Green Chip Stocks Review – Jeff Siegel Scam?

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March 7  

Green Chip Stocks is an investing newsletter from Jeff Siegel.. it focuses on green sustainable stocks.

Before you spend money on it I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

This review will answer that.

There's a lot to unpack with Green Chip Stocks so make sure to read everything below.

You'll see some background information on Jeff, a look at what you actually get and more.

Let's get started now!

Green Chip Stocks Summary

Owner: Jeff Siegel

Price: $249 per year

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? Not really

Summary: Green Chip Stocks is a pretty typical investing newsletter. The price isn't too bad but there's a lot of stock picks that aren't great.

The ones I looked at would have definitely lost you money. I'd avoid for that reason.

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3 Things To Know About Green Chip Stocks

Before we get into what Green Chip Stock has to offer, let's look at some background information.

Here's what I think is the most important to know about this investing newsletter.

1) Jeff Siegel Is The Creator

Jeff Siegel runs Green Chip Stocks.

There's not a ton out there about him to be completely honest.

Apparently he went to college at York College of Pennsylvania and is most known for writing about green stocks (renewables and marijuana).

He's been featured on many different financial shows and networks like Fox and CNBC.

Besides investing Jeff is actually a well known musician.

2) The Main Focus Is Renewables And Cannabis

Jeff helped write a book on energy investing for the popular "For Dummies" book series. 

A lot of the investment advice you find in Green Chip Stocks focuses on energy stocks (particularly renewables related stocks) and cannabis stocks.

Here's some pros and cons of each stock:

Energy Stocks Pros

There's a lot of reasons why you'd want to invest in energy stocks.

The #1 reason to get into energy investing is it's a market that's not going anywhere.

In one way or another we're going to have to power buildings and cars. So these investments can be seen as safer.

There's also a level of predictability to energy stocks as well.

If you can figure out what events effect crude oil prices and things like that, you can invest in these stocks with success.

Energy Stocks Cons

There are some downside to these stocks, though.

The worst part about these stocks is they can be pretty volatile.

This can lead to big losses (or gains) in a short period of time. So if you don't have the stomach for these kind of investments you might want to avoid them.

Cannabis Stocks Pros

Cannabis stocks are definitely worth investing in for a lot of reasons.

The main reason is the industry is just going to keep growing and growing.

The stigma around weed isn't what it was in the past and recent polls show a whopping 68% of people in America approve of legalization.

Americans are getting high in record numbers and some estimate U.S. weed sales could hit $100 billion by 2030.

Cannabis Stocks Cons

As I'm writing this marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug in America and banned at the federal level.

I anticipate this will change in the not too distant future but it causes problem for now.

You can't transport weed across state lines because of the federal ban and this limits how fast weed companies can grow.

Additionally, many states are over taxing pot.

Usually a state legalizes growing your own weed once it legalizes it for recreational use.

These high taxes may just lead to people growing their own weed or buying it from dealers illegally.

3) Jeff's Stock Performance Hasn't Been Great

Most investing newsletters like to tease stock picks when trying to sell their newsletters.

They'll run ads with a secret stock pick that you get if you buy a product.

Jeff has done a number of these campaigns over the past few years.

Here's how some of them have performed.

Day Zero (Unity Biotechnology)

In November 2021 Jeff started running a campaign called Day Zero and that "after this announcement is made on December 9, 2021, a new world will exist."

Is is actually the second "Day Zero" campaign Jeff has run and it used to focus on a stock called resTORbio (we'll cover this one in a second).

Now the campaign focuses around Unity Biotechnology.

So how has this stock performed since November 2021?


That's a huge loss since then and anyone that invested when Jeff recommended would be down nearly 70%.

Spray On Solar Cells (SolarWindow)

Going back to November 2020, Jeff was running a campaign about a "tiny company's breakthrough is about to bankrupt every single utility company in America.. and make your rich."

This company turned out to be SolarWindow.

Below is how the stock performed since the campaign started:

This stock EXPLODED shortly after Jeff's recommendation and got all the way to $34. 

