Base Camp Trading Review – Scam Or Legit?

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January 26  

Base Camp Trading offers trading education, chatrooms and indicators.

There's a lot of different products for sale here.

I bet you want to know if this company is a scam before investing any money into it.

Well I got you covered!

I went through everything Base Camp Trading has to offer and wrote this review for you.

If you read everything below you'll get your answer about how legit this company is.

Let's get into it!

Base Camp Trading Summary

Owner: Drew Day

Price: Depends on product

Rating: 2/5

Do I Recommend? No.

Summary: There's not a lot to like about Base Camp Trading.

While there might be a legit trader or two in the community, overall I don't think their products are worth it.

They're expensive and there's plenty of cheaper alternatives out there.

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5 Things To Know About Base Camp Trading

Before we get into what Base Camp Trading is offering I want to go over some basic facts about the company.

Here's what I think is most important.

1) I Don't Think Drew Day Is Real

The owner of Base Camp Trading is supposedly the guy above, named Drew Day.

He claims to have 16 years experience working at hedge funds and managed billions in assets.

However, I can't really find anything about him.

Usually the owners of these trading communities have many different social media accounts and have their face on everything.

However, there's literally nothing out there about Drew.

There's a Youtube channel under the name Drew Day but there's been no videos in a year.. also the person creating the videos never shows his face on camera.

There's a Twitter account with his picture but there isn't a single Tweet from the account.

Drew Day could be an alias for who really is running the company.

2) Dave Aquino Is Real

There's honestly not information about many of the top guys at Base Trading Camp besides Dave Aquino.

He actually has a pretty impressive resume and is someone that has the experience to give investment advice.

Dave went to Vanderbuilt and actually graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology.

Now you may be asking yourself "what does that have to do with trading?" and it doesn't.

But financial jobs will hire people without finance degrees if it's clear they're able to handle the work.

Many people with law degrees end up on Wall Street.

I don't know if you knew any bio majors in college but they are a hard working bunch.

Because of this Dave landed a job at Merrill Lynch as a stockbroker 2 years after graduating.

After this he worked at Vanguard, which manages around 7 TRILLION in assets. 

He also was president of Aquino Capital Management.

So if there's one person you want to follow at Base Camp Trading it would be Dave.

3) Options And Futures Are A Big Focus

Dave Aquino runs the options chatroom at Base Camp Trading and Thomas Wood runs the futures chatroom.. options and futures are a big focus.

Options and futures are pretty similar but there's some differences.

Both of these strategies involve guessing what an asset will cost in the future and creating a contract at the price you're guessing.

The main difference is options tend to focus on stocks while futures tend to focus on commodities (oil for example).

Additionally, when you enter into an options contract you aren't required to buy when the contract expires.

You are required to buy with futures.

4) No Proof Of Actual Trading

This is a major red flag and something you'll see with less than honest traders.

There's no performance disclosures and there's no way to track the trades that any of the partners at Base Camp Trading make.

Many trading gurus will only paper trade or may not even invest at all.

For example, last week I covered a program where the owner admitted to only paper trading.

He basically bragged about only making money through offering trading services and not actually trading.

That's most likely the case at Base Camp Trading.

Dave Aquino seems competent enough to turn a profit but again.. there's nothing proving he does.

He used to be pretty active on Twitter talking about his trades but hasn't Tweeted in 5 years.

Thomas Woods has a StockTwits account but only talks about trades in a very general sense. 

5) They're Only Really Active On Youtube

Usually trading education platforms like Base Camp Trading are everywhere on social media.

The reason for this is to get free traffic to their offers.

But again.. Base Camp Trading's social media accounts are all ghost towns.

There's a chance they got into trouble by the FTC about what they were posting to their social media.

This is happening to the Najarian brothers right now (they had to delete 80,000 Tweets after getting a notice from the FTC.

The only place that Base Camp Trading is active on is Youtube.

They have a decent amount of subscribers but their videos are not worth watching.

They're very short, boring and you don't really learn much.. plus they only upload once a week.

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What Is Base Camp Trading Offering?

There's a lot of different products and offers at Base Camp Trading.

Here's a breakdown of each one:

Platinum Membership

This is the main offer at Base Camp Trading.. you'll find the pitch on the homepage of Base Camp Trading.

It costs $97 per month to join and you get to try it out for $7.

