite) and the third-party vendor (Tremendous), potentially complicating the resolution process.

While using a third-party vendor like Tremendous can provide a streamlined and efficient way to distribute diverse forms of compensation, these potential drawbacks highlight the importance of understanding the payment process and considering whether it aligns with your preferences and needs.

How Much Can I Make?

Participating in market research with Focus Insite can provide an opportunity to earn some extra money, but it's important to understand that it is not a full-time income opportunity. The amount you can make varies widely based on several factors:

  1. Type of Study: Different types of studies offer different levels of compensation. For instance, an in-depth focus group or a specialized interview generally pays more than a quick online survey.

  2. Frequency of Studies: The number of studies you qualify for and choose to participate in will significantly impact your earnings. This frequency can be unpredictable and is influenced by your demographic profile and the demand for research participants at any given time.

  3. Compensation Per Study: Compensation for individual studies can range from a small amount (like $10 or $20 for a short survey) to more substantial amounts (such as $100 or more for longer or more specialized focus groups or interviews).

  4. Your Profile Match: Your demographic details, interests, and consumer habits influence how often you match the criteria for available studies. Some demographics may be in higher demand, leading to more opportunities.

  5. Payment Form: As Focus Insite pays through gift cards or charity donations, the actual monetary value can vary. While gift cards can be as good as cash for many people, they do have limitations compared to direct cash payments.

Given these factors, the potential earnings from participating in market research with Focus Insite are best viewed as a supplement to your regular income. For most people, this won't amount to more than a modest addition to their monthly earnings. It's certainly not a replacement for a full-time job, but rather a way to make some extra money in your spare time by sharing your opinions and experiences.

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Time Commitment Vs Reward

When evaluating the time commitment versus reward for participating in market research through Focus Insite, it's essential to manage expectations and understand that there are other, more lucrative ways to make money. Here's an overview:

  1. Variable Time Commitment: The time required for each study can vary significantly. A short online survey may take just 10-15 minutes, while in-depth focus groups or interviews could last an hour or more.

  2. Inconsistent Reward per Hour: The compensation for market research activities is not typically proportional to the time spent. For instance, you might earn a small amount for a short survey or a higher amount for a longer focus group, but the hourly rate can vary widely and is generally not comparable to a regular job or more consistent freelance work.

  3. Infrequent Opportunities: The availability of studies that match your profile may not be consistent. Some weeks or months could have several opportunities, while others might have none. This irregularity affects the overall potential earnings.

  4. Reward Type: Since compensation is through gift cards or charity donations, the rewards might not be as universally valuable as receiving cash. The usefulness of the gift cards depends on your personal shopping habits and needs.

  5. Opportunity Cost: It's important to consider the opportunity cost. The time you spend participating in market research could potentially be used for other money-making endeavors that offer a higher and more consistent return. For example, part-time work, freelancing, or skill-building activities could yield a higher financial return for the same time investment.

  6. Non-Monetary Benefits: While the financial rewards might not be high, some participants enjoy the experience of sharing their opinions and contributing to market research. These non-monetary benefits can be a factor in deciding whether to participate.

In summary, while Focus Insite offers a way to earn some extra money, the time commitment compared to the financial reward is generally not as favorable as other money-making methods. It's best suited for those looking to make a bit of extra cash in their spare time without expecting significant earnings.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Focus Insite are mixed, with a range of both positive and negative experiences. Here's a summary of what I found:

Positive reviews:

  • Variety of projects: Many reviewers appreciate the diverse range of studies offered, from online surveys and product testing to in-person focus groups and shop-alongs.
  • Competitive compensation: Participants mention receiving fair pay for their time, with payments typically ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the study length and complexity.
  • Easy to use platform: The online platform is described as user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy to apply for studies and track progress.
  • Prompt communication: Several reviewers commend Focus Insite for their responsive communication and helpful customer service.

Negative reviews:

  • Screening disqualifications: Some users complain about frequent disqualifications from studies after completing lengthy screening surveys.
  • Payment issues: A few reviews mention delays or inconsistencies in receiving payments, although Focus Insite typically addresses these concerns directly.
  • Technical glitches: Occasional technical problems with the online platform are reported, causing frustration for some participants.
  • Unrealistic time estimates: Some studies' time estimates are criticized for being inaccurate, leading to longer-than-expected participation times.

Additional resources:

  • Focus Insite website: Their website claims high participant satisfaction, however, reviews should be taken with a grain of salt as companies generally highlight positive aspects.
  • Better Business Bureau profile: This site shows 10 unresolved complaints against Focus Insite, mainly related to payment issues and technical glitches. However, consider that only a fraction of participants file complaints, and positive experiences often go unreported.
  • Reddit threads: Discussions on Reddit raise concerns about the legitimacy of Focus Insite, but also include positive feedback from participants.


Focus Insite presents a mixed bag of experiences for participants. While it offers a variety of interesting studies and fair compensation, some frustrations arise with screening disqualifications, technical issues, and occasional payment delays.

Final thoughts:

If you're interested in participating in market research with Focus Insite, be aware of the potential downsides and read the study details carefully before committing. Weigh the positives and negatives based on your priorities and preferences.


In conclusion, Focus Insite stands as a legitimate option for those looking to earn money through market research participation.

However, while it offers a fair opportunity to earn some extra cash, the infrequent and limited nature of these opportunities means it might not be the most efficient way to maximize online earnings.

For individuals seeking more consistent and potentially higher earning avenues online, exploring other platforms might yield more fruitful results. In essence, Focus Insite is a viable option, but it's important to keep in mind that there are more lucrative ways to earn money online.

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