It quickly fell from this high and is currently less than what it was in 2020 but still..

If you were able to invest when Jeff said to and pull out when it was peaking you made a good amount of money.

Day Zero (resTORbio)

This is the original Day Zero campaign.

Jeff at the time claimed "November 13th, 2019 will be the most profitable day in the history of mankind."

Pretty lofty claims.

The ads for this teaser started rolling out in October 2019.

Here's how the stock performed:

The redline shows resTorbio stock..

As you can see it crashed and November 13th, 2019 was indeed not the most "profitable day in the history of mankind."

Endless Energy (Natcore)

This campaign was one Jeff ran for years.

It ran on and off from 2012 to 2015 and beyond.

It teased a stock that Warren Buffet was buying and it "holds the key to endless energy."

The stock was Natcore.

However, since recommending back in 2012 the stock has not done well:

What Is Green Chip Stocks Offering?

Green Chip Stocks comes with a few different aspects.

Here's a breakdown of each.

Green Chip Stocks Newsletter 

This is the main part of the offer.

This newsletter comes out every week and will give you a new stock idea every week.

Like we covered earlier the stocks revolve around renewables, green energy and cannabis stocks.

Model Portfolio

Another major aspect of this product is access to the model portfolio. 

Once you sign up you get all the current positions in the Green Chip Stocks newsletter with some information on each stock.

Unless you have a good amount to invest you probably won't be able to invest in everything.

But you will have a bunch of stocks you can immediately invest in the second you sign up. 

Weekly Updates

Every week you'll get reports about the market and current events.

You'll be able to invest based off of what is in these weekly updates.

Featured Report

The featured report is whatever stock is being teased by Jeff.

Right now it's the Day Zero stock which is Unity Biotechnology.

These reports change from time to time so it may not be the same when you read this.

The special report picks haven't performed all that well in the past, though.

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Green Chip Stocks FAQ's

Here's some answers to questions you might have about this newsletter:

1) Is the price fair?

There's a few different prices for this newsletter floating around.

If you go to the Angel Publishing website the cost of this newsletter is $249 per year.

That's a little high but nothing too crazy - there's plenty of other newsletters that are much more expensive.

However, there's plenty of deals where you get access to Green Chip Stocks for much less.

In one instance I found an option to buy it for two years for $79 or $49 for a year.

2) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's actually a very good refund policy.

In the fine print it states that you get 6 months to try Green Chip Stock and if you're not satisfied you can get you money back.

You can either call or email to get you money back.

3) Is Jeff Siegel legit?

I honestly couldn't tell you 100% in either direction. 

I couldn't really find any information about Jeff's early career. 

For example, I know what college Jeff went to but have no clue what his degree was.

I'm not someone that puts a whole lot into a degree but many financial people don't have degrees in finance and then all of sudden claim to be stock experts.

Here's an example of this.

I'm most interested in learning how Jeff learned how to trade.

Did he just go right into stock picking and never really had a successful trading career?

Until I can get an answer to that I'll just hold off on saying if Jeff is legit or not.

4) What are customer reviews like?

This newsletter has been around for a while and because of this there's a good amount of customer reviews.

At Stock Gumshoe over 70 people rated this service and it has decent reviews:

One of the biggest negatives to this program seems to be the upsells. 

People don't like buying the program and being pressured into buying more products right away:

Green Chip Stocks Pros And Cons

  • Good price: The price isn't too bad.. you can find it for as low as $79 for two years.
  • Good refund policy: 6 months to get your money back is excellent and gives you enough time to test out the picks. 
  • Some bad picks: Some of the special report stock picks have done terribly and lost people a lot of money.
  • A lot of penny stocks: A lot of these stocks seem like penny stocks which are almost impossible to predict in terms of success. 
  • Upsells: When you buy you'll be pressured into buying more expensive products.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably skip over Green Chip Stocks.

The results aren't all that great and I think the stock picks are too risky.

However, there's better stock picking services out there.

My favorite place to get high return stock ideas (that's affordable), click below:

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