Fry Investment Report Review – Is Eric Fry Legit?

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June 7  

Eric Fry has an investing newsletter called Fry's Investment Report.

It seems to be pretty popular right now, and readers want to know if it's legit or another investing scam.

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

I'll cover all the good, bad, and ugly about this service, and you'll see any red flags that I find.

By the time you're done reading, you'll know if Fry's Investment Report is worth it or not.

Let's get started!

Fry's Investment Report Summary

Owner: Eric Fry

Price: $49 for first year, expensive upsells

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? Not really

Summary: Fry's Investment Report isn't the worst stock-picking service out there.


Fry has some accolades, and some of the stock picks do very well.


Most are common sense and capitalize on current trends in the market.

However, I doubt this service will beat the market.


Additionally, there are many red flags about this newsletter, including the publisher, which is run by a legit fraudster.


If you buy, you'll be aggressively marketed low-quality newsletters that cost thousands.


Just be aware of that if you do decide to buy.

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Prepare Yourself If Your By Fry's Investment Report

I've reviewed hundreds of stock-picking services in the last couple of years.

There's a little secret about investing in newsletters that most people don't know: only a few companies own most of the newsletters and publishers.

The biggest of them all is MarketWise, which is a company that went public a couple of years ago.

They own a dozen or so publishers that produce stock-related services, and they own InvestorPlace, which sells Fry's Investment Report.

So why do you need to know this?

Because MarketWise is a very aggressive company that exists to milk you of every dime they can.

They make close to a billion dollars in revenue every year, and they don't hit those numbers by selling $49 newsletters.

They make the majority of their revenue by upselling people after they buy cheap newsletters.

So if you buy Fry's Investment Report, please be aware that they're going to market you products that cost over $10,000 a year.

They're very aggressive with their marketing campaigns and use manipulative sales presentations to get you to spend money.

You'll be promised riches in exchange for your credit card details.

You need to resist the upsells because most of them are absolutely terrible and don't come with refunds.

InvestorPlace Is Run By A Fraudster

So by now you can probably tell I don't like MarketWise, the company that owns InvestorPlace (the publisher of Fry's Investment Report).

However, I really, really don't like InvestorPlace and think it's one of MarketWise's worst publishers.

And the reason for this comes down to the guy who runs InvestorPlace, Louis Navellier.

Louis Navellier is an especially greedy and repulsive figure.

His entire schtick is about how rich he is and how much money he makes—it's all he talks about!

But he built his wealth by screwing other people over.

His mutual funds are junk, and he was recently fined $30 million for defrauding his own customers.

So that's where your money is going if you buy Fry's Investment Report.

I personally don't want to give money to Louis so he can stuff his fat face with shrimp and lobster.

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Revealing Eric Fry's Stock Picks

The Fry Investment Report is marketed the same way all stock picking services are: by hyping up stock picks and withholding them unless you buy.

Fry is currently running a stock teaser called Elon Musk Project Omega, and in it he hypes up a bunch of AI stock picks.

Well, the good news is that Fry left enough clues in the presentation, and I'm going to reveal them now so you don't have to pay to see them.

Top 3 Stocks For the AI Revolution

The first set of stocks that Eric Fry is recommending are in his special report, "The Top 3 Stocks for the AI Revolution."

These are large companies that are expected to dominate AI in the future.

The picks in this report are Google, Intel, and Amazon.

Google is picked for its general contributions to AI and the idea that they will eventually switch over to AI with their search results.

Intel makes special chips and processors for programs that run AI.

Plus, chips and processors are heavily connected to AI, so all chip companies will benefit from AI.

Amazon has a whole host of tools for startups that have to do with AI.

This includes AI tools for content creation, including images, texts, videos, and music.

Plus, Amazon will be using AI in their other products, like Alexa and Prime.

The AI Moonshots

The last report covered your standard AI picks.

They're stable companies that are very low-risk but don't offer super-high rewards.

If you want to get monster returns, you need to find the next up-and-coming AI company.

The AI moonshots represent small-cap companies that have a chance to get massive returns but are much riskier.

The stocks in this report are Stem, Sabre, and Ivanhoe Electric.

Stem uses AI to move energy around the ground and is used with solar panels.

Sabre uses AI in the travel industry and sells products to hotels, airlines, and travel agencies.

Ivanhoe Electric is a mining and exploration company that uses AI to find different minerals like gold and copper.