You get the following with the Platinum Membership:

  • 3 Live Trading Rooms - You get 3 trading rooms with the membership. The rooms are divided between stocks, options and futures. Each rooms runs for 4 hours a day, with two starting at 8 A.M. and the third starting at 9 A.M.
  • Morning Market Recap - Every day you'll get access to Morning Market Recap. This goes over the latest news in different markets. The videos are short and typically only 5 to 10 minutes long. 
  • The Daily Climb - The Daily Climb is the nightly email you get during the week. This covers technical analysis and gives you training. 
  • Weekly Outlook - You get the Weekly Outlook every Friday night. This is another short recap of what to expect in the next week. 
  • 24/7 Chatroom - There's another chatroom available from Base Camp Trading. This one is 24/7 and where you can ask any questions that you have.
  • Naked Trading Mastery Course - The last part of this membership is the Naked Trading Mastery Course. This training program covers technical analysis and price action.


Base Camp Trading also offers a ton of different training programs (they call them workshops). 

There's 22 different options here and they range in topic and price.

I'm not going to cover each one because that would take too much time.

But you'll get training on the following, depending on what workshop you get:

  • Options
  • Growth stocks
  • Impulse trading system
  • Futures
  • Trading momentum

And more.

The average price per workshop seems to be around $497.

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My Thoughts On Base Camp Trading

There's a lot to unpack with Base Camp Trading.

Here's my main thoughts about it:

Indicators And Technical Analysis Are Garbage

This isn't just a Base Camp Trading thing.. it's universal.

Stay away from anyone promising you profitable indicators and magic charts.

You don't have to just believe me either.. some of the top investors of all time share the same feelings.

For example, both Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch oppose technical analysis. 

When asked about technical analysis Buffet had the following to say:

"I realized that technical analysis didn’t work when I turned the chart upside down and didn’t get a different answer."

Peter Lynch claims technical analysis is just good for predicting the past.

The idea that you can guess what the price of a stock is going to be in a short period of time is never going to work.

There's unlimited factors that change a stock's price.

This is why so many day traders end up losing money.

The Workshops Are Overpriced

Most of the workshops at Base Camp Trading are several hundred dollars (most being $497).

There's nothing really special about the training, though.

You can find many alternatives for free or much cheaper.

For example, go on to Amazon and look for a book on options.

This is what I found after looking for a few seconds:

These are high quality books on options that cost under $40.

There's several workshops that cover Renko Trading.

Each one costs several hundreds of dollars. Again, on Amazon you can find much cheaper alternatives:

So if you're really interested in learning any of this stuff I'd suggest going the Amazon and book route.

Couldn't Find Anything About Refunds

It's a red flag when programs like Base Trading Camp don't offer refunds.

However, I have more respect for companies that explicitly say there's no refunds than just not mentioning it at all.

Base Camp Trading has nothing that I could find about refunds.

I looked on the sales page, the terms, searched in Google.. couldn't find anything. 

I'd just assume that means there are no refunds for any products.

Customer Reviews Aren't Pretty

This training program has been around for a while and because of that there's a lot of comments from customers.

And it's not pretty for Base Camp Trading.

Most of the reviews I found are very negative.

Here's an example:

This is something you'll see a lot from customers.

Many people found the chat room to be underwhelming and a lot of the talk isn't even about stocks.

It's just a lot of people socializing talking about other things.

Here's another person claiming none of their training works in real life:

The following customer spent thousands of dollars on Base Camp Trading products.

Here was their overall feelings about them:

You should really listen to what this review has to say.

Don't be like Brian and waste thousands of dollars on their products with nothing really to show for it.

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Base Camp Trading Pros And Cons

  • Dave Aquino seems legit: Of all the characters at Base Camp Trading I'd say Dave Aquino is the most legit. He has a long history in the investing world. 
  • Too expensive: Most of the products and services are overpriced.
  • Too many products: You can't master everything. If you're offering 50+ products than some of them are bound to be low quality. 
  • No mentions of refunds: I couldn't find a refund policy which isn't good considering there's thousands of dollars of products here.
  • Bad customer reviews: Almost every customer has something bad to say about Base Camp Trading. 

Base Camp Trading Conclusion

If you read everything in this review I think you know how I feel about Base Camp Trading.

If you just skipped to the end my feelings are as follows:

I don't trust Base Camp Trading and wouldn't buy any of their services.

I have serious doubts about how qualified most of the trainers here are.

I can't even really find any information on most of them.

Dave Aquino seems to be the most legit (if he's not lying about is background).

However, there's no verification of results or performance disclosures or anything like that.

There's just better programs out there - no need to spend thousands here.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I personally would skip over anything Base Camp Trading is selling.

The good news is there's legitimate investing programs out there.

I've reviewed all the top ones..

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