Crypto Investor Network Review – Charlie Shrem Scam?

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March 24  

Crypto Investor Network is an investing newsletter from Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango.

They claim they can help put you on the fast track to becoming a crypto millionaire.

Is it a scam or a legitimate pitch?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Additionally, you'll see some important information on the creators, an overview of what's being offered and more.

You'll know if Crypto Investor Network will help you strike crypto gold by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Crypto Investor Network Summary

Owner: Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango

Price: $99 per year

Rating: 3/5

Do I Recommend? It depends

Summary: I have a lot of concerns about the publisher of Crypto Investor Network.. they have other services from proven criminals and fraudsters.

However, the main guy at Crypto Investor Network, Charlie Shrem, is definitely an expert in crypto (he's technically a criminal himself - not for scamming customers, though)

I think altcoin investment is a bad idea but the newsletter is cheap and there's a good refund.

Beware the expensive upsells if you decide to buy. 

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3 Things To Know About Crypto Investor Network

Before we get into what Crypto Investor Network is offering, let's take a look at some background information.

This is what I think is most important to know about this newsletter:

1) Associated With The Scoundrel Louis Navellier 

Crypto Investor Network can be found on Investorplace.

Investorplace has apparently been around since the 1970's and maybe at one point was more respectable.

However, I have serious doubts about how legit this company is.

The reason I say this is Louis Navellier has many newsletters for Investorplace.

In fact, I'd say Louis Navellier is practically the face of Investorplace and is the most heavily marketed person at this company.

The problem with Louis is he is one of the biggest financial scammers in the industry.

If you want to read a full breakdown of how horrible he is, click here

I'll give you a summary of why I dislike Navellier so much.

First off, Louis spent years lying about his actual performance as a money manager.

If you go to any of his websites he claims to get returns as high as 2,774%!

This is an actual image from one his newsletter (which can be found on Investorplace):

Louis charges incredibly high prices for his services as well and some offers can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

However, there's zero proof Louis gets returns like this.

In reality all proof points to Louis being horrible at investing.

According to Mutual Funds (a website that tracks actual performance figures from money managers) is shows he's LOST money over the last few years:

It gets even worst as well.

Apparently, Louis pushed a fake investing strategy and mislead thousands of people about the results the system produced.

According to the SEC, Louis scammed over 6,000 people for over a billion dollars, making $15 million in the mean time.

He was fined a whopping $30 million for this fraud!

So what does all of this have to Crypto Investor Network?

A place like Investorplace offers cheap products like Crypto Investor Network in order to sell you more expensive services later.

Once you buy Crypto Investor Network you'll get promotions for all of Investorplace's products every single day.. this includes Louis Navellier's offers.

I'd be skeptical of any company that would hire and promote Navellier's products.

It's clear as day he's a professional scammer.

2) Charlie Shrem Is An Interesting Character

One of the editors for Crypto Investor Network is a guy named Charlie Shrem

Many scammers have moved into the crypto space because they see an opportunity to make money.

Teeka Tiwari is an example of this.

However, I'd say Charlie is different.

He has a real passion for Bitcoin and was one of Bitcoin's earliest promoters.

In fact, he started investing in Bitcoin all the way back in 2011 and launched the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012. 

At one point he ran one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges called BitInstant.

This company processed 30% of Bitcoin transactions at one point.

Shrem isn't without his controversy, though...

He got caught up in the criminal investigation into Silk Road, which was a dark web website that took Bitcoin payments for goods.

Many of the goods were illegal like drugs. 

The owner of the Silk Road received TWO life sentences for this. 

Apparently Shrem laundered millions in Bitcoin into the site to help it run.

Shrem was sentenced to two years in jail for his actions. 

I actually don't think this should alarm you that much. His crimes weren't ripping off investors like Navellier.

3) Luke Lango Recently Stepped In

Luke Lango recently took the place of former editor Matt McCall.

To be honest there's not too much out there about Luke. He has a bunch of other newsletters for sale but there's nothing too interesting in his background.

However, he does do a lot of teasers for stock picks and we can look at how they've performed.

You can get a good idea of how good of an investor he is from this.

iLika In October 2021

A few months ago Luke ran a teaser titled "#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade."

The stock turned out to be iLika and he claims they are going to create something called the "forever battery."

Apparently the technology is called solid state battery technology.

Here's how the stock has performed so far:

So far the stock is down a bit but this is an asset you're supposed to hold for a few years.

It definitely hasn't matured yet.

IPOB And POSH In November 2021

This is another teaser campaign that ran a few months ago and focused on "tech stocks that could change the world."

Some of the stocks pitched here were IPOB and Posh.

Here's how IPOB has performed since then:

IPOB is a SPAC that is going to merger with Opendoor Labs and the stock has done well since Luke announced it.

Next up is POSH:

Again, this stock was only announced a few months ago so it still has years to pay out.

But it's done pretty bad since November 2021.

It pretty much wipes out any gains you would have gotten form IPOB.

Luke has other more recent stock picks as well but they aren't really worth covering yet because they're so new.

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What Does Crypto Investor Network Offer?

There's various parts to the Crypto Investor Network offer.

Here's a look at each aspect of the product:

Crypto Investor Network Newsletter

This is the core part of the offer and is a monthly newsletter.

In the newsletter you'll get a look at all crypto news, analysis and crypto investment ideas.