Top 3 AI Losers

Stock picks aren't the only thing that Eric provides you with in his reports.

He also tells you which stocks to avoid and calls them "AI losers."

These are the businesses, in Eric's opinion, that AI will destroy.

These stocks are ManpowerGroup, SL Green Realty Corp., and The Brink's Co.

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Fry's Investment Report FAQ's

Still have questions about this newsletter?

Here are the answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How does Fry's Investment Report work?

This newsletter works just like 95% of every other stock-picking service.

Once a month, you'll get a new stock pick with a full write-up of why Fry likes the stock.

You will get 12 issues for the entire year until it's time to resubscribe.

Additionally, you'll get access to the full model portfolio, which includes all the stocks Fry is currently recommending.

Along with the AI stocks, you'll also get additional picks that target trends in the market.

For example, Fry did another stock teaser called "Revenge of the Heartland."

The premise of this teaser is that manufacturing is coming back to the heartland of America, and Eric recommends a bunch of stocks that will benefit from this.

This includes Freeport McMoran, Novonix, Syrah Resources, Piedmont Lithium, Stem, and Luna Innovations.

These stocks will be in the portfolio along with the AI stocks.

2) What is the investment strategy?

The investment strategy is to find big-picture trends and sectors that are going to be hot for several years.

It's rare for Fry to just recommend one stock for a trend.

That's why you see him recommend many companies for each trend he identifies.

In the AI report, he gives you six companies, and in the Heartland report, he gives you another six stocks to benefit from that trend.

3) Is the price fair for Fry's Investment Report?

If you take away the sales funnel you're going to be put into, yes, $49 per year for Fry's Investment Report is a perfectly reasonable price.

However, you are going to be in a sales funnel with the goal of getting you to spend thousands.

Fry's Investment Report is probably the best newsletter that's offered at InvestorPlace.

Regardless of what the marketing for the expensive products says, they won't perform well.

4) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you have 365 days to get your money back.

But you only get refunds for cheap products at InvestorPlace and other MarketWise publishers.

The products that cost thousands of dollars only come with credit refunds.

Meaning you can only use the money to try other products.

You won't be able to get your money back.

This is just another reason you should avoid any upsells.

5) Is Eric Fry legit?

There's kind of a limit to how legit you can be if you work for Louis Navellier.

You at least have to be comfortable with the idea that your customers are going to be persuaded to pay Louis thousands of dollars eventually.

I personally wouldn't be comfortable with that.

So there might be some ethical concerns about Fry.

But I do think he's a pretty competent investor and has received awards for stock picking in the past.

I personally believe he's probably the best at InvestorPlace, at least.

6) How are customer reviews?

The best place to get insights from investing newsletters is Stock Gumshoe.

Currently, the newsletter has a 3.7/5 rating.

That's pretty good for a newsletter at Stock Gumshoe.

This customer insight is a good one and is how I feel about Fry:

I think Fry is a bit above average as well.

And if he were independent and selling products on his own I'd probably recommend his services.

But he's not on his own and that complicates things.

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Fry Investment Pros And Cons

  • Inexpensive: This newsletter is only $49 per year which is a good price.
  • Fry is experienced: Eric Fry is an experienced stock picker.
  • Good customer reviews: The customer reviews for this newsletter are pretty favorable and better than average. 
  • MarketWise product: MarketWise is aggressive and wants to get as much money from you as possible.
  • Louis Navellier: Louis Navellier profits when you buy Fry's Investment Report and that shouldn't make anyone happy.
  • Bad sales funnel: You'll be bombarded with manipulative sales pitches every day if you buy this newsletter.

Final Thoughts

I've been around the block when it comes to stock-picking services.

I know this industry better than 99.9% of people out there.

There are things you must expect when you buy from certain investment publishers.

You have to expect your money to end up in bad people's pockets, and you have to expect insane marketing.

InvestorPlace will make outrageous promises to get you to spend thousands of dollars after you buy Fry's Investment Report.

And you might be thinking you're strong enough to resist them, but even I get tempted sometimes.

The marketing is that good and persuasive.

So if you're someone who can get swept up in a marketing campaign, I wouldn't buy this newsletter.

You'll be spending thousands on low-quality products with no refunds before you know it.

If you're disciplined and won't fall for the upsells, this newsletter can be worth it.

Even if you are disciplined, there are better stock-picking services anyway.

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