Typically these recommendations are early in a coin's life.

This is both good and bad.

It's good because an early investment in a big crypto coin can pay off more than any stock could.

It's bad because there's a lot of shitcoins out there that can disappear overnight. 

Model Portfolio

Another feature is the model portfolio.

The portfolio gives you access to dozens of crypto currencies and information on what to buy them at.

In addition you'll see crypto's that are on a watchlist.

This is good for anyone that has a decent amount to invest and doesn't want to wait once a month to invest.

Monthly Webinar

This is basically a video version of the newsletter.

Once a month you'll get a webinar where Luke and Charlie cover the current events in the crypto world.

You'll also get crypto recommendations and a look at up and coming cryptos.

This is good for people who would rather watch a video then read.

The Awakening Bonus Reports

In addition to everything, you get a few bonus reports with your subscription.

These bonus reports can change every once in a while so they may be different by the time you're reading this.

Currently the bonus reports are:

  • 4 Altcoins To Buy Now For 1000% - This special report focuses on coins besides Bitcoin that you should buy - these are known as altcoins. Ethereum is recommended here and is a very popular altcoin. These are good investments because they're much cheaper than Bitcoin.
  • The Altcoin Millionaire's Playbook - This doesn't give you crypto ideas and is more like a training program. Here you'll learn about altcoins so you can look for them yourself.
  • Altcoin Investing For Beginners - The last report is another program that teaches you about altcoin investing.

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Crypto Investor Network FAQ's

You might have some remaining questions about this newsletter.

Here's some answers to any questions you might have:

1) Is The Price Fair?

I actually think the price is very fair.. it's only $99 per year.

However, you need to keep in mind with publishers like Investorplace, they'll never stop promoting additional products to you.

This is known as upselling. 

There's products at Investorplace that will cost you a small fortune and you'll definitely be pressured into buying them.

I wouldn't buy those services.

Or I'd at least wait to see how this newsletter performs before shelling out thousands on one of these upsells.

2) Is There Refunds?

Yes, there's actually a very good refund policy.

You get 90 days to get your money back.

Another thing I like is the more expensive products at Investorplace come with refunds as well.

Usually you see a cheap product come with a great refund and not the expensive upsells.

But to Investorplace's credit they don't do that.

3) Is Charlie Shrem Legit?

I think he is.

He definitely has a complicated past and spent some time in jail but his crimes weren't from ripping off customers.

They were for a case that's very controversial in its own right.

If he was like Navellier and legitimately ripped people off I wouldn't think he was legit.

But Charlie seems to genuinely believe in Bitcoin and crypto.

He has since 2012!

That makes him one of the earliest investors and accolades of crypto.

I believe he knows the industry.

4) Is Luke Lango Legit?

I'm a little more skeptical of Luke's legitimacy.

His resume doesn't look like someone that's an expert in investing or crypto.

He kind of seems like one of those guys that's always been involved in the financial newsletter world.

From the stock picks I've seen from Luke he seems mediocre in that respect.

However, he wasn't originally editing this newsletter and it didn't seem like crypto was his main focus before becoming editor.

5) Is The Investing Strategy Sound

Parts of the investing strategy are sound and parts aren't.

I do like that you're investing in coins that are meant to pay out over the long haul.

Some people recommend day trading crypto which is an absolutely horrible idea.

The only chance you have making money with crypto is to invest in a coin that has actual value and not one that was made just to be pump and dumped.

However, altcoins aren't exactly predictable.

Finding the next Bitcoin sounds like a good idea until you throw money into 10 straight losers.

It's hard to predict what the next big coin will be.

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Crypto Investor Network Pros And Cons

  • Shrem has a love for crypto: Shrem has been pushing Bitcoin since 2012, when it first got started. The guy genuinely believes in this stuff. 
  • Well priced: This service is only $99 for the year.. that's pretty good.
  • Good refund policy: You get 90 days to get your money back. That's as good as you can expect.
  • Investorplace: I'm not a fan of the publisher of this newsletter. They have criminals on their payroll.
  • Expensive upsells: You're going to get pressured to buy products that cost tens of thousands eventually.
  • Altcoins are sketchy: There's some positives to altcoins but it can be hard to guess one of the thousands that will take off.

Crypto Investor Network Conclusion

Crypto Investor Network is an interesting service.

I'm not sure about Luke's expertise but Charlie Shrem has loads of crypto experience. He's definitely an insider in this world.

I honestly don't think it would terrible to sign up for this newsletter BUT I have a couple warnings.

First, altcoins are tough to predict.

Back in 2012 Bitcoin was the only crypto.. anyone that invested then never has to worry about money ever again.

It's not 2012 anymore.

There's over 17,000 altcoins out there right now!

Do you think you'll be able to guess (or the people at Crypto Investor Network will be able to guess) what the next big one will be?

It's going to be very hard.

You can lose a lot of money with these investments so be careful.

Secondly, don't trust any products at Investorplace.

Who would hire a guy that just got caught defrauding millions from customers and needs to pay a $30 million fine for doing so?

It's crazy they would hire Louis Navellier after this.

Don't buy any of the expensive products from Investorplace unless Crypto Investor Network pays off.

Definitely stay away from anything from Louis Navellier.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Crypto Investor Network may be worth buying but I'm not that excited by it.

I just think altcoins are a bad investment.

The good news is there's plenty of investing newsletters out there that will get you high returns.

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